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May 16, 2021

Fauci Lied Under Oath

Tuberville: DHS Sec Mayorkas ‘An Idiot or Doesn’t Know What He Is Doing’

White House: Illegal Aliens Are Part of ‘What the American Dream Represents’

India received $83 bil in remittances in 2020

India: Smoke and mirrors

India’s Covid-19 danger is spreading south

Indiana AG Investigating Al Sharpton, Big Tech Companies for Alleged Meeting About Censorship

IN BRIEF: DOL delays Trump-era H-1B wage rule for 18 months | Reuters

Hindus outrage at the racist attack after minced beef was found dumped in a community cricket pitch

Judge orders IRS to check whether it criminally investigated Clinton Foundation

The End Of Western Globalia?

US delays implementing new H-1B wage levels to Nov 2022

American Chamber of Commerce in China: Unequal access for U.S. business

Biden’s Deputies Boast of Getting Migrants into the U.S

Biden: We Need a ‘Pathway to Earned Citizenship’ for Those Who Overstay Visas

Roger Daltrey Slams ‘The Woke Generation’: They’re Creating a ‘Miserable World for Themselves,’ ‘We’ve Seen the Communist System Fail’

“Schumer blames worker shortage on Trump immigration policy With a straight face?”

Google leads Big Tech effort to ensure H-1B spouses can continue working in America

H-1B visa: Google leads tech giants in foreign-worker court fight

Google Is Leading a Fight to Protect the H-1B Spouse Visa Program

Harris Resisting Bipartisan Push to Visit Southern Border Amid Crisis

Media Demand Israel Explain Destruction of News Offices

Meet The Bank Of America Exec Accused Of Ruling Through COVID With An “Iron Fist”

US warns of domestic terrorist attacks from violent extremists

Bay Area Japanese buffet owners stole nearly $900,000 in worker wages, Calif. AG says

‘Secure the Border’ Rally in Texas This Weekend

American People Reject US Army’s Woke Recruitment Ads

A Timeline Of “The Great Reset” Agenda

Biden to Welcome DACA Illegal Aliens to White House for Amnesty Push

Fed Goal: Destroy 26% Of Dollar’s Buying Power In 15 Years

Infrastructure Meeting Goes Nowhere

Japan cautiously explores possibility of US returning to TPP

Karl Marx’s Road To Hell Is Paved With Fake Money

Real-Life Bond Villain Klaus Schwab Wrote the Script for Covid-19 Lockdown Takeover

The End Of Western Globalia?

Trump: ‘We’d Have Republican President’ if Pence & ‘Weak’ McConnell Stood Up To ‘Greatest Election Fraud’ in U.S. History

‘Shadow President’: Former Trilateral Commission Member Susan Rice

Dominion Statement Stuns

Physicians To Universities: Reverse Your Student Vaccine Mandates NOW!

Will Apprehending More Than 1,600 Illegal Aliens Over a Weekend be Commonplace This Summer?

‘The Very Real Racism’ Within the Black Community

‘Confirm your intentions’: Oakland City Council leaders push back on MLB

‘Go Back To England’ – Prince Harry Elicits Backlash After Criticizing “Bonkers” First Amendment

‘New American’ Charged With Sexual Assault of Mental Patient in Florida

“This Is All About Stagflation… The U.S. Is Walking Into The Early Stages Of The Fourth Turning”

#UNRIG Elections and Flush the Corrupt DNC and GOP

A Society Based On The Social Credit System Is Closer Than You Think

A world full of whiny parasites and crybabies

African Migrant Suspected of Murder, Sex Attack in 24-Hour Paris Rampage

Alice Cooper chooses Scottsdale firm to sell rare Warhol painting

American Medical Association Embraces Critical Race Theory, Rejects Meritocracy

Antonio Garcia Martinez says Apple fired him, company was ‘well aware’ of his writing

Apple Stores keep mask mandate in place as other retailers ease restrictions

Arizona Senate Demands Supervisors Answer for Deletion, Trump Weighs In

Atlanta Republican Fed up with GOP Establishment Says ‘The Old Guard is Cornered’

Attorneys for Tou Thao questions autopsy of George Floyd

Audit Proves AZ was Stolen from Trump and the American People

Biden Admin Releasing ‘Child Migrants’ With Little Oversight

Biden Adviser Mistakenly Claims ‘Easter Was in March’ to Explain Low Employment Numbers

Biden Phones Netanyahu After Israel Flattens AP Offices In Gaza

Bill Maher Tests Positive for COVID After Full Vax, Show Halts Production

Can Someone Invent a Clever Use of Western Propaganda?

