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May 12, 2021

Dominion Controlled AZ

Epoch Times Reporter Attacked by Man With Softball Bat in Hong Kong

‘It Never Stops’ – Migrants Continue Pouring Across English Channel

‘Lost food’ project shows developing Asia how to tackle hunger

‘Get Back on Offense’: Immigration Advocates Look to Biden’s Next 100 Days

“Gas Run Has Begun” – Fuel Stations Run Dry Amid Hacked Pipeline

11 dead in high school shooting in Russia

6 States Turn Down Federal Unemployment Benefits

Accenture Strengthens Operational Technology Through Acquisition

America Begins to Celebrate Falun Dafa Day

Arizona Citizens File Lawsuit Against State Officials, Allege Past Elections Did Not Comply With State Law

Arizona Governor Signs Election Reform Bill Updating Eligibility to Remain on Early Voting List

Arizona Governor Signs Law Designating Gun Stores as Essential Firms

As “Critical Race Theory” Becomes Toxic Term, New Codenames and Keywords Emerge

As West races back to travel, ‘zero-Covid’ economies like Hong Kong, Singapore and Australia face hermit risk

Beijing ramps up pressure on polluters with raft of new regulations

Bernie Sanders Sounds Alarm over Corporate Influence in Democrat Party

Biden ‘Sanctuary Country’ Orders Releasing Illegal Alien Armed Robbers, Drunk Drivers into U.S.

Biden & Colonial Pipeline: Maybe the Pipeline Terrorists Are Just Environmentalists

Biden Admin Practically Begging DoD Employees to Volunteer for Border Detail

Biden Admin’s Latest Hire Deleted Tweets Pushing Trump-Russia Collusion Allegations

Biden Rolls Back Trump Proposal to Limit Work Permits for Immigrants Ordered Deported

Biden Says Jobless Americans Offered a Job Must Take It or Lose Benefits

Biden Spending $9 Billion to Import Children of Illegal Migrants

Big Media’s Special Interests, Lobbyists Flood Buck’s Campaign Coffers

Big Tech Is the Handmaiden of Government Overreach—Interview with Craig Parshall

Blake Shelton Joins Drive To Help Feed Out-of-Work Musicians

Blog Criticising Chinese Government Held Protected By Academic Freedom

Bright Ice opens in Water Street with big growth ambitions

Buckets of Meth and the Guns in the Grass

California Saw Record Gun Confiscations in 2020

Candidate for NY City Council Harpreet Singh Toor, against defunding police

Candidate from Staten Island in the run for borough president

Carmichael Suggests a Plan for Republicans to Inflict Pressure on the Billionaire and CEO Class of Democrats

China Blames ‘Abrupt’ U.S. Withdrawal for Violence in Afghanistan

China on Pollution: Right to Emit, Development, ‘a Basic Human Right’

China: Businessmen, who criticised govt COVID-19 response, could face 25 years in jail

China: U.S. ‘Conducting Biological Warfare and Bioterrorism’

CMPD updates policy to help undocumented crime victims

Commentary: Mask Mandates Promote Servitude, Not Safety – Tennessee Star

COVID-19 variant spreading in India classified as being ‘of concern’: WHO

Culture Shift: Gun Control Support Plummets with Young People, Hispanics

Deputy White House Director Said ICE ‘Doesn’t Have to Exist,’ Told Protesters to ‘Shut It Down’

Deputy White House director said ICE ‘doesn’t have to exist,’ told protesters to ‘shut-it-down’ | Fox News

DeSantis to sue CDC for shutting down American businesses during pandemic

DHS Announces Continuation of International Entrepreneur Parole Program

DHS Quietly Withdraws Two Key Immigration Integrity Regulations

Direct Evidence Bombshell! Dominion Fraud Exposed In Michigan Audit, Trump Calls Out Rig

Donald Glover: TV & Films Are Boring Because “People are Afraid of Getting Cancelled”

Donald Trump: Palestinian Rocket Attacks on Israel Provoked by Joe Biden’s ‘Weakness’

Dozens Dead as Israel and Hamas Escalate Aerial Bombardments

Elderly Asian Man Robbed by Teens in Northern CA

Emergency Declaration Issued Over Pipeline Shut-Down after Cyber-Attack

Energy Secretary: ‘Supply Crunch,’ Not Gasoline Shortage

EU Urges US To Ramp Up COVID Vaccine Exports As Desperate Nations Turn To China

Expensive Gas Means Expensive Food

Facebook Funds CCP-Linked ‘Marxist Journalism’ Training to Create More Effective Regime Propagandists.

