Make no mkstake – this isn’t real “news” – it’s fake NASSCOM/Fraudhwa PR designed to allow more invasion and theft of our industries.

Silicon Valley was built by Americans, for the most part.

India Inc staffing companies want our jobs, and they will lie, cheat, and steal to get them.

What the “immigrant entrepreneurs” really start when they come here are foreign staffing companies doing H-1B visa fraud on a massive scale in order to displace Americans.

These people rarely invent anything.

“Immigrant Entrepreneurs” is another scam.

L-1 visa holders have been brought in by the millions since 2003 – when H-1B increase legislation sunset – and L-1 visa holders pay no taxes, as Diane Feinstein testified before Congress that same year.

America is going bankrupt and is $27 trillion in debt because of these scams.

In 1998 we had a tax surplus.

Facebook had few foreign workers before 2015.

Facebook Gets DOJ Lawsuit for Discriminating Against Americans

Note how the article also mentions these “foreign founder” startups “hire American engineers”. They never do. Most of them are racist Asians who only hire their own people. Many of them displace Americans in the workplace and target them for removal.

Americans have been deliberately kept out of the tech job market by Asians since 2000.

1.5 million of these “non-immigrants” are now in a fake “backlog” screaming for green cards. You’re either a non-immigrant, or an immigramt – which is it?

Don’t buy the lies, folks.

Fraudhwa has been hyping this crap for decades.

Other nations never invent anything – they’re too busy stealing our inventions.

“He wanted to be close to his U.S. customers like Yahoo, Reddit and Headspace, have access to Silicon Valley venture capital, hire American engineers and expand his company here. He easily obtained an L-1 nonimmigrant visa for foreign executives, given that he’d first started the business in South Korea, but by 2019, he had only one extension left. He applied for a green card to get legal permanent residency—and received a letter that he’d likely be denied. “Notice of intent to deny is, ‘We’re going to kick you out; change our mind,’ ” he says. “We had raised $100 million–plus in financing, we had real revenue in the tens of millions of dollars, we were creating jobs. It was a slap in the face, for sure.” 

Creating jobs for whom? For more foreign workers?

You have to understand how badly we are being conned by Asians.

So they come here, use our $ + our infrastructure to make their own companies, pay no taxes to L-1 workers, remit their paychecks out of the country, steal our trade secrets and tech, use it to build their own companies, and then once proven succesful, they move them back to China and use those companies to put our own companies out of business.

Even if their ventures fail they still win since it was our $ to begin with, and their foreign workers still get to keep the remittances when they return home. We’re out loads of money and took all the risk, they risked nothing. If the ventures do win, they get new companies + jobs paid for by us, and our companies go under.

Yep. That sure is good for ‘Murica.

No wonder Chinese generals are over there laughing at us saying “We can’t believe what we are getting away with”.

Sen. Feinstien says she doesn’t like L-1 tax cheats – but she has continuously voted to expand and increase foreign worker visas for decades.

Racist much there, little brainwashed worms?

Great US tech companies such as Apple were built nearly entirely by Americans. Stop the lies, Forbes.

74 million Americans have been driven out of the US workforce since 2000 – the same year the mass foreign invasion of foreign tech workers began.

What “immigrant entrepreneurs” are really doing in America: stealing American jobs.

No you didn’t – Americans did. Stop lying, thief.

The Forbes article is most likely paid NASSCOM PR – not real news.

Foreign-born entrepreneurs are key to the success of this nation. Some 3.2 million of them operate businesses in the United States, representing nearly 22% of all business owners versus just 14% of the broader population. They hold disproportionate numbers of patents for new technologies, employ 8 million people and are represented as founders at more than half of all venture-backed unicorns, including Databricks. An analysis of the Forbes Billionaires list found 77 foreign-born entrepreneurs who built U.S. companies with combined revenue of over $528 billion and total employment of more than 775,000. Among the corporate heavyweights with immigrant founders: Google, Tesla and Yahoo. “If I had to worry about a visa, maybe Yahoo wouldn’t have gotten started,” says Jerry Yang, Yahoo’s billionaire cofounder, who emigrated from Taiwan as a child and was a naturalized citizen by the time he started the company”. 

Complete nonsense.

It’s true some big sucessful US companies had foreign born founders – such as eBay or NVIDIA, or Musk’s companies, but they are extremely rare exceptions. The article fails to mention that both Yahoo! and Google also had one American born co-founder, and that both Sergei Brin and Jerry Yang emigrated to the US before the age of 7, were educated here, and grew up here. They’re more American than foreign. It should also be mentioned that Musk fled S. Africa because of anti-white racism. The article also failed to mention that SpaceX is mostly American workers due to Federal laws limiting foreign workers working on US rocket tech.

No mention of that.

The article also dropped the usual lie of “Intel was founded by immigrants” – which has always been patently false – Intel was founded by 2 American former Fairchild Semiconductor execs – Bob Noyce and Gordon Moore.

Many foriegn workers are also industrial spies. China is eating our lunch technologically and racing ahead of us – mainly due to industrial theft of our industries.

SpaceX to lay off 10 percent of workforce | New Straits Times

SpaceX’s workforce is mostly American.

Houston consulting company admits to H-1B visa fraud conspiracy

Chinese Student Spies Overwhelm US

How an engineer stole top US chip designs, smuggled them to China to set up a rival

Private Spies: The Secret World of Industrial Espionage

Companies ruined or almost ruined by imported Indian labor

India’s engineers have thrived in Silicon Valley. So has its caste system

Of course they’ve “thrived” – Americans built it and made it work, Indians moved in and took over.

It’s easy to “thrive” when someone else does all the hard work for you.

Intel fires its Indian-origin chief engineer

Ex-Apple Engineer who stole trade secrets about Project Titan also Possessed Classified Files on the Patriot Missile Program

Federal Census data proves that until 2003 or so Silicon Valley was mostly white American males.

Foreign workers are stealing what Americans built.

As with most successful US tech companies, foreign workers were rare before 2005.

America makes, the world takes.

You can seach any company’s foreign worker history at

Most of the top US tech companies including Apple were built by Americans.

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