China Calls UN Planned Event On Xinjiang “Total Blasphemy”

Uyghur Testimony To Congress “I Saw Girls Lose Their Sanity.”

Poll: Majority of Voters Blame Biden for Border ‘Crisis’

‘Strange and fascinating’ deep-sea fish washes up on Calif. beach

“It’s Not Great”: Biden Stimulus Hits Turbulence As Pushback Grows Over Disincentivized Workers

Biden Plans Expansion Of Feds’ Army Of Snitches In “Dollars For Collars” Program

CHP says driverless Tesla suspect has been arrested

Desperate Indian Communities Embrace Anti-Malaria Drugs To Protect Against COVID Surge

DHS And Attorneys General Target Patriots

DHS to scan social media posts looking for “domestic terrorists”

Economy Economist Rips “Clueless” Investors Shocked By Ballooning CPI

Escobar: An Insider’s View Of The Tragedy Of The US Deep State

Government’s ‘Online Safety’ Bill Will Limit Free Speech, Lead To Massive ‘State-backed Censorship’ Warn Watchdogs

House GOP Introduces Bills To Combat Critical Race Theory

More Than 178,000 Illegally Crossed Southern U.S. Border in April, a Two-Decade High

New Federal Data Signals More Trouble for U.S. Economy

Professor Warns Basic Education Regarding America’s Founding Being Replaced With Globalist Indoctrination

The Uglification of the World

Top Generals Warn That The United States is Under Military Attack From Without & Within

Travel Leaders Call on Joe Biden to Open More International Travel

Gas supplies dwindle, prices rise in the US Southeast

Trump Responds To Voting Machine Manipulation Revealed By Maricopa County Audit

Feds charge Antioch woman with giving fentanyl to her granddaughter who died of overdose

“This Is The Ministry Of Truth”: Merriam-Webster Edits Definition For “Anti-Vaxxer” To Include Opponents Of Mandatory Jabs

US, Japan, France Hold First-Ever Joint Drills In Japanese Territory With Eye On China

“I Hope We All Survive It” – Dave Chappelle Warns About Cancel Culture

“Joe Biden’s America”: Nation Waiting in Hours-Long Lines to Get Gas

2 charged with theft, sale of military information related to a California-based company

25′ Statue Unveiled At Rockefeller Center to ‘Honor African Culture’

America Being Collapsed By Design – It’s Not A Coincidence

Angie Craig Pressured to Reject Money from Firebrand Ocasio-Cortez

Antifa Protester: “I Can’t Wait Until Black People Lynch White People”

Antrim County Audit Attorney Finds Program on Connected Voting System that could Manipulate MI Votes

Arizona ranks 6th in fraud with a 138% increase

Attract and Retain a Quality Workforce, Insights with Gardner Carrick at PMMI’s ELC

Austin’s homeless population faces uncertainty as camping ban returns

Average single adult in Orlando doesn’t have enough to cover their bills

AZ Adopts Election Reform Bill That Stops Some Voters from Automatically Receiving Absentee Ballots

Biden Announces Mark Of The Beast Necessary For All Americans

Biden is the Number 1 Suspect in the Colonial Pipeline Shutdown

Biden’s America Would Be A Dystopian Hellhole

Big downtown San Jose hotel goes up for sale

Bovard: Biden’s “America The Beautiful” Vision Ignores Feds’ Dreadful Record

China Sees Slowest Population Growth In Decades Raising Concerns About Aging Labor Force

China Nears Lowest Fertility in World

Colonial Pipeline shutdown causes long lines at Charlotte-area gas stations

Communist State Newspaper Tries to Pass Off Swiss Alps as China

Indian telecoms struggle to dispel false 5G-trial Covid rumours

Why is China making a permanent enemy of India?

Consumer Prices Increase 4.2 Percent to the Highest Level Since 2008

Covid-19 Is a Communist Chinese Bioweapon, and WW3 Has Already Begun

CPA Reshoring Index Shows Manufacturing Import Penetration Hit New Low in Q1 2020

Cruz: HR-1 ‘a Massive Democratic Power Grab’

DeSantis signs $1 bil sales tax hike on consumers to save businesses’ pocketbooks

DeSantis Fundraising Boom

Detecting Human Body Poses in an Image

Disney Claims Leaked Documents Promoting Critical Race Theory ‘Being Deliberately Distorted’…

Dystopian Future in Which Almost No One Owns a Car

Ernst: U.S. Taxpayers Funded Wuhan Lab Research…

Estonia Becomes Centre Stage Of Anti-Russia Military Exercises

Everything that can go wrong, has

Food Supplier Exposes Biden’s Supply Chain Collapse

Fremont: Buddhist temple co-founder alleges racial, religious, gender discrimination amid code enforcement dispute