FDLE Ends Investigation of Mike Bloomberg $16 Million Donation

Feds Probing NC Boarding School for Next ‘Child Migrants’ Dump

Feds Sending 500 USDA Employees to Border to Assist With ‘Child Migrants’

Few places to hide from the inflation train wreck

Florida Congressmen Warn About Growing Violence in Colombia

Florida Democrats Start to Line Up to Challenge Ron DeSantis, Marco Rubio in 2022

From Survival to Revival: Does India Have A Plan?

Georgia Gov. Suspends Gas Tax Through May 15

Guv Signs Arizona Ban on Frivolous Lawsuits Against Gun Makers

Hundreds of Thousands Sign Letter Warning of France Civil War, Demand Major Anti-Islamist Changes to Society

Indian COVID Patients Contract ‘Black Fungus’

Indian Health Camp of New Jersey holds vaccination drives

Inflation is unfair, so make sure you get your unfair share of rewards

Installed Dictator Battles Teleprompter Desperately Spinning Chaotic Destruction Of First 100 Days

IPL: ‘Some senior Indians dislike restrictions’

Is Tech the Canary in the Coal-Mine For the Coming Inflationary Crisis?

Israel Kills Gaza Islamic Jihad Rocket Chief, As Palestinians Fire Hundreds of Rockets At Israeli Civilians

Japan Tobacco, Philip Morris move towards cigarette alternatives

Kat Cammack Introduces the Chinese Communist Party Politburo Accountability Act

Kauai Real Estate In Total Frenzy As Buyers Snap Up Multi-Million Dollar Homes Sight-Unseen

Kyrgyz court fines Canadian miner $3.1 billion over pollution

Lawmakers Demand State Dept. Revoke Security Clearance for Appointee Tied to Iranian Regime

Malaysia locks down to preempt India-like crisis

Malaysia locks down to preempt India-like crisis

Marco Rubio, Florida Congressmen Honored for Defending International Religious Freedom

Maria Elvira Salazar Introduces the Expanding Contracting Opportunities for Small Businesses Act

McCarthy: ‘Facebook and Twitter Are Not Bigger Than the Constitution’

McConnell: The ‘Extra-Generous Jobless Benefits’ Are Significantly ‘Holding Back Our Economy’

Melinda Gates Trashes Bill Over Ties to Jeffrey Epstein

Metallica Frontman Says He’s ‘Skeptical’ About Coronavirus Shot, Hopes COVID Vaccine Passports Won’t Be Mandatory

Metro Nashville Public Schools Considering Paying Up to $500,000 for Additional Diversity Consultant – Tennessee Star

Migrant Children in Shelters ‘More Than Doubled in the Past Two Months’

Migrants Found Inside Tractor-Trailer in Poland

Move to let California bicyclists treat stop signs as yields

NBC Cancels Golden Globes 2022 as Hollywood Foreign Press Assoc. Race + Corruption Scandal Blows Up

New Jersey Plans Taxpayer-Funded $1,000 Stimulus Checks for Illegal Aliens

No Sign Biden Administration Border Moves Are Working: Rep. Pfluger

Nonessential staff to leave India – Taipei Times

Norman Lloyd Dead: Actor Appeared in ‘St. Elsewhere,’ ‘Saboteur’

Norway’s Institute of Public Health Recommends Gov’t Ban J+J, AstraZeneca Vaccines Due To Side Effects

NY Baseball Stadiums To Seat Fans in Separate Vaccinated And Unvaccinated Sections

Orange County Pauses Vaccine Digital Verification System

Pandemic Aid Opens to Non-Citizen Students

Pennsylvania County Has ‘Mix Up’ With Thousands of Mail In Ballots

Pinduoduo’s founder is China’s top donor with US$1.85 billion in charity Pinduoduo’s founder is China’s top donor with US$1.85 billion in charity

Pinx on Twitter: “This book was copywritten in 1971. It predicted the future.” / Twitter

Pipeline Shutdown Causing Gas Shortage in Gas Stations

President Biden’s proclamation for India ban – not everyone is excluded!

