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May 5, 2021

‘High Likelihood’ of War with China, Says Top Australian General in Leaked Briefing

Author of ‘Government Ruins Nearly Everything,’ Laura Carno Weighs in on Biden’s Address to Congress and Lies About Guns

13-Year-Old Stabbed in Chest On Way to School in London

4,000 Haitians Pour Across Mexico-Guatemala Border

76K California violent, career felons get earlier releases

80K NYC Workers Allowed to Return to Offices for First Time in a Year

VAX Pass: Access To Freedom

ABC’s Hostin: ‘We Need to Shun Those Who Refuse to Get Vaccinated’

Actor Nathan Jung of Star Trek fame dies at 74

ADL-Run Tribunal To Decide Trump’s Internet Fate

Alien ‘Got-Away’ Total Exceeds 185K this FY Alone

Amateurish FBI Raid on Innocent Trump Supporter’s Home Ought to Chill Every American

Asia on the front lines of US inflation threat

At Least 20 Killed, Dozens Hospitalized, In Mexico City Overpass Collapse | ZeroHedge

Banks move to relieve pressure on Indian operations

Bernie Reinforces Radical Left Agenda: Free College & Health Care

Biden administration wants to use third-party ‘extremism’ researchers to spy on Americans – media

Biden Border Rush Brings More Anti-Migrant Crime to Mexico

Biden Cancels Border Fence Projects that would Use Defense Dept. Money

Biden Weighs Using NGOs to Find Foreign Nationals to Bring to US

Biden’s DHS Imports Migrants’ Families to End ‘Trump Separations’

Brave new cancel culture world

Carville: Wokeness ‘Idiotic’

China Accuses Australia Of “Colluding With Terrorists” In Row Over Uygher Rights Group

China Stages Superspreader Events for May Day

Chinese Investors Buy Up British Infrastructure, Business, Schools: Report

Christie: Biden Governing Like Way-Out Socialist

Cindy McCain Calls Arizona Election Audit “Ludicrous”

Commie Ca$h: Chinese Investors Snap up $185B of UK Infrastructure, Business, Schools

Maricopa County Judge Lets 2020 Election Audit Continue for Now

Shut country down for a few weeks is Fauci’s advice to Modi

The Fundamental Economic Problem With Biden’s Rescue Plan

“3 Or 4” Senators Will Run For President In 2024: McConnell

Belize: The Central American Nation that Creates Few Problems for the U.S.

Biden Adviser Cecilia Rouse: Americans Will Experience Some Inflation

Milius on the Oscars: Hollywood Now Culturally Irrelevant

New Hampshire Rally Urges Schools to Stop CRT Indoctrination

Report: Reddit Blocks Links to Anti-Censorship Video Platform Rumble

Russian Dissident Alexei Navalny in Court Hearing: ‘Your King Is Naked’

Scott Outshines Biden, Enrages Libs With Inspiring Tale of Overcoming Adversity

So now cops are racist even when they save a black person’s life?

Starbucks employees’ ultimatum: We won’t work if there are police present

Supreme Court To Decide Whether Americans Can Carry Guns in Public

Sure hope Sunnyvale’s Toys R Us ghost enjoys sporting goods

The Fed Cannot Fix This & The Next “Bear Market” Will Not Be Like The Last

The Populist ‘Great Upset’: Decoupling From the Corporate State Deathgrip

Tucker Hammers Frank Luntz: Narrative on Immigration ‘Close to Fraud’

“His Name Is Police Cpl. Keith Heacook: White Police Officer “Stomped” to Death by Black Criminal”

Majority Of US Companies Will Require Workers To Provide Proof Of Vaccination

Swiss Billionaire Donated $208 Million to Left-Wing Lobby Groups4

Workers’ Health Care Restored After Union Bosses Back Down

Vietnam Vets to Biden: Firebase Kate Hero Deserves Medal of Honor

The New Economic World Order After COVID-19

Stasi DOJ Floats Bringing “New Authorities” To Target “Domestic Terrorists” Aka Patriots


