‘Told’? By whom, India Incs?

You mean industrial spies and H-1B India Inc job-rob shops, don’t you?

“international entrepreneurs” is codeword for India Inc staffing firms which steal jobs from Americans. Since they’ve already looted most private sector jobs and Silicon Valley, now they want US gov’t jobs too.

Has NASSCOM gotten to the Brookings Institution also? Most of these fake studies are paid for by people with an agenda – in this case India Inc job-rob thieves.

Maybe Tom Cotton can launch an……. investigation.


“The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) should facilitate international entrepreneurs who want to work in the US by updating immigration rules, suggests a new report from the Brookings Institution. In this report, a range of attorneys and social scientists experienced in immigration and entrepreneurship are urging the DHS to follow up on a 2014 memo to welcome more “highly skilled businesses and workers” in a post-pandemic US”.

Highly skilled at robbing us.

Tech Staffing Firm Pleads Guilty to H-1B Fraud