Professor Warns ‘Anti-Racism’ Training Mandate Will Exacerbate ‘Toxic’ Campus Environment

Record-Low Deportations Part of Biden Plan to “Dismantle ICE” – Former ICE Chief Homan

Renowned Scientists Publish Study by NYT Reporter Tying COVID to Chinese Lab

Reporter with Epoch Times attacked in Hong Kong Reporter with Epoch Times attacked in Hong Kong

Retired French Generals Warn Macron Government of Possible Civil War

Salaries for Specialized IT Talent Start to Spike in Costa Rica

School Boards Next Political Battleground

Second Indian bishop dies of Covid-19

Showdown Brews over Holy Communion for ‘Pro-Abortion Catholics’

Singapore may have to ‘learn to live’ with Covid-19, minister says

Singapore PM Lee Hsien Loong condemns racist attack on Indian-origin woman in Singapore

Sohrab Ahmari: The Perversion of Freedom and the Spiritual Crisis of Our Age

Starbucks Considering Leaving Facebook over Hate Speech

State Department Condemns Attack on Epoch Times

Suspended, murder-accused Mumbai cop Sachin Vaze sacked

Taliban filling US vacuum with violence and threat

Tennessee General Assembly Demands Answers from State Agency Over its Diversity and Equity Program – Tennessee Star

The 700 Year Old Romanian Castle That Inspired “Dracula” Is Now A Free COVID Vaccination Site

The Dynamics Behind America’s Ugly Amount Of Empty Office Space

Tom Cruise Returns His Awards as the HFPA Reels from Race, Corruption Scandals

Trump, Scalise Back Elise Stefanik To Replace Liz Cheney In House Leadership

Truth Is Gaining Ground on the Lies of World War II –

U.S. Civil Rights Agency Urged to Recognize Caste Bias (1)

Utah County Censures Mitt Romney for Trump Impeachment Vote

Van Morrison Is Being Blacklisted for Anti-Media Song

Venezuelans Flooding Texas

Watch: ‘Youths’ Battle Inside High-End London Department Store

Watch: Rival Groups Clash in Broad Daylight in Paris Suburb

Where Are CBP’s April Border Numbers?

Wyoming Guv Bans Vax Passports

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“(((They))) present you the ‘new normal’ as normal. Remember what the old normal looked like: Going out with friends to a party, dressing like dignified men and women, following a code of etiquette, class, distinction, a white environment. This is us, anything else we must reject.”


“#CovidIndia situation is brutal. One of WCWOA’s coworkers who flew to India died last week and another coworker is hospitalized and their condition is declining. Outbreak peak is not expected until late May (!). Travel ban should be kept in place to keep mutants out of the U.S.

“👉 #Brexit Leader @Nigel_Farage is RIGHT: America is horribly divided thanks to radical Democrats. #ampFW #AmericasComebackTour”

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“Before WW1 big families were the norm all over Western countries, no matter the social class. Women didn’t have dish washer, washing machine, supermarket, cars, YouTube. Knowledge/culture was passed on, communities were strong. WW had more time as WM were less taxed. -> 👶👶👶👶”

“BLM is just a few pedophilia stories away from being The Lincoln Project”

“Claim: The most official climate change data from the U.N. Climate report does not match the alarmist reporting about it.

“Class action lawsuit suit will be filed against USCIS for current h1b lottery selection process. Join the zoom meeting (May 08, 3 pm EST) to know more. Details available at: #h1babuse #h1b #h1blottery #immigration @FightH1bAbuse”

“Democrats have sold their souls to corporations and are the party of Big Business now.” / Twitter

“Happy Mother’s Day to the moms who keep fighting for H-1B reform”

“I’m leaving anti-white, shadow-banning, follower-annihilating Twitter to focus on If you wish to support WD repost from , promote, or distribute flyers Let’s create swarming power. 🐟”

“IMporting lawfully DEported illegal immigrants. This is almost certainly an historical first for the United States. These are weird, weird times”

“Interesting tidbit in Zhou’s article of how a medical software company @Cerner was suggesting foreign workers who didn’t land H-1B visas in the annual lottery, to re-enroll in degree programs & gain work authorization through their student visa. A total scam!”

“It does concentrate income –in hands of H-1Bs who displace qualified Americans workers & grads and H-1B employers. Income inequality continues to increase due to immigration policies of Greenspan, et. al. Silicon Valley is extreme example but it is evident across U.S.”

“It was the plan from the beginning to cause a surge in illegal immigration.”

“Just 1 Covid death today and now 50 million vaccinations given, but we still can’t eat inside a restaurant or hug our loved ones. Enough is enough.”

“Kinda creepy when you realize people actually think that out of the 57 million square miles on earth, White people shouldn’t even have 1!” -@AR_Maximum”

“Mark my words: This world has turned so aggressively anti-white that big white families are already treated as racists. But there is more to come: Soon healthy, eugenic, family-loving white people will be treated as terrorists by their own anti-white governments. Let’s speak out!”

“Our border is a complete joke”

“Remember that the world is beautiful, and our place in it is worth fighting for. I love you all.”