Documents Reveal Twitter Failed to Properly Register in FL Before Doing Business There

40 Apps With More Than 100 Million Installs Found Leaking AWS Keys

AWS Printing Press Keeps Spitting Out Money

Bruce Schneier Wants You to Make Software Better

Once hailed as unhackable, blockchains are now getting hacked

PayPal has held exploratory talks about launching a stablecoin: sources

People Had Their Brain Activity Tracked

Stadia product lead exits

Switch to Acquire TX Data Center Operator Data Foundry for $420M

U.S. Space Force Chief Scientist: ‘Human Augmentation’ Is Now Necessary

Apple hires ex-Google AI expert Samy Bengio

Apple Is Working On A Way For Siri To Recognize An Imposter’s Voice

Apple Music HiFi Hinted At In iOS 14.6 Beta

Apple to debut 8-inch foldable iPhone in 2023, Kuo says

Apple Watch With Glucose And Blood Pressure Monitoring Could Actually Be Happening

Apple’s Foldable iPhone Reportedly Rolling Out in 2023

Epic expert estimates Apple’s App Store profit to be nearly 80%

EU Has Charged Apple With Antitrust Violation Over App Store Cut

How iOS 14.5 broke Apple’s Podcasts app

The Epic vs. Apple Hearing Is Already a Disaster

5 more TSMC chip plants planned in U.S. expansion

After Years Of Uncertainty, Stratolaunch Flies Again

Bang & Olufsen’s Latest Speakers Will Cost You A Whopping $14,000

Bitcoin is ‘disgusting and contrary to the interests of civilization’ says famed investor Munger

Dell offloads Boomi for $4B

Ethereum Surges to $3,200, Making Its Creator the Youngest Crypto Billionaire

European Plans for ‘Vaccine Passports’ Were in Place 20 Months Prior to the Pandemic

Facebook And Instagram Are Encouraging iOS Users To Enable App Tracking

Facebook Begs Users to Enable iPhone Tracking to Keep Services ‘Free of Charge’

FL Introduces ‘Tag Your Reptile Day’ as Iguanas and Pythons Continue Reign of Terror

Microsoft Edge Will Soon Let You Send Tabs From Your PC To Android

Microsoft patents biometric ‘wellness insights’ tool for workers

NASA Selects Firefly Aerospace for Artemis Commercial Moon Delivery

New Chinese Malware Targeted Russia’s Largest Nuclear Submarine Designer

PlayStation Invests In Discord, Will Integrate Into PSN

Research shows that living near the water has benefits for mental health and health

Vodafone and Google Cloud to Develop Industry-First Global Data Platform

Warren Buffett calls Tim Cook a ‘fantastic manager’ of Apple

We’re Not Ready for Smart Glasses Yet

You Can Actually Drill A Keyring Hole Into The AirPods, But Maybe You Shouldn’t


“🇺🇸 Because Melinda finally realized Bill has gone bat shit crazy.

“A year ago, Biden called this sort of thing xenophobia.”

“America Is Run By Gangsters”

“Calling them “royalty” makes them “privileged,” does it not?”

“Fixed it for ya”

“I am against no-fly lists in America. They are unconstitutional – PERIOD”

“You are the past Mitch. #DitchMitch”

“@emeriticus The culture is dying and there’s nothing we can do about it.” / Twitter

“Watch live: Donald Trump’s Atlantic City casino demolished”

“We will SOON see the fake Western Media headlines: “China forces highly skilled Chinese people to overwork themselves in space” Or “China builds biggest concentration camp in space””

India/China brought COVID-19 into America flying from Delhi/Wuhan into West Coast/East Coast even though they knew were possibly COVID carriers”

Pedro L. Gonzalez on Twitter: “Wow this is so tragic can you imagine women spending more time with their children instead of working 100 hour weeks for some soulless corporation really sad stuff”

Stephen Miller on Twitter: “Dear GOP: please don’t fall for the amnesty + border security hoax. Biden already has all of the authority he needs to secure the border. There is no law you can pass through this Congress that is more powerful than Safe Thirds, MPP, or Title 42 (laws already on the books). 1/3”

“#MeToo #Veterans are forced to work in mall stores for minimum wage. Why? Because there’s an unlimited supply of desperate workers. Blame @POTUS’s open door immigration policy. @NumbersUSA. #H1B.”