Gas Shortage Is By Design

Gates is in Big Trouble: Insiders Admit to Creating Covid-19

Genworth hits pause on IPO for mortgage insurance unit in Raleigh

Globalist Tool Beto O’ Rourke Confronted By Owen Shroyer

Goldman Scrambles To Comfort Its Clients Who Are Freaking Out About China’s Soaring Prices

Gotti panics over impending “wages explosion” – MacroBusiness

Gov. Newsom rolls out record $12 billion plan to fight homelessness

Government Hiding January 6 Video Footage and Why

Govt’s ‘Online Safety’ Bill Will Limit Free Speech, Lead To Massive ‘State-backed Censorship’

Harvard Poll: Swing-Voters Want Joe Biden to Embrace Trump’s Border Goals

Hays County Judge Millie Thompson resigns, cutting short contentious term

Here’s what it takes to be considered ‘wealthy’ in the Bay Area

House OKs harassment training for lobbyists

How ‘Woke’ May Be Leading Us To Civil War

Idaho Gov. Signs Bill Barring Enforcement of Biden’s Executive Gun Control

Independents Overwhelmingly Oppose Biden Gun Control Push

Is there a Triangle housing bubble?

Khamis: The missing middle—JPA housing – San José Spotlight

Inflation surges in April as consumer prices leap 4.2%, fastest since 2008

Le Pen Warns Macron “Danger Of Civil War” Looms If He Doesn’t Handle Islamist Problem

Magnetic Mark of the Beast

Maine Aims to Buy American

More Americans Are Living Their Lives, Leaving Masks at Home

Morristown, New Jersey Revolutionary War Sites

Move over toilet paper, people are now panic buying homes

Nashville Business Coalition Files Suit to Stop Nashville Taxpayer Protection Act

New York private equity firm buys last-mile fulfillment center near downtown Tampa

No jab, no job, and no fun? Some in Hong Kong against ‘vaccine discrimination’

NWN Corp. acquires Carousel Industries; will have impact in Raleigh area

NYC Mayoral Candidate Fernando Mateo: ‘Radical Left Democrats Made NYC Dangerous

Ohio Offers Weekly Million Dollar Lottery Prize For Vaccinated People

Orlando rent less affordable than San Francisco, thanks to coronavirus housing squeeze

Penn State Admin Who Failed To Report Sandusky Sex Crimes w/Minors Received $330K Public Pension

Phoenix No. 1 in net migration

Pipeline Inspector Calls In To The Alex Jones Show: “It’s 100% A Manufactured Collapse”

Popular SF bakery sparks outrage for stance on Great Highway

Professor Explains Flaw In Many Models Used For COVID-19 Lockdown Policies

Professor Warns Edu Regarding America’s Founding Being Replaced w Globalist Indoctrination

Puerto Ricans Deserve More Than Empty, Big Government Promises

Raleigh’s first cidery

Rand Paul Continues Fauci Feud; “He Could Be Culpable For The Entire Pandemic”

Receive Money From US in India Using Google Pay

Rick Scott: NIH ‘Stonewalling’ on Funding Source

Rise of Anti-Personnel Directed Energy Weapons

Ron Paul: COVID Authoritarians Are Abusing Children

San Jose approves policy to rehire laid-off workers

San Jose firefighters allege gear gave them cancer

Santa Clara U President Kevin O’Brien resigns after ‘inappropriate behaviors’

Shipment of Avian Eggs Linked to Chinese Epidemic Seized in Memphis

Silicon Valley residents must help ban surveillance advertising

Survey: Superannuation increase will crush wage growth – MacroBusiness

Tacoma’s hot housing market could spur demand for office space

Taiwan Blocked from W.H.O. Assembly Despite World’s Best Coronavirus Response

Tampa metro, Florida offer some of the lowest wages for blue-collar workers in the US

Ted Cruz: Ilhan Omar Is ‘Acting as Press Secretary for Hamas’

Teen Kills at Least Nine Eighth Graders in Russian School Shooting

Tennessee State Employees Participate in Diversity, Inclusion, and Equity Listening Session

The Last Two Times This Hit, Stocks Dropped 20% and 50%, Respectively

The QE Endgame: A Big Problem Is Emerging For The Fed

They Failed To Coerce Americans out of Their Cars

Time Magazine Claims “The Free Market Is Dead”

TN Governor Bill Lee Endorses Amendment to Limit Number of SCOTUS Justices


Treasury has no idea on wages – MacroBusiness

Trending Unhinged Leftist Bette Middler Threatens To Kill Unvaccinated Kids

Trump Responds To Voting Machine Manipulation Revealed By Maricopa County Audit

UK Plans To Require Voter ID To Ensure Election Integrity

US agrees to remove Xiaomi from controversial blacklist

US inflation explodes in April with worse to come

US Producer Prices Surge Most On Record

Vaccine Passports – Not Just to Cut Velvet Rope, Certificates May Also Provide New Constitutional Rights

