Better start in Silicon Valley where 90% of all jobs are occupied by Indians + Chinese.

What’s next Working While White laws?

Failed losers have to do everything they can to keep white Americans out of the workforce.

It’s not “white supremacy” to demand Federal laws be enforced, and stolen industries be returned to their rightful creators.

“Racial Justice Bureau” is codeword for making sure white Amercians don’t get their stolen jobs back.

17 million white Americans have been genocided out of CA since 1990 by invaders.

17 million.

Where is the justice for them?

“Racial Justice Bureau” has an Orwellian smack to it, don’t you think? It’s all codeword for preventing white Americans from demanding immigration laws be enforced.

No wonder people are fleeing CA by the millions. No one would ever want to live in such a nightmare racist state.

“California Gov. Gavin Newsom’s (D) replacement for Attorney General Xavier Becerra, Rob Bonta, held his first press conference via Zoom on Tuesday where he announced he is establishing a Racial Justice Bureau to confront racism, including white supremacy”.

17 million white Americans have been genocided out of CA by Asians + Mexicans since 1990.

17 million.

In CA they call this racial justice – a codeword to preserving the theft of white industries.

Racial justice: white Americans created and built Silicon Valley, but Asians stole it.

Racial justice is an excuse for industrial theft of white industries by failed losers.

Do non-white people use and enjoy the internet? If so, they are ingrates.

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