We knew for decades it was all about getting rid of white Americans in the workplace.

Now the parasites have succeeded.

There is systemic racism in America in the workplace but it’s not white people doing it.


“That’s a laudable goal insofar as it recognizes the potential contributions of all without regard to race or sex, and it is a goal we share. But it has become a shibboleth at the country’s elite institutions behind which lies a deep hostility to white men. Call it the new systemic racism.

The latest crop of New York Times interns provides a window into the dynamics at work. Of the Times’s 33 interns, one appears to be a white male. Five are men and 27 are women.

So much for looking like America, where census data suggest that white men account for about 30 percent of the population. They account for just 3 percent of Times interns. Men of all races account for 49.2 percent of the U.S. population and just 15 percent of Times interns. The Wall Street Journal’s class of summer interns is similarly unrepresentative of the country at large“.

Systemic racism in the workplace: it’s not white people doing it.

Communism in its new form: international socialism has succeeded in stealing the US economy from the Americans who created it:

Bill Clinton genocided most white American males out of Silicon Valley in 1998.

When Bill Clinton and his labor secretary Robert Reich were in power they had no intention of creating an equal society. Their only goal was to give American industry away to foreign powers, and flood the US with cheap foreign labor from abroad. It was all about getting rid of white American males who created every modern industry the world enjoys today. The only thing that will save capitalism is making sure international socialists such as these are never in power again.

It was the Clintons who gave our economy away and got rid of white American workers.

The Clintons hate white Americans for some reason, probably because white American men ran the US gov’t

during Watergate when Hillary Clinton was a failed lawyer on the case and got fired.


Hillary Clinton was fired from the Watergate investigation.

These 2 Chinese agents destroyed a booming US economy in the 1990’s.

17 million white Americans have been genocided out of CA since 1990 by invaders.

Systemic racism? It’s not white people doing it. It’s Asians – mostly Indians as Federal

data in Silicon Valley shows.

Welcome to Silicon Valley – home of Nazi Systemic Racism.

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  1. Sad that few Americans have united to take back their right to work in their own country. Maybe the COVID vaxx bioweapon masquerading as a cure will eliminate most people that is what they want in their sick globalist end game. Replace us with AI robots.

    1. Yes we need to organize. A new protest is planned for a year from now. Email us to help us organize it. We want to give everyone a chance in advance to prepare and save to attend.

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