CanIndia News | Australian govt can detain refugees indefinitely under new laws

CanIndia News | Greyhound discontinues bus services within Canada

Carlson: ‘Low IQ Vandals’ Are in Charge of Public Schools

CBP Stops Two Juvenile Drug Smugglers

Commentary: Bernie Sanders Proves He’s Nothing More Than an Establishment Mouthpiece

COVID ‘Billionaire Boom’ Has Seen Aggregate Wealth More Than Double To $13 Trillion

Dem TX Mayor: Border ‘Seems to Be Wide Open’ But When I Ask for Help, Admin. Tells Me It’s ‘Under Control’

Denying Reality Leads To Tyranny And Societal Failure

Derek Jeter’s Davis Islands mansion has sold in historic deal

Desperate for Workers, US Restaurants and Stores Raise Pay

DHS And Attorneys General Target Patriots

Disney scrubs anti-racism training after backlash: report

Dominion Refuses To Cooperate With Vote Audit After Voter Data Was Erased Before Investigation

Escaping a System That Traps You in Bureaucracy

Exclusive Look Inside Jala Tower, the AP-Hamas Coworking Space Destroyed by Israeli Airstrike

EXCLUSIVE: Republicans To Introduce Bill Defining The Meaning Of Infrastructure

Fact Check: DHS Chief Mayorkas Falsely Claims the ‘Border Is Closed’

Finland’s National Football League to Offer Free Sports Hijabs

Google, 30 other tech giants push to protect work permits for H-1B spouses

Hindu Students In Britain Demand Action Against Professor Abhijit Sarkar Over His Derogatory Remarks

House GOP Elects Stefanik as Conference Chair, Replaces Liz Cheney…

How Hindus & Buddhists killed bill to teach meaning of swastikas

Illegal Alien Charged With Kidnapping, Raping Asian Woman

Inflation is Everywhere

ISIS-Linked Jihadists Massacre Christian Farmers in Indonesia

It’s Official: Biden Border Rush Surpasses Trump’s

Ivy League Professor: Teaching Identity Politics ‘Criminal Abdication’

Joe Battles His Real Foes… The Teleprompter And His Own Dementia

Kaspersky Claims CIA Hackers Could Actually be Behind US Colonial Pipeline Attack Blamed on Russian Group

Lauren Chen Interviews Jones

Masses of Venezuelan Migrants Arrive at the Southern Border |

Migrants Attack Swiss Police During Arrest

Mo Brooks: Biden has ‘Worst 100 Days of Any President’ in U.S History

Muslim Mob Prevents Deportation of Rape Gang Convicts From Scotland

Persecuted Anti-Lockdown Pastor Warns ‘Medical Tyranny’ Is Already Here

PFAS Crisis: Toxic “Forever Chemicals” Found In US Mothers’ Breast Milk

Police Lieutenant Fired for Donation to Kyle Rittenhouse Defense Fund

Rand Paul: NIH Funded Wuhan Lab, Fauci’s ‘Parsing’ Deceptively

Rasmussen: Voters Blame Biden, not Trump, for Migration Crisis

Schumer Blames Worker Shortage on Trump Immigration Policy

Seattle’s average tech salary dipped in 2020

Shiv Kapuria: The Air India Man With a Golden Heart Passes Away at 82

Stefanik: Americans are ‘Suffering Under the Far-Left Radical Socialist Policies’ of Joe Biden and Nancy Pelosi

