Another great US tech company built by Americans stolen by the Indian Mafia.

You may recall the uproar a few years ago when VMWare was invaded and all its American devs were laid off after they toiled to build the company.

VMWare is now one of the biggest H-1B abusers in America – employing 1000s of illegally H-1B workers while Americans go jobless in violation of Title 8 of Federal law.

Add it to the boycott list folks.

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2 thoughts on “H-1B Violator VMware Names Raghu Raghuram as CEO”
  1. Yup, I once worked there and it was great until Americans were sold out to let India mafia invade and destroy this place.
    Best we can hope is that COVID and the mass vaxx push in INDIA wipes out most of these rats.

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