The takeover of the US gov’t by India continues.

“To address the tough challenges of Silicon Valley and America,” Kumar wrote, “We brought forward bold and innovative ideas with a getting-things-done attitude.”

“It is clear that our district residents want it better based on the support our movement has generated,” he wrote. “I am ready and will always keep fighting the good fight. Together, we can.”

Kumar, his official bio says, “brings a fiscally moderate, results-driven mindset to politics. As an immigrant and an engineer working for IBM, Kumar found his calling as an activist stepping up for complex community challenges that he couldn’t ignore, the site says”.

Except that the Indian mafia invasion + takeover of IBM is now killing it.

Silicon Valley was built by Americans long before these invaders took over.

America didn’t have any problems or challenges in 1998 when American workers ran Silicon Valley.

Why would anyone elect a non-performer?

“complex community challenges” is codeword for more invasion and job theft by parasite India.

Is @IBM’s @ArvindKrishna dedicated to displacing #STEM#AmericanWorkers w/ #H1B & #offshore#outsourcing?

‘What gives @ArvindKrishna? Your company is dragging down the entire Dow Jones. Every tech company is printing money except IBM’

IBM’s CEO Arvind Krishna + outgoing chairman take home $38 mil for 2020 despite revenue shrinking by billions

Ex-IBM staffer files lawsuit claiming company stole his cloud computing tech IP