Stunning color photos show San Francisco’s wild 1950s nightlife

Survey Shows ‘Pervasive Issues of Toxic Workplaces, Bullying, and Abuse’ in Woke Hollywood

Sweden: Elderly Woman Brutally Robbed by Gang in Street

Texas Highway Patrol Deploying Heavily-Armed Gunboats On Rio Grande

Tim Conway Jr’s Vic the Brick sketch accused of fueling anti-Asian hate

Tim Tebow on Front Lines of Human Trafficking Fight

Trump allies begin legal effort to stop federal government ‘assaults’ on constitutional rights

Trump: ‘Devastating Letter on Voting Irregularities, and Probably Fraud, in Maricopa County’

TX Bill Will Ban Abortions After an Unborn Baby’s Heartbeat Can Be Detected

TX Sheriff: We’ve Never Seen Border Like This and It’s ‘Only Going to Get Worse’ and More ‘Are Going to Die’

US Military Ads Push Wokeness While Russia Promotes Hardened Soldiers

US to spend $110 bn in technology for basic research to counter China

Vaccine passports are catnip for Big Tech – Nikkei Asia

Vaccine Virtue Signaling And The Cult Of Woke

Virginia City Council Requests More Information Before ‘Welcoming’ Impoverished Refugees

WATCH: CNN Comedy Hour With Jim Acosta

WEF, Denmark Partner In San Francisco To Embrace Great Reset

Wisconsin Officially Launches Audit of 2020 Election

Wuhan Lab DELETED Fauci’s NIH and Gain of Function Mentions From Old Web Pages in Early 2021.

‘Fully vaccinated people not required to wear masks in US’

‘Secure the Border’ Rally in Texas This Weekend

‘Colonial on Steroids’: Refinery Reveals Economic Catastrophe if Whitmer Kills Michigan Pipeline

‘Significant Discrepancies’ Discovered In AZ Audit, Ballots Off Up to 17.5%, ‘Likely Joe Biden Did Not Win’

“Greater Israel”: The Zionist Plan for the Middle East

$9.99 a gallon? Officials receive complaints about price gouging at NC gas stations

20 Governors to Biden: Don’t Send ‘Child Migrants’ to Our States

32 House Republicans Demand Pelosi, Schumer Reopen U.S. Capitol to the Public

70 Australians barred from flying out of India

ACLU Counsel Doubled As Professor For Chinese Communist-Run University Flagged For Espionage

Alex Marlow: Andrew Breitbart Taught Me the Left Doesn’t Want ‘Compromise,’ They Want to ‘Crush You’

Alleged gang member convicted in grisly slaying of Marin high school student

April Border Apprehensions Now At 20 Year High, Minimal Drop in UACs

Army Releases Recruitment Ads Highlighting Minorities, Immigrants, LGBT Community

AZ Vote Audit of 2020 Maricopa County Returns Raises Questions

Ban Killer Drones: International Campaign of Civil Disobedience Necessary

Biden Admin Sued Over Alleged Discrimination Against Certain Bar And Restaurant Owners

Biden Administration to Continue Building Part of President Trump’s Border Wall

Biden to Reporters: ‘I’m Not Supposed to’ Answer Your Questions

Biden to Resume Construction of Border Wall Section in RGV

Buchanan: Are The Halcyon Days Over For Joe Biden

The Environmental Religion

CDC Embarks on New COVID Cover-Up

CNN’s Dr. Gupta: We’re Probably Doing Things That We Don’t Need to’

Colonial Pipeline Attack Leads to Calls for Cyber Regs

Commentary: Biden Mocks Ancient Wisdom

COVID Vax Deaths: Virologist Speaks Out On Blood Clots As Health Ambassador Dead In 48 Hours

De Blasio’s New York: Jesus Statue Smashed, American Flag Torched at Catholic Church

Delingpole: Blair Calling Labour ‘Too Woke’ Is Like Lenin Calling Bolsheviks ‘Too Communist’

