Of course it’s not.

Silicon Valley was built by Americans.

The entire thing is a scam so India + China can get their industrial spies into America, get their people trained, and move our industries back to Asia. They’re laughing at how dumb we are to fall for this PR.

Asians now have full control of most of our big tech companies. Google, Microsoft, Adobe, and IBM all have foreign-born Indian CEOs who took the companies over from Americans who created them.

These people have never created anything for America, and they move in and take over companies built by white Americans. Silicon Valley has been invaded, stolen, and is now occupied by these people.

They are here to steal our tech.

How is it possible in just 20 years America has gone from the undisputed and envied leader in tech to being eclipsed by China + India today?

US work visa programs have become industrial spy programs for our competitors.

On a massive scale – millions of workers.

India’s NASSCOM hires US PR + lobbying firms to hype up the invasion as good for us.

Nothing stops any foreign power from hiring a US PR firm.

All the while we’re being robbed blind by these people.

The only way such mass industrial transfer would be possible would be if there was a wholesale transfer of all American industry to those countries, via an mass industrial theft program such as H-1B.

And that is exactly what has happened. Far from being the future of tech, this invasion is killing us.

Countless companies such as Intel, Boeing, Lehman, Intel, Sun Micro, and others have been either damaged or destroyed by these looters.

The more people we import with promises of creating jobs, the more unemployment and decline America sees.

It hasn’t worked for 23 years and it’s not about to work now.

We’re being conned by thieves from Asia, folks.

“Part of the rationale for a welcoming posture, as indicated above, has to do with policies toward highly skilled and educated immigrants in particular (like those admitted under the H-1B program), and the special visa quotas allotted to them. But as the Washington Post editorial board recently made clear, there’s a more general view that immigration is especially good at providing America with “a steady supply of working-age strivers” and that “This nation’s prosperity, pluck, ambition and effervescent character are the products of more than 100 million immigrants who have sought better lives in the United States since its founding.” In other words, immigrants are far more likely than the native-born population to possess the risk-taking and general entrepreneurial traits that lead to so much technological progress.

I’ve already debunked one aspect of these claims here, but because they keep popping up, I keep thinking more about them, and have come across more data that not only casts further doubt on the technology-related need for more immigrants, but that indicate that the immigration cheerleaders are putting the cart before the horse”.

That’s because most of the tech immigration hype in the media is in fact, paid-for PR from NASSCOM‘s PR agencies. It’s not news, it’s a form of paid advertising masquerading as “news”.

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Industrial theft is not the same thing as innovation.

Silicon Valley was stolen by Asians. 17 million white Americans have been genocided out of CA since 1990.