This is what happens when you have Indian propagandists all over western schools brainwashing our kids that white men are evil and need to be done away with.

Where is the EEOC?

Why do American taxpayers continue to fund the $320 million/year EEOC when they’re not even doing their job.

Indian-origin psychiatrist tells Yale audience she thinks of “unloading a revolver into the head of any white person that got in my way”

“A new report says an executive producer at iHeartMedia said the radio giant is only looking at “diverse” candidates for a recent job posting but then retracted that specific language after being contacted by a journalist.

Molly Socha, executive producer of custom podcasts at iHeartMedia, made the statement in a job posting sent to a listserv for the New York City radio industry, according to a report from CNSNews, which obtained the email”.

Sssssshhhhhh! Don’t let the people catch on to what we’re actually doing!

Keep pumping that racist hate you loser.

Ms. Socha will undoubtedly prefer America once the Indian Mafia takeover is complete.

Molly Socha