“Does @SecMartyWalsh’s definition of “protect” include making reforms to the labor condition process for guest worker visa programs that currently allow employers to displace American workers & exploit newcomers?”

“Regarding the H-1B visa program, are @chamath @DavidSacks @Jason @friedberg aware that employers can legally pay H-1B workers less than Americans?

“The fact that an 18 year old Can’t take out a $10,000 business loan But Can take out a $100,000 Student loan Tells you everything you need to know”

🇺🇸MARGO🇺🇸🇺🇸🟧🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸 on Twitter: “Just an FYI-there’s no such thing as FREE SCHOOL & FREE DAYCARE. FREE IS A MYTH.”

Another #BidenBoondoggle #ExecutiveOrder? Any #H1B et al requiring renewals/extensions will be rubber stamped approved by #Biden’s @USCIS.”

Ben Norton on Twitter: “Ukrainian fascists are holding Nazi rallies through the middle of the capital Kiev, with the mayor’s support. Since a Western-backed 2014 coup made Ukraine a US/NATO client regime, Nazis have run rampant. But US/NATO propagandists want you to believe Russia is the “fascist” one.”

Dwarfavelli on Twitter: “@victoriaregisk @KHNews @thedailybeast Poorly written hit piece with very little substance. Keep importing doctors and we will have a catastrophic problem when student loans are defaulted in mass. The United States is the only western country that does not prioritize training our own doctors. As why that is the case.”

Horse Lady Cornfield on Twitter: “Biden’s speech: Systemic racism, White privilege, Police are bad, Equity, who am I?, insert lame jokes, Mask is good, Vaccine good, Whitey bad, if you don’t vote Democrat you ain’t Black, President Harris & I, China good just misunderstood!, We need more trans kids, Good night!”

Jason Miller on Twitter: “President Trump started Buy American, but he also said “Hire American.” Joe Biden can’t say this

Jessica Vaughan on Twitter: “Arizona AG: Despite A Crisis At The Border, Internal Emails and statistics obtained through discovery Reveal The Federal Government Is ‘Effectively Abolishing ICE’.”

John Cardillo on Twitter: “Tim Scott was a Wiffle Ball bat against a 100 mph hardball. The GOP is beyond weak and useless. Don’t care if he’s likable, affable, whatever. We need warriors, not establishment wimps.”

Jon Feere on Twitter: “Biden: “No amendment to the Constitution is absolute” 19th Amendment: “The right of citizens of the United States to vote shall not be denied or abridged by the United States or by any state on account of sex.””

José Alberto Niño on Twitter: “@ScottMGreer This is how you get upgraded to Business Class in Clown World USA.”

Lord Curzon on Twitter: “I am surprised that they have only received five thousand. There are a billion people in india”

Mark Krikorian on Twitter: “”the result would still be hundreds of thousands of people coming to the U.S. with few skills and no English proficiency and then never leaving and using their semi-legal status to bring more people.”” /

Mark Krikorian on Twitter: “Report: Biden Knew the Border Surge Was Coming, but Scrapped Trump Border Policies Anyway – Recklessness you’re paying through the nose for via @CIS_org”

“No country on Earth is as obsessed with the “sins” of its past as we are. Is that because those other countries have no sins? No. Many of them have done much worse, and done it for much longer. Yet they live in the present and we stay stuck in the past. It’s absurd and pathetic.”

Nicholas J. Fuentes on Twitter: “When you think about it, I’m actually being treated WORSE than Rosa Parks, because at least she was able to sit on the bus, even if it was in the back.”

