Hindu Rashtra: Stealing everyones’ Land for Hindus – Purnima Nath

“Dishonest people”.

Oh you mean ones that steal TeD Talk intro music as well as stealing Silicon Valley.

You do not allow religious freedom, you LIAR.

Modi + RSS/BJP is engaging in religious persecution all over India.

Stop lying, you thief.

The only genocide in America going on is the H-1B Genocide India Incs are doing in the workplace all over America.

Their Hindu Rashtra and Hindvuta is trying to take over the world.

These thieves have Unregistered Foreign Agents all over our gov’t now – working for the gov’t of India and influecning our politics.

Get your filthy lying agents out of our gov’t now or we will throw you out.

She’s trying to cover up India’s massive crimes everywhere.

After the Chinese, these losers are the most virulent thieves known in world history. No wonder USA wouldn’t even allow trade with them before 1998.

We never, ever should have allowed these criminals into our country.

They now claim to have invented everything from space flight, to nuclear power, to email, and even the internet (5,000 years ago, of course).

Of course it was all actually created by white guys.

Overload that mic, loser. No matter how much you shout, you cannot change history and coverup what India is doing.

Houston firm admits to H-1B visa fraud to bring Indians to US

Indian Corporation Pays Record Amount To Settle Allegations Of Systemic Visa Fraud And Abuse Of Immigration Processes

Epic Systems wins $940 mln U.S. jury verdict in Tata trade secret case | Reuters

US spy for China Noshir Gowadia jailed for 32 years – BBC News

H-1B Foreign Workers Are Destroying Merrimack Valley

Indian CEO arrested on visa fraud charges in Seattle

Minister Ridiculed for Saying Internet Was Invented by Ancient India Thousands of Years Ago

Shiva Ayyadurai Didn’t Invent Email

Hindu Fascism: An All-American Threat

Did she actually say academia? Well how about anti-white racist US professor Ravij Malhotra?

Malhotra even claims everything was invented in India but the west stole it all.

Another fraud Indian propagandist brainwashing American students with lies.

What else do you expect out of a country which worships elephants + monkeys?

“Whites are not outsiders”. Well they are now in Silicon Valley – the industry they created but which India now occupies thanks to decades of NASSCOM PR lies + lobbying.

More lies.

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