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The Normalization of Anti-White Hate – National Justice Party

Aruna Khilanani, a “psychiatrist” of Indian descent, recently told an audience at Yale, where she was an invited speaker, that she regularly has fantasies of murdering White people and she feels no guilt about it. Khilanani accused all White people of being psychopaths, claimed the White race is a “demented, violent predator” and said that there are no good White people.

Khilanani is licensed to practice medicine by the State of New York, and despite her public statement that she regularly has violent ideations about doing harm to White people based on their race, there is no evidence that the State is investigating her or considering revoking her medical license.

The lecture titled “The Psychopathic Problem of the White Mind,” which was really just a hateful diatribe against Whites and an exposure of Khilanani’s own psychopathy, was delivered as part of Yale’s “Grand Rounds” series of lectures. According to the University, the purpose of these lectures is to educate the Yale community about issues of mental health.

Yale is one of the most renowned schools of psychology in the world. The Jewish President of the University, Peter Salovey, is himself a social psychologist and also serves as a distinguished professor in Yale’s psychology and sociology departments. It is highly unlikely that Salovey or any other psychology faculty members at Yale were unaware of Khilanani. Even if they were, she submitted her lecture title and topic ahead of time, so they cannot claim ignorance of her intentions”.