Yep. The US Chamber of Commerce is a RICO criminal racket rigging the US labor market via mass immigration which oversupplies the labor force to drive down wages.

The Chamber must be shut down now for organized crime and all its executive arrested for illegal market rigging.

There is no labor shortage – there is acutally a labor surplus according to Federal data.

“Billed as a comprehensive outline to address the “labor shortage” triggered by the COVID-19 pandemic, the Chamber recently unveiled its “America Works” plan on Capitol Hill. A key component of the Chamber’s plan is to double the number of immigrant visas allocated in a given year. The United States currently gives out about 1 million or more immigrant visas every year.

The plan’s four main components include (1) helping Americans acquire the skills they need to fill today’s open jobs, (2) improving educational and job training opportunities for the jobs of tomorrow, (3) removing barriers to entering the workforce, and finally, expanding the workforce through immigration reform“.

Americans don’t need any help – we invented Silicon Valley long before we trained foreign invaders.

The Chamber continues to push the myth that Americans are too dumb or unskilled to do modern work – even though it was Americans who invented it all.

America tech workers should get together and file a class action against the Chamber for criminal defmation.

Rigged markets are a Federal crime under US law.

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Southern California Edison IT workers ‘beyond furious’ over H-1B replacements

Intel fires its Indian-origin chief engineer

If you want to remove barriers to entering the labor force, Chamber, you have to end the racist H-1B visa program you promote. Foreign workers are deliberately keeping Americans out of the workforce in their own country.

Stealing Silicon Valley – it’s how invaders on work visas roll.

The year the H-1B visa caps were raised (2000) saw the begining of the exclusion of Americans from the labor force in huge numbers. Why does the Chamber continue to promote foreign work visas which keep Americans out of jobs?