Oh that’s a good one.

Then why are you working for IMPACT – the Indian American Impact Fund, which systematically lobbies for more Indian H-1B workers who have already displaced 4,000,000 skilled workers from tech jobs in the US?

And for unregistered foreign agents USINPAC?


Americans built Silicon Valley and are training their replacements.

Americans don’t need “skills” – they already have skills – they need to stop being blocked by racist Indian + Chinese Y2K visa overstayers who are deliberately keeping them out of tech jobs.

Instead of giving us fake platitudes, perhaps you should walk on over to the EEOC offices and ask them why they’re not doing their job.

Harris is covering for the racist anti-white takeover of Silicon Valley and tech by Asian invaders.

USINPAC to help place Indian Americans in Biden-Harris team

Disney Workers Forced to Train Their Foreign Replacements End Legal Battle

Trust us, Americans have the skills.

Fired Watergate lawyer Hillary Clinton replaced most American tech workers in the late 1990’s.

Silicon Valley was built by Americans.

Like Biden, Harris is working for the Indian Mafia to defame and replace American tech workers – treason.

Tech companies such as Apple were built by Americans, but stolen by H-1B invaders.

Harris is lying and defaming US tech workers. Defamation is a criminal offense under US law.

Americans built Silicon Valley but Asians stole it. Even Federal data admits this.

Harris is even working for their illegal FARA PAC USINPAC – which makes her an unregistered foreign agent.

Why is Harris allowed to hold the office of VP and violate several Federal laws with impunity?

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