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May 30, 2021

Russian spy ship operating off Kauai, Navy confirms

Sen. Blackburn Slams Feds for Smuggling ‘Child Migrants’ Into Tennessee

Soros spent $2 million for Maricopa sheriff now blocking audit

Massive War Study Shows 91% Of All Global Casualties From Explosives Were Civilians

The Fed Monetized More Than Half the Massive Federal Pandemic Debt

Pick Your Fed Poison: Tanking Markets Or Fatal Inflation?

AOC is in ‘trauma therapy’…

U.S. Intel Sitting on Large Amount of Evidence Concerning Lab Leak Theory

Was the US complicit in China’s Covid research?

83% Of Employers Will NOT Mandate COVID Vaccines, Only 4% Will, Survey Says

Banning assault weapons will not work

Biden Foists New Public Charges on America

China Could Use Huawei Cloud to Blackmail Global Economies

Drowning man saved by good Samaritans in Daytona Beach

Federal Government Taking ‘Very Close Look’ at Vaccine Passports for Travel

Hillary Clinton Spreads Fake News: ‘Angry Mob’ ‘Killed a Policeman’

Insouciance Destroyed America –

Nigel Farage: Democrats ‘won’t stay in power in America’

“Steadfast Defender”: A Look At NATO’s Massive War Games On The Black Sea

Tucker Carlson: ‘Malicious’ Elites Blame Rising Crime Rates On Coronavirus, Not Defunding Police

2 Illegal Alien MS-13 Gang Members Get 40 Years in Prison for Murdering Girl in Satanic Ritual

Appellate Court Strikes Down Racial And Gender Preferences In Biden’s COVID Relief Law

Baltimore Schools Pass Students with Failing Grades

Biden Picks Lesser Prairie Chicken over Oil and Gas Industry, American Jobs

Boris Johnson and Carrie Symonds Secretly Marry in Catholic Cathedral

Brandeis Dean Declares “Yes, All White People Are Racists”

Carville: Parts of Diversity Training Have Become a ‘Racket’

China Boasts of Using Video Game Addiction for Communist Indoctrination

China Evacuates ‘Wobbling’ Skyscraper, Prompting Demands for Justice

China Warns Australia’s Military Is “Weak”, Will Be “First Hit” In Any War With Western Alliance

China Warns Global Financial Bubble Could Burst

Coming Soon: China’s Navy Patrolling Off New York?

COVID-19 Vaccine Mania Produces 9 New Big Pharma Billionaires

DeSantis Vows to Stand Against Vaccine Passports

DOJ reportedly tells Steve Wynn to register as foreign agent

Farage Travels to U.S. Border to Expose Illegal Immigration ‘Emergency’

Florida Concert to Charge $18 for Vaccinated, $1,000 for Unvaccinated

Former Black Lives Matter Activist: ‘I Learned the Ugly Truth’

French Senator Denounces ‘Exponential’ Increase of Minor Migrant Crime

GOP Rep. Palazzo: ‘We Have an Invasion at Our Southern Border’

Gravitas: A migration crisis in Spain

India Supports Calls for Renewed Probe Into COVID Origins

Khanna: 100% Will Still Be an Investigation Into 1/6 — ‘This Is Not Disappearing in Any Way’

Kim Jong-un Vows ‘Do or Die Battle’ Against ‘Non-Socialist’ Practices

Microsoft: SolarWinds Hackers Strike United States Again

Missouri Man Sentenced For Role In Largest “Organic Food” Fraud In American History

Oregon Is Proof That Leftist Politics Ultimately Lead To Tyranny And Decay

Not even the Soviet Union paid people to stay home

Owen Shroyer Crashes Death Cult Abortion Rally

Restricting Freedom Didn’t Defeat COVID

Salvadoran Anti-Migration President Nayib Bukele Warns Biden: Financing Opposition Is ‘Illegal’

Santa Clara County pilots program to combat wage theft

Space Plane Startup Promises Los Angeles To Tokyo In One Hour

The Fed’s Argument That It’s Not Directly Financing Government Debt Finally Fails

Trump Hating Ducey Vetoes Election Integrity, Anti-Critical Race Theory Bills, 20 Others

Virologists Say Genetic “Fingerprints” Prove COVID-19 Man-Made, ‘No Credible Natural Ancestor’

Waltz: Companies Backing ‘Genocide Olympics’ in China Shouldn’t Do Business with Federal Govt

What’s Your Plan As Major US Cities Devolve Into Lawless Wastelands Dominated By Violent Criminals?

