Decoding India's Nuclear Status

Looks like NASSCOM and India Incs got to another sellout pol.

We need a full investigation now to see if he’s taking illegal foreign money from India.

US Global Leadership Coalition is kind of an oxymoron don’t you think?

US Global Leadership Coalition is made up of globalists such as Bill Gates, war criminal Madelline Albright, and Condoleezza Rice.

You’re either working for America, or you’re working for foreign powers.

Which is it Mr. Tillis?

If you live in NC, vote this scumbag out next election. Otherwise you might be run out of your job by the India Inc mafia.

Why is Tillis allowed to get away with H-1B visa fraud when tens of millions of Americans are still unemployed?

“For the U.S. to be a leader in innovation, the country needs to keep bringing in workers from India to fill high-tech jobs, Sen. Thom Tillis says”.

That’s odd because Americans built Silicon Valley and Indians are displacing them. India has also been caught several times stealing our industries and moving them back to India – as well as displacing American workers.

You mean replacing Americans in high tech jobs, don’t you?

Indians have never invented anything and are largely parasites taking over what Americans built.

Not to mention being massively racist.

It appears Sen. Tillis is India Inc’s latest sock puppet.