W. Texas Town Leads U.S. in Venezuelan Illegal Entries

World’s Most Vaccinated Nation Sees Active COVID Cases Double In Under A Week

Wuhan Lab Investigation is the Globalists’ Check on Chinese Power Grab

WW3 Is A Chinese Bioweapon


The American Cyber Stasi Will Suppress All Digital Dissent In Biden’s Dystopia | ZeroHedge

Apple, Google, other tech giants join call for funding US chip production

ChaosSearch brings SQL support to log analytics

CPA Applauds NYSE for Following the Law and Delisting Chinese Telecoms

In Climate Change Push, America’s EV Supply Chain In Doubt

Italy slaps Google with €100 mil fine over abuse of market dominance

MediaTek’s new Dimensity 900 brings flagship features to mid-range phones

SpaceX to accept dogecoin as payment for moon payload

Treasury Backs Away From Action on Currency Manipulation

US to drop Xiaomi from government blacklist

​​​​​​​”Lines Down The Street” – People Wait Five Hours To Fill Up Amid Gas Shortages

15 Homemade ROCKETS that are Incredible

Actual US broadband penetration & speed falls far short of FCC claims

Amazon Warehouse Worker Dies in Bessemer, AL

Amid a record-setting crisis, a radical increase in immigration

Apple awards USD 45M to Corning to expand manufacturing capacity

Anyone can use this powerful facial-recognition tool — and that’s a problem

Apple hires Facebook ads manager, ‘Chaos Monkeys’ author Antonio Garcia Martinez

Apple’s AirTag Has Already Been Hacked

Arduino’s New DIY Kit Makes It Easy to Build Smart Home Gadgets

Art Gensler, founder of Gensler, has died at the age of 85

Baldur’s Gate: Dark Alliance Is Getting A PC Port

Bezos’ New 417-Foot Superyacht Is A Testament To The “K-shaped” Recovery

Biden signs cybersecurity order after pipeline attack – Silicon Valley

Big Tech ‘Colluding with the Abortion Industry to Shut Down Pro-Life Voices’

Brother of Bears Star Tarik Cohen Found Dead at Electrical Substation

Chinese drones a killer eye in the sky in Myanmar

Claim: Alibaba Spying on Airports for China

Continuous software integration/delivery platform CircleCI nabs $100M

DC developer confirms $540 million Ritz-Carlton project in SoBro

Digital transformation will spur economic boom in 2021, CEOs tell Gartner


Elon Musk Claims to Have Asperger’s Syndrome While Hosting ‘SNL’

Ex Netflix IT ops boss pocketed $500k+ in bribes before awarding millions in tech contracts

Facebook ordered to stop collecting German Whatsapp data

Facebook’s Censorship Of RT’s Redfish Is Literally Digital Fascism

Foxconn India iPhone 12 output cut in half from ongoing COVID-19 outbreak

Google adopts hybrid workplace, 20% staff to work remotely

Google To Flip Default 2FA Security Switch For Millions Of Gmail Users

ICE Enforcement Bottoms Out to All-Time Low just Four Months into Biden Presidency

Implementation of Telework in Japan Continues to Lag

India Excludes Chinese Companies From Its 5G Trials

​​​​​​​Mediterranean Diet May “Protect” Brain From Alzheimer’s Disease, Study Says

Microsoft nixes Windows 10X

New M1 iPad Pro is 50 percent faster than previous model

Oracle’s state incentives worth more than $100 million

Phishing attacks exploit cognitive biases, research finds

Poll: Almost Two-Thirds Say Social Media Platforms Tearing Nation Apart

Realistic Mission Control Box Is A Blast For All Ages

S.F.’s latest food startup promises free 15-minute delivery of grocery staples

Sennheiser Has Just Sold Off Its Consumer Product Business

Seven Reasons You Shouldn’t Hire a DevOps Engineer

Solar components maker will shift manufacturing to Silicon Valley — from Asia

Sony Music Will Donate to 90 New Social Justice Organizations – Variety

String of Satellites Baffles Residents, Bugs Astronomers

Tech giants seek $50 billion to boost US microchip production

Tesla to stop accepting Bitcoin for car payments

US IT jobs growth continues, with pandemic in the rearview mirror

US, Japan team up on small-scale nuclear reactors

View-Master Reel Scanner

Western Civilization has become a never-ending Jerry Springer episode

Why We’re Swimming in Dashboards and Drowning in Data –

Will Biden’s Clean Power Grid Actually Be Made in America?

YouTube Will Soon Pay Creators to Make ‘Shorts’ in India and US