Nisha Biswal, the RSS, and Conflicts of Interest

Who is Nisha Biswal?

Nisha Biswal – currently president of the U.S.-India Business Council (USIBC) and Senior Vice President for South Asia at the United States Chamber of Commerce. She previously served as Assistant Secretary of State for South and Central Asian Affairs in the United States Department of State under President Barack Obama from 2013 to 2017. Biswal was the first South-Asian American to hold this position. She oversaw the U.S.-India strategic partnership“.

A reader informs us that journalists in India have pointed out that Biswal is from Gujarat and has close ties to both the Modi regime and the racsit Nazi Hindtuva Hindu Supremacist group RSS/BJP in India. Modi is also from Gujarat.

A reader sent us this:

“Because of Nisha’s history including being formerly employed by the US State Department and her connections to the  RSS / BJP / Modi Regime and their Think Tank – The India Foundation I would consider Nisha one of the main point persons for the India Government to influence the US Government including their policies on immigration, foreign labor and etc.

My journalist sources in India tell me most of what the India Government / Modi Regime does goes through The India Foundation which was co-founded by RSS / BJP Ex Ram Madhav and Shaurya Doval one of the son’s of NSA Doval who is in this photo with Nisha Biswal. My Indian journalist sources tell me that its actually Ajit Doval who calls the shots in the Modi Regime.

She is a immigrant from Gujarat / RSS / BJP / Modi Regime stronghold where Obama / Biden / Clinton / Kerry attended several of their economic conference and the Clinton Foundation / Initiative was involved in a scandal involving funds used to help earthquake victims. Clinton’s were also involved in a large solar project in Gujarat in 2009 which is the same year that the RSS / BJP, Ram Madhav, The India Foundation, present Finance Minister Sitharaman and Doval submitted Harvest of Hate to the US State Department which justified and covered Human Rights Abuses and Religious Persecution of Christians in Kandhamal“.

Make no mistake folks – this is takeover and control of our gov’t and business lobbies by a foreign power – India.

Takeover + industrial theft isn’t the same as innovation.

Modi, the prime minister of India is controlling + running the US gov’t by remote control by placing agents therein. Modi is also heavily involved in religious persecution in India.

The US Chamber of Commerce has turned on American workers (even defaming them) and is pushing for more cheap labor from India mainly because Modi’s agent – Biswal – now has an influential position there.

The US-India Business Council is violating US immigration law and colluding to supply foreign workers below market rates – which is illegal.

Connect the dots, people: Modi->RSS/BJP->India Foundation->Nisha Biswal.

The truth is the Chamber of Commerce + the USIBC are engaging in both illegal labor market-rigging, and in immigration violations.

She also has ties to endless Clinton/Obama/Globalist groups who push for open borders + displacement of American workers.

We have to stop this immediately.

Contact the FBI and demand Biswal be investigated under US FARA laws immediately.

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She also went on Indian TV in a Chamber of CommerceNASSCOMGoogleSundar-Pichai-based PR piece to say Trump’s H-1B restrictions would “hurt Indian IT companies”. 20 years of importing H-1B workers has led to massive budget + trade deficits, industrial theft, and loss of competition for the US.

America is not the principal beneficiary of these programs – India is. India is looting our industry + jobs and moving them back to India. Since India is a nation of scams + theives, they have now brought their economy-looting scams to America as well.

We can assure you in America there is no such thing as H-1B + American integrated teams as Biswal claims – when H-1Bs move in, it’s 100% Indians every day, all the way. Americans are not allowed to work.

Don’t buy the lies, folks. Silicon Valley was created by Americans in the 80’s and 90’s and then stolen by India when the falsely-named American Competitiveness in the 21st Century Act was passed in 1998 – flooding the US with cheap labor from India and stealing Silicon Valley:

Nisha Biswal On Impact Of Trump’s Immigration Curbs on Indo-U.S Ties

We can assure you these people are not here to help our economy, innovate, or keep America competitive – in fact, they are doing the exact opposite. Major US companies damaged recently by Indian nationals include: Apple, Boeing, Intel, Lehman, and Sun Microsystems.

She also admits H-1B and foreign workers is all about cheap labor – the “cost of business”. Importing foreign workers below market rates is a Federal crime under US law – which also means Biswal is a criminal and should be prosecuted immediately. This is collusion to rig labor markets, folks.


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Worse, Biswal appears far more on Indian TV than she does on US TV.

Why is a former US Assistant Sec. of State and Chamber of Commerce executive appeating so much on Indian TV?


Just whom is she working for? It appears she’s an unregistered foreign agent of India.

“Must have discussions on trade issues” is codeword for: the US must open its borders even more and give more US jobs to Indian invaders. These people are looting our companies and economy via the disastrous H-1B visa program, folks.

She also helped arrange the US-India Strategic Partnership which sold high-level US nuclear technology to India.

Selling your top technology to you competitors is not good for you, no matter how much anyone says otherwise.

23 years of mass foreign guest worker invasion didn’t keep CA or the US going as promised. CA is dying.

There is only one real thing South Asians for Biden want: your job.

We can assure you – Indians did not build Silicon Valley. Silicon Valley was built by Americans but is now being looted by India + China – 2 failed states who need our technology + access to our capital. American workers don’t need any “upskilling” or “reskilling” – they built the modern world long before the invaders began arriving in 1998 to get trained by Americans. Biswal is an Indian propagandist lying sack of rotting garbage.

Federal data shows the US Workforce Participation Rate was rising for decades before H-1B visa caps were increased in 1998 + 2001 – flooding the US with inadmissible aliens from India + China who displaced American workers – to date 74 million of them. No one can possibly argue that H-1B visa or more foreign workers is good for America or for Americans – in fact they have been an absolute disaster.

Biswal is lying – Indians in staffing companies such as Collabera in the US admit openly they are here for one reason: to loot us + make us poor.

Hillary Clinton was instrumental arranging a scheme with India in 1998 to flood the US with cheap foreign labor from India. Who’s colluding now, Hill? Both the 2001 + 2008 US economic collapses were caused by outsourcing to India Incs and their ensuing failures.

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Beware of India Incs, America – they’re here with an “Innovation hub” song + dance con – all the while instead getting their people trained, looting American industry, and moving all the jobs back to India. America’s economy is dying as a result. Most of our politicians such as CT governor Ned Lamont shown here have no idea what is going on:

West coast tech hubs such as San Jose, San Francisco, Seattle, and Portland are all now dying and full of displaced American homeless – all because of India Inc looting of our industries:

But don’t worry – it’s good for America. India Incs, are in fact, the real problem – not a solution.

Welcome to Silicon Valley – home of “integrated teams”.

Sri Preston Kulkarni’s RSS Problem – home of “integrated teams”.

Keeping America competitive – India Inc displacement edition.

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