And what is the US gov’t doing about the mass RICO organized crime on the American public for 31 years?

Absolutely nothing.

1000s of small and large India Incs have been doing mass criminal visa fraud in violation of Title 8 of US law for decades.

What do we fund these Federal agencies $100,000,000s/year for if they won’t even stop the mass crime hiding in plain view?

All the India Incs are organized ctime rackets. Wipro, Tata, Cognizant, HCL, you name it, they’re doing crime. Plus 1000s of small racist India Inc bodyshops.

No wonder they got rid of Assange.

“From falsifying documents and setting up fake websites to pretending to be “religious leaders”, Indians are resorting to a variety of tactics in the hope of getting a U.S. visa, according to cables from US diplomatic missions in India published on the whistleblowing website WikiLeaks.

In the leaked cable dated Oct 2009 and released by WikiLeaks on 24 April 2011, the U.S. Consul in Chennai said in the India Biannual Fraud Update, “Fraudulent civil documentation is common in India, both in terms of documents that have been fabricated outright, and documents issued improperly. (U.S. diplomatic) posts see a myriad of fraudulent documents, including fake civil registry documents, counterfeit entry/exit stamps and third-country visas, employment letters, sponsorship and financial documents, bogus degrees and entrance examination scores, and altered marriage and site photographs

According to the cable, “H-1B fraud is one of the top two visa categories for fraud throughout Mission India. All posts regularly encounter inflated or fabricated educational and employment qualifications. The vast majority of these documents come from Hyderabad”.