“Take a look at these people and their names….if you click the image they are from the Catholic Immigration Network, Inc. (at the top of image) More like (((Catholic)))…”

“There is no question that H-1B program is used to displace qualified Americans and drive down wages in H-1B occupations

“This analysis failed to examine the wages of the H-1B workers & compare them to that of US workers in similar occupations & regions. @EconomicPolicy did the analysis & found employers use the H-1B program to pay foreign workers less than market wages:”

“University of Iowa is the #1 user of H1B in the entire state of Iowa. Most of their H1B visas are used for medical/physician jobs. #AmericaLast @estherpmd @DocsWithoutJobs @UAUDOA”

“What if Whites would find out about their plans?”

“Who gave the order to stop counting votes in the swing states on the night of November 3/4, 2020?”

“Zhou finds that Indian IT outsourcing firms are some of the biggest users of the H-1B program but spends no time investigating their business model & how they displace US workers. Instead, she relies on a testimony of an immigration lawyer who claims they can’t find US workers.”

“In 2004…the [EU] member states were granted 7 years to allow workers…to emigrate. But Blair waived the transition period, leading to a massive influx of low-wage workers who competed for jobs & social services w/ British nationals during the Great Recession…””

(3) White-Collar Workers of America on Twitter: “@USTechWorkers @Cerner Cerner is the #1 user of H1B in the state of Missouri.”

@WCWOA @Cerner And their average salary is less than Cognizant. That tells you a lot.”

#ThePersistence on Twitter: “It’s 10 p.m. & I’m in Northern Virginia, home to some of the richest counties in the country. Long lines. Rising gas prices. No longer energy independent. This is the new normal. Congratulations, democrats.”

Biden Not Keeping Border Governors in the Loop on the Crisis in Their Communities While Texas Democrat questions the administration’s depiction of child detention via @CIS_org”

Big League Politics on Twitter: “FLASHBACK: ‘Great Reset’ Mastermind Klaus Schwab Called for Implantable Microchips to Enforce Global Health Pass in 2016”

Bill Melugin on Twitter: “NEW: A family of ten, including infants, just crossed the Rio in front of us and presented themselves to local deputies here in Del Rio. The boy told me they are from Venezuela. The deputies are having to assist overwhelmed federal authorities with apprehensions. @FoxNews”

Dr. Simone Gold on Twitter: “Beginning May 10, we will be launching a nationwide tour to bring the uncensored truth directly to the people. We will be featuring AFLDS physicians & attorneys bringing the unbiased and uncensored facts related to science, medicine, and civil liberties.”

Good is bad, bad is good, illegal is legal, it’s a mad mad mad mad world turned upside down!”

J. on Twitter: “A proposal to address the lack of fulfillment and mass standardization of labor, products, and mind. We need to redirect innovation and creativity to create a new trajectory for the future, with new products and services to match.”

Just wait for them to not be able to ignore inflation. There will be repercussions to the non stop printing of money. Gonna shock A LOT of people

Lauren Chen on Twitter: “Great article discussing @Nigel_Farage’s new speaking tour with @FreedomWorks! I’ll be joining him in Phoenix on the 25th, make sure to follow @FreedomWorks for the details 🇺🇸”

Liz Chaney voted against traitorous Pro India Bill HR1044 along with others in GOP, and 3 out of 4 members of The Squad. Clinton types have long sold out, and unfortunately Trump joined you in not opposing visa labor racketeering schemes.”

Mark Krikorian on Twitter: “”They’re responding…to an aggressive, long-term campaign on the left to ratchet up racial tension, divide Americans by race, and insert frankly racist ideas into every facet of public life as part of a larger strategy to gain and wield political power.”″

Michelle Malkin on Twitter: “I’m old enough to remember when the @GOP thought moms caring for their children and homeschooling them was a good thing…”

Michelle Malkin on Twitter: “Your public service reminder that COVID vaccines are EXPERIMENTAL DRUGS being distributed to children despite NO FORMAL FDA APPROVAL & only under EMERGENCY USE AUTHORIZATION while clinical trials have yet to be completed.” / Twitter

Scott Greer 6’2” IQ 187 on Twitter: “There are hundreds of Americans facing prison for protesting their own government. Buzzfeed celebrates their indefinite detention

Sorry, your political analysis is wrong. Liz Chaney voted against traitorous Pro India Bill HR1044 along with others in GOP, and 3 out of 4 members of The Squad. Clinton types have long sold out, and unfortunately Trump joined you in not opposing visa labor racketeering schemes.”

Witness Jan Bryant Joins Steve Bannon to Talk About Maricopa County Election″