Asians steal Silicon Valley, scream oppression

We can assure you, it’s not Asians who are being oppressed, it’s white Americans.

Silicon Valley – America’s crown jewel – and $100 trillion of US industry as been stolen from white Americans by Asians over the past 23 years.

Now that their mass industrial theft has been exposed, racist Asian thieves are all screaming oppression.

Non-Asian Americans simply want back what was taken from them.

“The large representation of Asian Americans in Silicon Valley helped bolster the “model minority” myth. Some say it’s used against them”.

The “model minoritystole most of Silicon Valley from white Americans who created it. Theft is not the same thing as innovation. The best these looters can do is move into tech companies created by white Americans, take them over, and then take credit for their creation.

There is nothing “model” about mass industrial theft and targeting white Americans for removal from the job market. Genocide isn’t an American ideal, but that is exactly what Asians have done to white Americans in tech.

Since most Asians cannot compete with white Americans, they have simply gotten rid of them.

Asians have never had it so good in all of American history.

The H-1B Program Facilitates Blatant Racial Discrimination

Apple Secrets Thief Had Patriot Missile File

Chinese engineer charged with stealing Apple car secrets

Epic Systems wins $940 mln U.S. jury verdict in Tata trade secret case

Indian Corporation Pays Record Amount To Settle Allegations Of Systemic Visa Fraud And Abuse Of Immigration Processes | Department of Justice

Indian-American sold B-2 stealth tech to China: US – Times of India

Chinese-only programs @ Standford.

100% Indians in Silicon Valley.

Welcome to Silicon Valley: 100% racist Indians.

Asians are dangerous genocidal Nazis.

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2 Replies to “Asians steal Silicon Valley, scream oppression”

  1. I wonder if we will ever see change in this lifetime to improve the situation for white Americans who have been slaughtered by the NAZI like invasion from India and China not to mention Central America. Sadly I doubt it.

    1. I doubt it too. White Americans have been guilted into surrendering their country + industries without a fight – all done by communist brainwashing in our schools and propaganda all over our media. Invading Nazi Asians scream Nazi as soon as anyone opposes their racist agenda, when in fact they are the biggest Nazis on the planet. One Chinese general even called for extermination of the US population.

      Foreign powers now run most of our media via PR agencies, and most Americans are too docile and domesticated to do anything about it. The fact that the invaders could lift and steal most of Silicon Valley from Americans with hardly a peep should tell us just how doomed we are as predatory foreign powers rape our country. We are ripe for conquest.

      War is not far from us and is the midwife of the Chinese century:

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