Yep. Indians are far more racist than Americans.

Indians took over and stole Silicon Valley from the Americans who created it.

Not a peep out of anyone about it.

MSM + gov’t simply ignore it.

Mass invasion and takeover of 5,000,000 US jobs by racists.

You “face bias” because you in fact are the biggest racist thieves on the planet.

You cannot escape karma.

“WASHINGTON: They are the second-largest immigrant group in the United States and wildly successful academically, professionally, and financially. But that does not inure the 4 million-strong Indian-American community from discrimination and prejudice in the US even as many of them channel their religious and caste identities into America”.

Of course “professionally, and financially” – they were handed Silicon Valley on a platter from the Americans who built it. Bank robbers are “successful” too.

How India’s ancient caste system is ruining lives in Silicon Valley

Stealing companies Americans built isn’t quite the same as innovation.

You’d be successful too if you were handed Silicon Valley on a silver platter for free.

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