Since India is a non-competitive fail, the best it can do is set up fake “Indian IT” loot shops and rip off the economies of other countries.

Well looks like criminal defamer and Wipro founder Azim Premji was wrong when he said “America does not have the talent”.

It is India which does not have the talent – yet we continue to let millions of them in to loot our companies.

Why hasn’t Premji been arrested for mass criminal defamation of US tech workers?

Criminal defamer of US tech workers and Wipro loot shop founder, Azim Premji.

American workers need to file a class action suit, if not a criminal suit against Premji for destroying their lives thanks to his defamation.

Americans created Silicon Valley long before Title 8-violating India Inc staffing companies arrived to loot America’s economy.

If we don’t stop importing these failed losers, eventually the entire economy will collapse.

India is non-competitive compared to the US.

We don’t need these losers – they need our jobs.

Houston consulting company admits to H-1B visa fraud conspiracy

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