Delingpole: Kim Il-Boris Steers Britain Closer to Totalitarian Censorship

Dem Senator for Amazon’s Home State Seeks $10B Giveaway for Bezos’ Space Company

DeSantis announces pardons for all coronavirus restriction violators in the state

Desperate for workers, US restaurants and stores raise pay

Detroit Police Chief Departs While Calls Intensify for Defunding and Abolishing Policing

East Bay landscaper arrested after confessing to killing supervisor

EDD unemployment backlog: worst level since February

Energy Sec. Granholm Says ‘Pipe Is the Best Way’ to Transport Fuel After Biden Canceled Keystone Pipeline…

Fed seeks climate change risk data as Biden pushes green agenda

Five months after an ‘unusual death,’ another man is missing at unique Death Valley hot springs

Flake on Cheney Ouster: GOP Is ‘President Trump’s Party Right Now’

Flaws Found In Australian Electronic Voting Software

Former DHS Official: Democrats Encourage Human Trafficking Because ‘They View Migrants as Future Democratic Voters’

Fremont parents sue school district over closed schools

Friends reunion to be released May 27 on HBO Max

Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp: Biden Should ‘Reauthorize Keystone XL Pipeline’

Get Ready! Next ‘Manufactured’ Crisis Is Coming For Your Groceries: MS River, I-40 Shut Down

GOP Rep. Comer: We Can’t Make a Climate Deal with China When They Use Slaves to Make Solar Panels

Gov. Bill Lee Launches New Partnership to Combat Human Trafficking

Hilarious Picture From Mar-A-Lago Is Bringing Joy To Twitter Users

Hong Kong restaurants, bars hit by rules fatigue, app cynicism

How do we get back to normal from COVID mentally? It takes time.

Illinois House Expands Confiscation Orders to Include Firearm Parts

Inflation Myths and the US Economic Rebound 2021

Jobless claims stay far higher than normal in California

Israel’s Illusion of Normality Collapses

Joe Biden Increases Refugee Resettlement by 904 Percent Compared to Last Year

Joe Biden’s Deputies Admit Many More Migrants from ‘Other’ Countries

JPMorgan, Others To Unveil Credit Cards For People With No Credit Scores

Kent State May 4, 1970 Shootings. New Documents Surface, Raise Serious Questions

L.A. Residents Demand Recall of Council Member Mike Bonin over Homeless Beach Plan

Lake Tahoe is dealing with a hot tub shortage

Large Majority of Police Support Le Pen for President

Leading Scientists: WHO Has Failed To Make ‘Balanced Consideration’ On Possibility COVID Leaked From Chinese Lab

Let Them Eat Priuses: Admin Rubs Pain at Pump in Working Class Faces…

Marco Rubio, Rick Scott Urge Joe Biden to End Negotiations With Iran

McCarthy Slams Biden’s First 100 Days — Gas Lines, Inflation, Missiles in the Middle East, Border Crisis

Meena Harris Strikes Again

Minnesota Black School Choice Movement “Explicitly Rejects” Narrative That America Is Racist

Minnesota Executive Council Ends Statewide Mask Mandate

More Than 60,000 ‘Got-Aways’ in Arizona Border Sector

NBC Comedy ‘Rutherford Falls’ Says It’s ‘Not Worth Being Friends With White People’

PHOTOS: Texas Highway Patrolmen Detain 31K Migrants Since March

Pig Floyd’s to open new pizza place called Pigzza in Mills 50

Poll: 97% of Independents and Republicans Believe Facebook and Instagram Should Not Have Banned Trump

Pope Pelosi: ‘I Think I Can Use My Own Judgment’ on Receiving Holy Communion

Priced Out Of The Newly-Built Housing Market, Millennials Are Turning To “Fixer-Uppers”

Prince Harry’s Attack On The First Amendment Is An Attack on America Itself

Rasmussen: Voters Blame Biden, not Trump, for Migration Crisis94

Real-Life Bond Villain Klaus Schwab Wrote the Script for Covid-19 Lockdown Takeover

Red States Lead Way Out of Labor Shortage by Ending Super-Sized Unemployment Benefits

Roger Waters, Sitting by Poster Comparing America to Nazis, Trashes Israel

Russia–China: An Unholy Alliance?