Why Everyone Hates Think Tanks

Wisconsin State Assembly Speaker Expands Investigation into Zuckerberg-Funded CTCL

‘Breaking the News’ Reveals Deep Ties Between Network, Dem Power Players

“Trained Marxist” Black Lives Matter Co-Founder Patrisse Cullors Resigns After Real Estate Wealth Revealed

$100 Gets US-Bound Migrants Past National Guard Checkpoints in Mexico

12-Step Program to #UNRIG and Restore American Election Integrity

Al Sharpton scolds Black people hating on Asians with Danny Glover

Arizona’s Democrat Secretary of State: Other States Concerned Election Audits Coming

BBC Presenter Dies After Suffering Blood Clots Following AstraZeneca Jab

Biden Admin Won’t Let Border Agents Arrest Smugglers Offloading Aliens Right in Front of Them

Biden administration reins in street-level enforcement by ICE

Biden Budget Proposes to Force Taxpayers to Pay for Abortions

Biden Feeling Heat: Orders U.S. Investigation of Coronavirus Origin After Canceling Mike Pompeo Effort

Biden Lied: VP Joe Met With Hunter Biden’s Shady Business Partners, Laptop Reveals

Biden Makes Another Pass At A Child And No One Cares

Biden Protects China

Biden Rebuffs Russia’s Attempts To Restore Open Skies Treaty

Biden settles on ambassador picks for China, India and Japan

Biden Voter Apologizes to Republicans, Says He Wants Trump Back

Biden White House Shows FOUR Trump Appointees the Door

Biden’s $6 tril Budget Will Raise Spending To Highest Post-WW2

Biden’s Illegal Smuggling of Children Blown Wide Open

Blacklisted Chinese Surveillance Equipment Companies Secure Regional US Governments as Customers

Blinken Criticizes Beijing Over Changes to Hong Kong’s Election Rules

Border Patrol Agent Indicted for Trafficking Illegals

Boris Johnson Refused to Close Borders to Stop COVID Because He Thought it Would be “Racist”

Brian Kemp: Schools Will Not Be Able to Require Jabs in Georgia

Catholic League: Abortion-Rights Activists Are in a ‘State of Hysteria’

China accuses US of peddling ‘conspiracies’

CNN President’s Longtime Wife Was Photographed Repeatedly With Ghislaine Maxwell

COVID-19 ‘has NO credible natural ancestor’ and WAS created by Chinese scientists

Corporate CEOs Are Fighting Against Election Transparency–What Is Driving Them?

Crime Wave BLM Co-Founder Patrisse Cullors RESIGNS Amid Multi-Mansion Controversy by National File

Deep State Planning to Indict Trump on 4th of July

Fauci In 2012: Gain-Of-Function Research ‘Worth Risk Of Lab Accident Sparking Pandemic’

Fauci, Gates Both In Downward Spiral As Misdeeds Come to Light

Flip Flop Fauci

First Apple data center in China officially commences operations

Former State Department Official Says Idea COVID-19 Emerged Naturally is “Ridiculous”

France to offer Covid vaccines to international students

French Mayor Beaten by Mob Wielding Iron Rods

Germany’s New Strategy to Combat ‘Political Islamism’

Health Media Admits People Who Get COVID Will ‘Probably Make Antibodies For A Lifetime’

Heart Inflammation After COVID-19 Vaccination Seen Across US

Hungary Reports Tripling of Illegal Migration

Hungary Reports Tripling of Illegal Migration

Illegal Alien With Extensive Arrest History Accused of Raping 82-Year-Old Florida Woman

Illegal Aliens Wreaking Havoc in Far West Texas

Inside the Illegal Immigration Crisis Just North of the Border You Haven’t Heard About

Impeach Biden Now

Joyce Kaufman: Proves Andrew Breitbart Was Right, ‘Only Hope’ Is ‘Citizen Journalists’

Judge Postpones Georgia Election Audit After County Hires Criminal Defense Attorneys, Files Motion To Dismiss

Long Arm Of China: Biden Shuts Down State Department Investigation Of COVID-19 Origins

Main Inflation Pressure Hasn’t Come Yet, Experts Say

Masks Spread Disease, Vaccines Kill And Biden Administration Hates America

Maybe Think Twice Before Punching Your Flight Attendant Who Just Wants You to Put On Your Damn Seat Belt

Microsoft President Warns 2024 Will Look Like Orwell’s ‘1984’ If We Don’t Stop AI Police State

No Law In Seattle: Squatters Take Over Home, Police Powerless To Stop

Ohio College Will Assign Diversity Scores to Faculty Applicants

Ohio Sheriff Ending ICE Partnership Over Concerns Criminal Illegals Will Be Released to Streets of His Community

Roger Stone’s Wife Diagnosed With Stage 3 Cancer

Sen. Johnson Presses Fauci to Explain Seemingly Shifting Position on CCP Virus Origin

So The Ruling Class Was WRONG WRONG WRONG About Covid-19. What Else Are They Wrong About?

