India Inc job-rob shop Tata Consultancy Services opened shop near Tokyo Tower in 2019. Now local Japanese are

being displaced. This is silent invasion and takeover via “international business”, folks. In a few more years we will

be hearing “Japan is a nation of immigrants”.

Just as we had warned months ago, as soon as the India Inc staffing mafia companies moved into Japan, it would begin to cause homelessness there, just as it has in the US for decades.

It starts small, with just a few, then as the Indian mafia takes over cities and drives everyone else out, the problem keeps getting worse and worse.

No politician will admit it’s the foreign India Inc staffing companies moving in that are the true cause of the problem.

Native workers are being targeted and displaced by these racist armies of looters.

It doesn’t take long for the racist Indian Mafia to move in and drive everyone else out of their jobs.

No job, no home.

It’s that simple.

Silent invasion + takeover is much more insidious and deadly than armed military invasion.

The Indian Mafia has already begun to invade Japanese companies.

2 thoughts on “India Inc Invasion: Now Japanese are going homeless”
  1. Gee I do sure wish people around the planet would wake up and put an end to these filthy vermin. At least the Russians and Chinese are aware of these scum.
    But China and Russia hate the west so we are beyond screwed.

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