Sexual Abuse Scandal Rocks World Health Organization

Silicon Valley education leader pays legal fees with campaign funds

Smart City Development Life Cycles Need to Be Reimagined

Ted Cruz Wallops Joe Biden for Bungling Gas and Border Crisis, Middle East War, and Inflation

Texas Legislature Sends ‘Heartbeat’ Bill to Gov. Greg Abbott

The Age Of Fear: A Graduation Message For Terrifying Times

The Great Transformation: From the Welfare State to the Imperial Police State

The Real Estate Market Crash is Coming Sooner Than You Think

Trader Joe’s to End Mask Requirement for Vaccinated Customers

Trudeau Begins Planning To Reopen US-Canada Border After More Than A Year

Two Young Mothers Paralyzed after Receiving Pfizer’s COVID Vaccine

TX Dem Mayor: Border ‘Seems to Be Wide Open,’ Biden Admin Tells Me It’s ‘Under Control’

U.K. Scientists Hold Emergency Meeting on Indian Covid Variant

Vaccine Virtue Signaling And The Cult Of Woke

Walmart to End Mask Requirement for Vaccinated People

Washington state to lift Covid-19 restrictions by June 30

What Would Malcolm X Say About Black Lives Matter?

White House: Joe Biden Focused on Making Life Better for Migrants, Not Visiting the Border

Whitmer Paid $855 for Seat on Private Jet to Florida Costing ‘$27,521’ Whitmer Paid $855 for Seat on Private Jet to Florida Costing ‘$27,521’ 457

Winchester City Council Wants More Information Before ‘Welcoming’ Impoverished Refugees

Who you gonna believe, the Fed or your own eyes?

Woke Corporations Reject Science! Will Force Customers to Defy CDC and Mask Up

World’s leading fossil-fuel financier JP Morgan vows to boost renewables funding

‘I have no food’: What it’s like to live inside Cambodia’s Covid red zone

1 in 3 Americans Ready to Drop Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime over Lame Shows

Army Secretary Nominee Has Concerns About Implications of Combat Fitness Test on Women

Biden Launching ‘Public Health AmeriCorps’ to Fight COVID

Biden to Nominate Obama-Era Equity Activist to Key Ed Dept. Civil Rights Post

Catholic League: Critical Race Theory Is ‘Inherently Racist’

Celebs Protest Pipeline Construction as Millions of Americans Wait in Gas Lines

CEO Strauss Zelnick, 63, on achieving 8 per cent body fat

China Prepares to Take Leading Role in Afghanistan

China: ‘No Need to Panic’ About Population Collapse

China: U.S. Minorities Should Be ‘Very Envious’ of Persecuted Uyghurs

CNBC’s Kernen to Buttigieg on $2 Trillion Infrastructure Plan: ‘We Don’t Have the Money’

DeSantis to Pardon Gym Owners, Others Resisting COVID-19 ‘Rules’

Fact Check: Becerra Falsely Claims ‘There Is No Law’ Regarding Partial-Birth Abortion

India reports 3.43K fresh Covid cases and 4,000 deaths

Indonesia must avoid India’s COVID-19 debacle

Kareem Abdul-Jabbar Worries that America is Still Not Woke Enough

Nolte: Hate Crimes Explode 73% in Democrat-Run New York City

Poll: Swing Voters Oppose Biden’s Surge of Refugees to U.S.

