“Dmitry Orlov and Vladimir Putin believe the US is failing, because the US government, in Putin’s words, is “making sure-footed strides directly along the path of the Soviet Union.

Well………. if Soviet ally India and communist China hadn’t stolen all our industries, Americans would not have had to rush to the US gov’t for jobs.

Gov’t bloat is a symptom of a collapsed regular economy – no jobs means more and more people work for gov’t, precisely as gov’t grows beyond what an economy can support.

This is exactly what happened in the Soviet Union, and was the reason it collapsed.

Putin is correct that the US is repeating the Soviet problems – but 20 years ago we were the booming envy of the world.

Globalists (communists) such as Tom Friedman and Paul Krugman promised Americans that globalization would be good for us and then Vice-President Al Gore promised “Vast Economic Benefits” for free trade deals such as NAFTA.

Why didn’t “globalization” (a new marketing term for communism) keep America going as promised?

Economically destroyed countries such as China, India, and Russia ended up with all of America’s industries – and they are now recovering, while America loses more and more industry + jobs as the rest of the world silently invades and makes off with everything we have worked for.

You are correct, Mr. Putin, that the west is going the way of the Soviet Union. But lets not forget that it is your own International Socialism which has brought America to her knees.

Give us back all our stolen industries + jobs, and we can assure you we will recover in no time.

Think this may have something to do with it, Mr. Putin?

The Soviets’ grand international socialist program on America announced in 1989 has failed.