What does “2nd generation American” even mean? You’re either an American born here or you’re not.

Steve Jobs hated his deadbeat Syrian immigrant father who abandoned his mother after he got her pregnant with Steve. Steve was raised by adopted American parents.

Intel was founded by 2 Americans – Bob Noyce and Gordon Moore. It’s amazing how many people think Andy Grove, an industrial spy from east Europe, founded Intel. He didn’t.

Yes there are a few cases such as eBay, or SpaceX, but they are extreme rare exceptions.

Apple and Microsoft were founded by 2 Americans. Google and Yahoo! both had 2 American co-founders as well. Sergei Brin of Google emigrated to the US at age 6, was educated and grew up here.

Most of the internet technologies were created at DARPA by Americans, HTML being the one notable exception.

The full list:

Apple – 2 Americans.

Google – 1 American, 1 Russian who emigrated at age 6.

Amazon – 1 American.

Facebook – 1 American.

Oracle – 1 American (Ellison was also abandoned by his parents).

IBM – 1 American – Tom Watson.

Uber – 1 American, 1 Canadian

AirBnB – 2 Americans (Brian Chesky and Joe Gebbia)

Yahoo! – 1 American, 1 Taiwanese

Intel – 2 Americans (Bob Noyce + Gordon Moore)

EMC – 2 Americans (Richard Egan & Roger Marino)

eBay – 1 French

SpaceX – 1 South African (who fled to America because of anti-white racism in S. Africa).

VMWare – (Only 2 of VMWare’s 5 founders are foreign born. The other 3 are Americans).

AT+T (Only one of AT+T’s four founders was an immigrant (Alexander Graham Bell who was from Scottland).

Tesla – (See SpaceX).

NVIDIA (1 Taiwanese, 2 Americans)

Qualcomm – Had 7 founders, mostly American, and whose primary founder, Irwin Jacobs was American.

PayPal – Musk (S. African + Peter Thiel – and American). It should also be noted that PayPal was where Musk made his $19 billion without which Spacex and Tesla never would have been possible).

ADP – 1 American, Henry Taub.

Reddit – 2 Americans (Steve Huffman and Alexis Ohanian)

Slack (1 Canadian – whose father fled the Vietnam War draft in Canada).

WeWork – 1 Canadian, 1 American

Stripe – 2 Irish brothers

Cognizant – Cognizant was a spinoff of Dun + Bradstreet which was founded in the 1800’s by a single American – Lewis Tappan.

Intuit – 2 Americans Scott Cook and Tom Proulx.

3M was founded by 5 Americans.

Zoom – 1 Chinese (it should be noted he was a former WebEx exec and took 40 WebEx engineers with him to found Zoom. WebEx was founded by Americans.

Adobe – 2 Americans (John Warnock and Geschke).

At any rate, the list is full of Americans – and many of the companies listed had no foreign-born founders.

Jean Case is either ignorant or lying.

Silicon Valley was 98% white American males until 2001 or so – 40 years’ worth of development.

The list also doesn’t mention the demographics of the workforces of those companies, which until 2001, was mostly white people.

Takeover and invasion does not equal founding and creating. Case is simply wrong. Americans (mostly white Americans) built Silicon Valley and most US tech companies. That is the historical truth.

This list and Case’s assertions smack of Fraudhwa/NASSCOM‘s fake “study” which was really just a set of phone calls made in 2003 to drum up the “50% foreign born founders” myth to justify more H-1B invasion + takeover.

Without these lying “studies” there is no justification for more invasion.

The list also doesn’t mention the huge list of companies destroyed or damaged by foreign workers – including Boeing, Intel, Lehman, and Sun Microsystems.

Both the 2002 + 2008 collapses in America were caused by foreign worker invasion + outsourcing.

With a million new immigrants per year, the real question is: why aren’t there more unicorn foreign-born companies appearing in the US? And why so few that are founded only by immigrants?

Chair of National Geographic Society and CEO of @CaseImpact. Committed to unleashing business and capital as powerful forces for change.

NONE of the people shown in this photo were immigrants.

Joanna Hoffman, shown 2nd from left above recently said most tech leaders today are “remarkably ignorant”.

The truth is, most US tech companies were built by Americans, including Apple. Americans build the companies,

foreign workers take them over an claim credit. Google, Amazon, Adobe, IBM, Yahoo!, and eBay all follow similar

patterns – all were built by mostly Americans workers until they were displaced in 2002 or so by armies of invading

H-1B workers from India + China. Invasion + displacement isn’t the same thing as building something.

The reality is, most of the takeover of US tech companies by foreign workers from failed communist countries is a

new International Socialism described by Mikhail Gorbachev in his 1990 book “Perestroika: New Thinking for Our

Country and the World” – which was a result of the collpase of the Soviet Union that year. In the book Gorbachev

said “Western companies must accept foreign workers”.

‘Indians will slowly destroy all American companies that were once pioneers in their fields. Indians lack innovation and ingenuity. Look at their country, it’s a shithole’

‘700,000 Indian bodyshops, 10 Indian outsourcing companies ruined 20 million American jobs and lives and their children during last 4 decades’

Long List of Western Companies Ruined By Indian Workers

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