Study: Chinese Influence on Worldwide Media Surged During Pandemic

TN Gov. Signs Bill Requiring Burial or Cremation of Fetal Remains

Twitter Lets Hamas Terrorist Leaders Encourage Violence While Trump Is Permanently Banned

U.N. Addresses China Genocide, Triggering Outrage from Beijing

Virginia Parents Slam School Board Over ‘Racist’ Critical Race Theory

Virginia: $6.99/Gallon Gas

Watch – Rep. Kat Cammack: ‘Asinine’ to Abolish Police

Wisconsin Passes Bill Requiring National Anthem Played at Sporting Events

Around Japan, a COVID-19 ‘state of emergency’ in name only

China and the US dash toward another MAD arms race

Brazil: Bolsonaro Floats Theory Coronavirus Is ‘Chemical Warfare’

China says Japan’s military drills with France, US are a waste of fuel

China-Linked Secretary Fed Hunter Oppo Research to Help Father Win

Chinese Spy Ordered To Pay $3.4 Million To Institute Of Health Over Fraud

Dem Sen. Brown: ‘Employers Ought to Increase Wages’ if Unemployment Benefits Are Discouraging Work

Japan lashes out against alleged Chinese military cyberattacks

Japanese sake KitKats feature controversial package design in Australia

Marvel Studios’ Eternals and Shang-Chi Could Have Issues At Chinese Theaters

Myanmar coup latest: Detained Japanese journalist released and deported

Nintendo Ring Fit Adventure helps alleviate chronic low back pain in adults

Nissan heads for third year in red with expected $550m net loss

U.S. Economy Added Just 266,000 Jobs in April, Unemployment Ticks Up

Why was Bangladesh ‘warned’ by China against joining the Quad?

Yokohama Police to give up search for 12-foot python, YouTubers picking up slack

Biden’s Ag Chief Has Hyped a Number of Massive Chinese Communist Projects, Including Known National Security Threats

‘Extraordinary’: Documentary Reveals Secret Footage of Chinese Labor Camp

‘Made in China, sold on Amazon’ gadgets vanish from site

‘They are all leaving’: is Hong Kong facing an education crisis?

Beijing ramps up pressure on polluters with raft of new regulations

Beijing: Chinese Clergymen Must Embrace CCP Leadership

Beware Asia’s growing debt bubble

Biden Admin ‘Not Moving Fast Enough’ to Counter CCP: Gordon Chang

Blinken says China ‘criminalises religious expression’ as US releases report

Bribing the World, With Chinese Characteristics

China Builds Villages Outside Its Borders

China is relaxing its rules on household registrations China is relaxing its rules on household registrations

China must have more babies to avert a population crisis

China replaces Shenzhen leaders as housing prices soar

China’s ‘wolf warriors’ take aim at G-7

China’s population growth slows as births drop nearly 20% in a year

China’s global inflation dam won’t hold forever

Chinese ‘espionage’ fears over research scheme linked to Siemens Gamesa and Vestas

Chinese County Bans Birthday Parties in ‘Frugality Drive’

Chinese couples stick with one child, fueling population crisis

Epoch TV: Interview With Joshua Philipp; Examining the Chinese Communist Threat

How China Co-Opted the Olympics – Washington Free Beacon

Expert Reveals Just How Serious The Problem With China Is—And Why Americans Should Take It Seriously

How did China ‘coax’ people to take part in population census?

Incoherent regulations will devastate Asia’s digital economy

Liz Cheney’s Husband Works For Chinese Communist Party-Linked Law Firm

Myanmar coup and South China Sea disputes are deepening Asean’s irrelevance

Over 40% of expats may soon leave HK, AmCham survey says

Philippines muscling up in the South China Sea

Security law fueling Hong Kong brain drain

Taiwan must be allowed to join the World Health Organization

Top Hong Kong national security police officer caught in unlicensed massage parlour

WHO’s Sinopharm approval opens the door for China’s vaccine industry

Why are most Hongkongers choosing not to get vaccinated for Covid-19?

“I Upended My Life For Apple”: Newly-Hired Engineer Livid After Woke Witch-Hunt Gets Him Fired

Electron launch fails

IRS Launches Crackdown To Ensure Crypto Investors Pay Their Taxes

Russia Plans to Send Film Crew to Space Station for First Movie Shot in Space

These Are The World’s Top 50 Social Media ‘Influencers’

The Price of Civilization: Reawakening American Virtue and Prosperity

Building the New American Economy: Smart, Fair, & Sustainable