Suffering A Sea-Change – China Is Taking Its Financial War With US Into FX

Sweden Goes From Being One Of The Safest Countries In Europe To The Second Most Dangerous

Tebow, Trump, and DeSantis

Teen Beats Up Three French Police Officers During Traffic Stop

Texas Passes Bill Requiring Sports Teams To Play National Anthem

The First American City To Authorize “Reparations” Is Already Regretting It

The Forced COVID-19 Vaccination of Children: A Crime in Progress

UFO whistleblower accuses Pentagon of concerted effort to discredit him & hide ‘truth’ from American people

Unseen Footage Reveals BLM Founder Eulogizing U.S. Communist Party

US Embassies Worldwide Are Flying BLM Flags This Week

USCIS to Drop Gang-Related Questions from Green Card Form

Vice President Harris to speak at Naval Academy graduation

Washington Won’t Let Border Patrol Arrest Human Smugglers Offloading Aliens Right in Front of Them

Watch: Biden’s Illegal Smuggling of Children Blown Wide Open

Watch: Migrants Attack Europeans on Geneva Street

What Happens to the Children Biden Welcomes Into the US?

Will The COVID Vaccines Complete The Zombification Of America?

Young Family Attacked by Foreign Suspects, Father Stabbed

Zuckerberg Election Rig: Millions Paid To ‘Fix’ and ‘Create’ 2020 Ballots

Zuckerberg Rigged It

Biden ATF Nominee David Chipman Says He Supports Banning AR-15s

Brexit Britannia flotilla steams East

Caruzo: ‘Feliz Chavidad’: Socialists Have Hijacked Venezuela’s Catholic Church

China loses Europe as Xi’s hard-line diplomacy backfires

CNN: Biden Shut Down Trump Admin Probe into Origins of COVID-19 in China

Cotton Mocks David Chipman’s Inability to Define ‘Assault Weapon’

Criminals Who Targeted Auto Shop With White Supremacist Graffiti Turn Out to be Two Black Men

Doctor Says, the U.S. Leaving its Own Physicians to Live in Poverty!

DOJ Releases Part of Memo on Decision Not to Charge Trump with Obstruction

HSBC reaches deals to sell most US branches

Israeli Intelligence chief: We do not want ISIS defeat in Syria

Japan to extend COVID emergency until just a month before Olympics

Jim Jordan, Mark Meadows Predict 2024 Trump Presidential Run

Joint Special Operations Command Personnel Encouraged to Attend Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Conference

Lukashenko’s air piracy puts Putin in a pickle

Many wait uneasily as Joe Biden unwinds key Trump asylum policy

Mayorkas Suggests DHS Will Further Gut Police Program that Helps Arrest Criminal Illegal Aliens

Poll: Majority Believe ‘Political Considerations’ Have Influenced Fauci…

New York Times COVID Reporter Says It’s “Racist” to Discuss Wuhan Lab Leak Theory

Rand Paul: ‘Fauci Cannot Investigate Himself; Get Him Under Oath’

Rand Paul: ‘I’m Sick and Tired of the Violence Coming from the Left’

Report: Then-VP Joe Biden Met with Hunter Biden’s Foreign Business Associates

Russia fortifies Central Asia military clout before US Afghan exit

Sanctuary City for Unborn Initiative Spreads: Lebanon, Ohio 29th City to Outlaw Abortion

Senate Chamber Cheers After Passing Rand Paul’s Amendment Banning Chinese Gain-of-Function Research

Senate Passes Josh Hawley, Mike Braun Bill Requiring Biden to Declassify Intelligence on COVID’s Origin

Six more years of Duterte in the Philippines

Stark contradiction at root of US-China conflict

Sweden Goes From Being One of the Safest Countries in Europe to the Second Most Dangerous

Taliban, Apparently Preparing for Takeover, Vows Safety for Foreign Diplomats

The Babylon Bee on Twitter: “Biden Proposes $2 Trillion Bill To Study What’s Causing Inflation Rates To Rise” / Twitter

Elizabeth Warren Bill Would Force Banks To Reveal ‘Account Flows’ To Catch Wealthy Tax Cheats, Focus On ‘Racial Inequities’

Ernst: ‘Not Another Dime of Our Tax Dollars’ Should Go to Wuhan Lab…

European Court Of Human Rights Rules Mass-Spying Was Illegal; Snowden Vindicated

Exclusive Photo: Gretchen Whitmer Violates Own Coronavirus Orders at Dive Bar

Florida’s Ron DeSantis Hints at Future in Politics: ‘I Have Only Begun to Fight’

Former NBA Star: ‘Fake Woke’ Democrats Are ‘the New Version of the KKK’

France: Mob of ‘Youths’ Attack Female Motorist After Crashing 4-Wheeler Into Her Car

Futures, Tech Stocks Jump After Fed Officials Talk Down Inflation Risks

GA Judge Orders Absentee Ballots Unsealed, Audited For Election Rig

German Police Raid Home of Top Conservative Official Over ‘Hateful’ Remarks About NGO Activist Known for Migrant Trafficking

Globalism’s most feared enemy

GOP Rep: Initial COVID Origin Story ‘Biggest Intel. Failure Since 9/11’

Government “Job Creation” Is a Big Drag on Society

How Government Jobs Destroy Wealth

How much military aid funds does Israel get from the US?

