Wow, Nazi much?

“Urge Rutgers to address bigotry against Hindus resulting from the actions and comments of Professor Audrey Truschke. Truschke has called Shri Rama a “misogynistic pig,” has referred to the Bhagavad Gita as “rationalizing mass slaughter” and has falsely linked Hindus with the Capitol Hill riots. Professor Truschke has also tried to diminish and invalidate the concerns of Hindu students by calling them as fake or the agents of a foreign government. Her actions have resulted in attacks on and the gaslighting of Hindu students, who have been called slurs like “dotheads,” “Nazi supporters,” etc”

Indians hate it when anyone exposes their Nazi takeover of the west and hatred of white people.

Well, if the shoe fits…..

Similarities between the Nazi Party’s anti-Semitic goals for the German socio-economic state and the Bharatiya Janata Party’s Islamophobic goals for India’s socioeconomic state

Hitler's Hot In India : NPR

Did someone say “bigotry”?