“37K Americans Jobs in Middle of Pandemic #H1B India — thats not enough for @PramilaJayapal @RepJayapal ? GOAL ? TURN USA INTO #INDIA SLUMS! via @BreitbartNews @RepMcClintock @HouseJudiciary @RepEscobar @RulesDemocrats @HouseJudiciary #H1B”

“@nothing3pecial @roboter23 @MarkSKrikorian @CIS_org @immivoice @MooreGovernor @russes @TaztheCat11 @tam8ta @ModratM @AristotlePushk1 May be interesting to keep an eye on We Are Home, Community Change Action, etc – the @immivoice analogy for unlawful #Immigrants?”

“Funded in part by #CheapLabor loving Zuckerberg’s @FWDus, #Immigration advocacy coalition launches campaign. Who will advocate for #AmericanGrads #AmericanWorkers #UnmatchedUSCitizenMD displaced by #H1B et al @JoeBiden @SenToomey @SenBobCasey @RepMeuser?”

“@MooreGovernor @desmo_humes @lexyacc10 @nothing3pecial @anirb_das @ShadesOfBlueAn1 @SriGaussian @russes @tam8ta @AmanKapour @RodneyR58127664 @ModratM @VBierschwale @TaztheCat11 Had to block mr Desmond… Lol, fancy name for an Hindu, they just aren’t allowed in my feeds.”

“This is a lost party with no way back. As they did in late 2020, the @GOP is demonstrating they don’t want our votes. It is truly incredible just how out of touch this party is with the only base that ever put them in power, the conservative border hawk base.”

“@FogCityMidge America is collectively an insane asylum” / TwitterSYY on Twitter: “@MooreGovernor @tam8ta @FemaleUSGrad @Write2speak1 @VijayThakur2121 @AILANational @GregChenAILA @Sir_John_Thomas @AmanKapour @AbidingCiti8 @RVastate @russes @PravdaPereira @Good_Ray_01 Endless harassments…everywhere…”

“Funded in part by #CheapLabor loving Zuckerberg’s @FWDus, #Immigration advocacy coalition launches campaign. Who will advocate for #AmericanGrads #AmericanWorkers #UnmatchedUSCitizenMD displaced by #H1B et al @JoeBiden @SenToomey @SenBobCasey @RepMeuser?”

“@MooreGovernor @desmo_humes @lexyacc10 @nothing3pecial @anirb_das @ShadesOfBlueAn1 @SriGaussian @russes @tam8ta @AmanKapour @RodneyR58127664 @ModratM @VBierschwale @TaztheCat11 Had to block mr Desmond… Lol, fancy name for an Hindu, they just aren’t allowed in my feeds.”

“This is a lost party with no way back. As they did in late 2020, the @GOP is demonstrating they don’t want our votes. It is truly incredible just how out of touch this party is with the only base that ever put them in power, the conservative border hawk base.”

“@FogCityMidge America is collectively an insane asylum”

“@MooreGovernor @tam8ta @FemaleUSGrad @Write2speak1 @VijayThakur2121 @AILANational @GregChenAILA @Sir_John_Thomas @AmanKapour @AbidingCiti8 @RVastate @russes @PravdaPereira @Good_Ray_01 Endless harassments…everywhere…”

Ted Cruz on Twitter: “If this transcript is confirmed, John Kerry must resign immediately and if he doesn’t, President Biden must fire him immediately.”

“exposing the tidal wave of non-immigrant guest workers – – – – –”

“Should USCIS give the CEO of an Indian company and his family extensions on their visas? An Obama-appointed judge in New Jersey thinks so. USCIS denied his L-1 visa extension over questions about the firm’s profitability.”

“So we should welcome in a flood of foreigners from Tier 4 hotspots? How does Biden think viruses get here?”

“That’s nice but I’m sure Americans would feel a lot safer if you followed the lead of our allies and implement an India travel ban.”

“USCIS is looking for ways to streamline the process of outsourcing your job. So far five thousand comments have been received, many from immigration lawyers like this guy who thinks spouses should be able to work without a permit. 👇”