Hundreds of Migrants Try to Storm Another Spanish Enclave in North Africa

ICE Using App Instead of Ankle Monitors to Track Illegals Released Into US

Illegal Alien Accused of Stabbing Mollie Tibbetts Up to 12 Times

Imagining The Year 2020 Without Fauci, Redfield, USIAID, & The CDC

Immigration Courts Allowing More Migrants to Stay in U.S.

Indian-Americans recorded highest rate of voting in 2020 polls

Inflation Flying in Hotter than Ever!

Internet Rejects Biden & Fauci’s Cringe YouTube COVID Vaccine Town Hall

Is there still a US-China trade war under Joe Biden’s presidency?

Italian cable car plunges to the ground, killing at least 14

Jeffrey Epstein’s Prison Guards Make Deal to Avoid Jail Time

Johns Hopkins Prof: Half Of Americans Have Natural Immunity; Dismissing It Is “Biggest Failure Of Medical Leadership”

Leaked State Department Memo Officially Endorses BLM Agenda

Michigan Governor Caught Violating Her Own COVID Rules Yet Again

Newly Discovered Supernova Gets 50 Times Brighter Over Just Two Months

Phony Tony the mask king

State Legislatures Work to Protect Infants Who Survive Abortion

The idea of ‘green growth’ is flawed

The Real Big Lie: You Can’t Question Elections

Turning office buildings into housing will be the next frontier of real estate

Vatican’s complicit silence: Chinese regime arrests 1 bishop, 7 priests and 10 Catholic seminarians

Video: Mob of 30-40 Illegals Run from US Border Patrol

Watch: Roving Gangs Firebomb Police, Detonate Explosives in Paris Suburb

What Does Biden’s Approach To Immigration Mean For CEOs?


As China plans new rules, automakers make plans to store car data locally

Chinese Technocratic Authoritarianism Rising, Western Democracy Eroding

Facebook’s Massive Global Censorship To Silence Vaccine Skeptics

UK Vaccine Angst: Millions Secretly Surveilled After Taking Shot

‘Apprehension that we are going Chinese way’, ex-Infosys CFO Balakrishnan on IT rules

Amazon Gobbles Up MGM in $8.45 Billion Acquisition

Amazon Mocked For Providing Employees Dystopian ‘Mindful Pods’ To Take Mental Breaks In

Amazon, Microsoft, Google vie for Boeing cloud contract

Among Us Is Free On The Epic Games Store

Apple now tells users to unpair Apple Watch Series 3 before updating

As Gensler warns on crypto risk, investors pile into GameStop, meme stocks

Bill Gates: The Last Technocratic Hero Falls?

Chinese Cyber Espionage Hackers Continue to Target Pulse Secure VPN Devices

Compromised cloud accounts costing businesses millions | ITProPortal

Cryptocurrency mining banned in Iran to prevent power outages

Europa May Have Underwater Volcanoes at Its Poles

Facebook sponsored research paper lambasts Apple’s iOS 14.5 privacy

Google Women Suing Over Gender Bias Win Class-Action Status

Hackers Using Fake Foundations to Target Uyghur Minority in China

Infamous 90’s “Alien Autopsy” Film Is Being Sold As A Million Dollar NFT

Mars Helicopter Lands Safely After Serious In-Flight Anomaly

Microsoft President Threatens That Orwell’s 1984 Could Happen In 2024

Mining Chia on an SSD Will Absolutely Wreck It in No Time Flat

NCB arrests Sushant Singh Rajput’s flatmate from Hyderabad in drug case

Next-generation Internet communication protocol ‘QUIC’ to replace TCP officially started

Peru Makes Employers Bear the Internet Cost of Remote Workers

PlayStation 5, which was shipped below cost, is expected to return to profitability

Rockstar Just Launched A Music Label

Russia Announces Plans to Send Nuclear-Powered Spacecraft to Jupiter

SoftBank’s top eight executives made $64 million after record profits

Tech trade groups file suit against Florida social media law

The companies chasing the ‘impossible’ Glucose monitoring wearables

To Protect Against Weaponized Drones, We Must Understand Their Key Strengths

UK SMBs don’t think they’ll be able to embrace hybrid working | ITProPortal

Valve Could Launch a Portable Gaming PC by Year’s End

Valve Is Reportedly Making A Steam Handheld That Sounds Like A Nintendo Switch

Will Self-Driven Cars Replace Humans in the Future?