“Let a stranger in and he will drive you from your home” – Japanese proverb

Yep. Nightmare religious oppressors India have now invaded the US – at least 5,000,000 US tech jobs have been stolen by India Incs since 2000.

All under the guise of “business”.

Americans, and white American Christians in particular are being massively and silently oppressed and sidelined by armies of Nazi RSS/BJP?Modi/Hinvuta invaders.

17 million white Americans have been genocided out of CA by these oppressors since 1998. It’s not white people in America doing systemic racism.

Silent invasion and takeover is more insidious than military invasion.

Let Hindu supremacists, atheists, and communists from Asia in, and before you know it you will be a minority in you own country.

Once western civ no longer rules the world, will whites be put into slavery?

This is systemic takeover folks.


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