Matt Gaetz Brings Out the Digital Health Pass Prevention Act

Rick Scott Doesn’t Want TSA Demanding Vaccine Passports for Air Travel

Nigel Farage Predicts 20,000 English Channel Migrants This Year

Bush Foundation Bankrolled by Chinese Communist Party-Linked Firm

CCP Cracks Down on Virtual Currency to Prevent Money Fleeing the Country

Crypto is the dumbest bubble of all time

‘Appalling’: Victoria lockdown blasted

‘Open-Border Rhetoric Transformed into Policy,’ Says Texas Rep.

2 trains collide in Pakistan; 50 killed, 70 injured

5 Muslim pedestrians struck intentionally, say London police

Another Illegal Alien Charged With Child Molestation in North Carolina

Armed ‘Refugee’ Screaming “Allahu Akbar” Killed by German Police

Biden Dictatorship Going Down Says Trump

CA Ordered to Pay $2 Million in Legal Fees to Church that Violated Coronavirus Restrictions

China To Build 25-30 More Bio-Labs Like In Wuhan Over Next 5 Years

Concerns Grow US Tax Dollars May Be Aiding Human Trafficking

Corporate Media Shaped Pandemic Coverage to Protect 🌏 Business Interests in China

Crime Has Become The Law

Criminal Aliens Getting Free Pass, ICE Agents Warn

Dead And Paralyzed After The Covid-19 “Vaccine”

Dunkin’ Donuts manager shot to death during robbery in North Philly

European Union’s Green Travel Passport Is An Orwellian Experiment

Ex-Trump Official Slams Biden on Immigration, Says Border Crisis an ‘Engineered Problem’


Fauci’s Unprecedented Treason

Five-Year-Old Boy Abandoned at Border by Smugglers

Former VP Of Pfizer Says The Government Is Lying and they want a DIGITAL I.D. System

French watchdog fines Google $267 million

Google agrees to alter advertising practices after France imposes fine

Growing Number of Americans Taking Money From Cartels to Smuggle Illegals Into US

How Long Before America Appoints a Horse to the Senate? –

Hungarians rally against Chinese university plan

Irrefutable Covid Facts Implode The Big Lie

Italy: Muslim Family Murders Daughter for Not Marrying Cousin

Joe Biden Neglects D-Day; Tweets About Tulsa Race Massacre

Latin Kings Gang Member Raped Elderly Paralyzed Woman for Hours

Looking at what we thought we won in 1945

Magnet Sticks to Vaccine Injection Sites in Street Experiment

Major Hollywood Studios Push Gun Control Initiative Funded by Bloomberg

Manchin to Vote Against Bill Federalizing Elections, Dealing Major Blow to Democrats

Migrants Crossing English Channel in Designer Clothes, Posting TikTok Videos

Moroccan Who Wanted to Behead French Police Gets ‘Emergency’ Deportation

MS-13 Member Pleads Guilty to RICO Conspiracy, Murder in Boston

NGOs Deciding Who Enters From Mexico Under Secretive Biden Scheme

Oklahoma Governor Weighs in on Former OU Volleyball Player Suing for Exclusion Over Conservative Views

Propagated Wave of Diabolical Disorientation

Rep. Ronny Jackson Wants Constitutional Carry in All 50 States

Republican Wins Mayoral Race in Majority-Hispanic McAllen, Texas

Roger Marshall: Fauci’s ‘Damning’ Emails Proves He Should Resign

Saint Lucia Prime Minister Puts High Priority on BPO Readiness

Swedish Populist Leader Claims Country Is In ‘War-Like State’

The DARPA-Taped Letters

Trump Promises to Retake White House ‘Sooner Than You Think’ in Fundraising Ad

Trump Reemerges, Signals Biden Will Be Removed From Office

Two Tiered Society: Tony Blair Calls for Only VaXXED to Get More Freedom

UAE-based Indians cancel summer holiday plans

UK Should “Ask for a Refund” Over France’s Handling of Migrant Crisis – Ex-Border Force Chief

…Cruz Slams Dr. Doom: Led ‘Systematic’ Effort to ‘Mislead’ Americans

’Breaking the News’: How Corporate Media Hid Pandemic Truths to Protect Business with China

“Horrific Accident” – Pakistan Train Crash Kills Dozens

10,864 Venezuelans Pour Into Texas Border Region, Up From 135 Last Year 

American imprisoned in Russia urges Biden to take ‘decisive action’ to stop detention of US citizens

As Virus Spread, Fauci Compared COVID-19 to ‘Seasonal Flu’

Biden move hurts tech workers, recent college grads | Opinion |

British Army’s New Ajax Tank Makes Troops Sick

Clarence Williams III, ‘The Mod Squad’s’ Linc, Dies at 81

Commentary: Biden’s Dishonest Domestic Terrorism Claims – Tennessee Star

Cornell University To Proceed With Controversial China Partnership

France: Another ‘Mentally Ill’ Muslim Terrorist Stabs, Shoots Police

Gov. Abbott Vows to Start Arresting, Jailing Border Crossers in Texas

Hagerty: Biden Admin Awarding Hamas with U.S. Taxpayer Dollars

India to Twitter: Comply with IT rules or face ‘unintended consequences’

India’s rural lenders must brace themselves for a Covid aftershock

Looting, Riots Break Out in Minn. After Police Return Fire, Kill Felon Looting, Riots Break Out in Minn. After Police Return Fire, Kill Felon

Malaysian Police Use Heat Drones to Check Temperatures From Above

Mob Attacks Police Responding to London Shooting

New York subway system targeted by Chinese-linked hackers in April

Ohio Special Election Opens Door to New Squad Member

Olbermann Blasts Judge for Ruling Against ‘Assault Weapons’ Ban

Putin Says That First Line Of Nord Stream 2 Is Now Complete

Scientist Who Told Fauci COVID ‘Potentially Engineered’ Deletes Twitter Account

Remembering D-Day

Soaring Used Car Prices May Result In “Shocking” Inflation Report Next Week

Social media account of China’s Xiaohongshu goes dark after Tiananmen anniversary post

Sons of Confederate Veterans Will Relocate Nathan Bedford Forrest’s Body Away From Memphis – Tennessee Star

Thailand’s long descent into economic darkness

Ukraine’s Zelensky “Surprised, Disappointed” That Biden Handed Russia “Bullets” By Waiving Nord Stream 2 Sanctions

Unthinkable Thoughts…

US Expansion of Chinese Company Blacklist Aims to ‘Purge the Red Assets’: Expert

US Troops In Iraq Targeted By Increasingly Sophisticated Combat Drones

Virologist Who Told Fauci SARS-CoV-2 ‘Potentially Engineered’ Just Nuked His Twitter Account

Why Did Mainstream Media Defend Mollie Tibbetts’ Illegal Alien Killer?


Jeff Bezos And His Brother Mark Will Join Blue Origin’s First Human Space Flight Next Month

SoftBank-backed Katerra files for bankruptcy protection

Square to invest $5 mln in Blockstream’s solar-powered bitcoin mining facility

Amazon and Facebook to fall under new G7 tax rules – Yellen

U.S. officials up pressure on firms, foreign adversaries over cyberattacks

FDA grants accelerated approval to first new Alzheimer’s drug in nearly 20 years


‘Eagle Act’ to counter Beijing introduced in Washington

‘Tank Man’ stood tall in Tiananmen Square — yet remains unidentified more than 30 years later

#Beijing Ramps up Fake Social Media Operation Peddling Pro #China Propaganda Overseas

19-Year-Old Chinese Dissident Held in Dubai Fears Deportation Back to China

As Hong Kong limits June 4 vigils, activists in US say ‘don’t forget’

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China is heading into an economic perfect storm

China leans on Pakistan to round up its Uighurs

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Why Chinese navy’s latest drill hints at broader ambitions

‘The more we produce, the more we lose’: why China’s factories are cutting output

“Man-Made Catastrophe” – China Race Organizer Blamed After 21 Ultrarunners “Froze To Death” In Extreme Weather

Apple working w Chinese government to censor, spy on its citizens

Biden strategy could ensure China’s naval dominance

China property bust imminent

China’s stupid trade war delivers itself another shock

High-Ranking Chinese Defector Reportedly Working With DIA Has “Direct Knowledge” Of China’s Bioweapons Program

Hong Kong to Deploy 3,000 Police to Block Tiananmen Square Massacre Memorials

Pompeo: Fauci Emails ‘Consistent’ with What China, W.H.O. Were Pushing…

Pro-Beijing Hong Kong Lawmaker: No One Died in Tiananmen Square Massacre

Tiananmen vigil banned, Hong Kongers innovating

UK Spy Chief Fears West Facing ‘Moment of Reckoning’ Amid China’s Growing ‘Technological Weight’

US boosts Taiwan’s COVID-19 fight with 750,000 vaccine doses

Vietnam’s ‘last paradise’ intends to challenge Phuket and Bali

Web Company Wix Apologizes for Silencing Hong Kong Dissidents at China’s Request

Who is supporting Chinese tech shares in Hong Kong?

3 reasons China is losing its allure for the foreign business community

A Glimpse at China’s Ownership in the US

ACLU Counsel Doubled As Professor For Chinese Communist-Run University Flagged For Espionage

An expat exodus is looming fast as Hong Kong’s allure fades

Apple’s supply chain extends deeper into China despite talk of decoupling

At least four nationals ‘mistreated, tortured’ while detained in Hong Kong since 2019

Australia pressed to dispense ‘bitter pill’ Xinjiang sanctions

Beijing’s trade behaviour is ‘vindictive’, says Australia’s ambassador to China Graham Fletcher

Belgium voices Chinese spy fears over airport hub

Bhutan: China land grab, reportedly building villages across international border

Biden’s Anti-Audit Chief Once Said Elections Could, In Fact, be “Stolen”

Border Officials Seize $685K in Counterfeit Currency From China

Can China advance its economy, society high if its Gen Z opt to lay low?

Can Chinese military’s hip new propaganda strike chord with Generation Z?

Catholics Celebrate ‘World Day of Prayer for the Church in China’

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China and the West see each very differently and that is the problem