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Poll: Ilhan Omar Popularity Underwater

CBC Turns Off Facebook Comments To Protect “Fragile” Journalists’ Mental Health And “Protect Free Speech”

Godfather Of Color Revolutions: Is George Soros The Most Dangerous Man Alive?

Governments Are Failing At Their Most Basic Duties… While Promising Free Stuff

Southwest US States Bake, Wildfire Threatens Arizona Towns

China has lost Australia

It’s official: Australia has lost 74k migrants during pandemic

‘You’re Labeled a Racist if You Didn’t Vote’ for Juneteenth National Independence Day

64% of PA Voters ‘Strongly’ Support Photo ID to Vote

AG Garland Decrees Migrants From ‘Violent’ Countries Qualify for Asylum

Arizona-Style Election Audit Needed in Nevada: GOP Chairman

Biden Orders Major Reversal Of Trump’s Missile Battery Build-Up In Gulf

Bovard Blasts Biden’s Buffoonish War On Extremism

British Airways Confirms Pilots Died After Covid Injection

But ‘We Don’t Know For Sure’ How Long Vaccine Protection Lasts

Cawthorn: ‘Disgusting’ How the Left Paints GOP as Racists for Wanting Secure Borders

Central American Minors Program: The ‘Public Option’ for Human Smuggling

CNN’s Dr. Gupta: We’re ‘Already Probably at Some Level of Herd Immunity’

Colorado Governor Signs Bill Allowing Cities to Set Their Own Gun-Control Laws

Colorado Secretary of State Bans Third Parties From Accessing Voting Systems

Cruz: Critical Race Theory ‘Bigoted,’ Compares to ‘Klansmen in White Sheets’

DeSantis Rising in Presidential Betting Markets

DOJ Opens Asylum Floodgates for Illegal Aliens With Meritless Claims

Elite Plan to Conquer Earth, Collapse Global Economy and Buy It Up for Pennies

Family Of Top Biden Officials Find Jobs Across Administration Despite ‘No Nepotism’ Pledge

Financial Elites Plotting a ‘Great Reset’ to Destroy Personal Wealth

Former Reddit CEO Ellen Pao: ‘Deplatforming Works’

Google Seeking ‘News Measure of Skin Tones’ to Fight ‘Racial Bias’

Grothman Introduces Bill to Ban Critical Race Theory in D.C. Schools

Herschel Walker ‘Getting Ready’ to Run ‘With the Big Dogs’ in GA

Holocaust Survivor Warns Great Reset Worse Than Hitler’s Master Plan

How the Specter of Communism Is Ruling Our World

Illegal Aliens Who Killed Americans Removed from DHS ‘Most Wanted’ List

India heading towards ‘social unease’, warns Thackeray

Kamala Harris bats for pathways to citizenship for ‘dreamers’

Kremlin Blames Coronavirus Surge on ‘Nihilism’ of Russian Citizens

L.A. Mayor Garcetti Launches Reparations Effort

Lawsuit: CA Colluded with Twitter on Censorship

Lightning Strike

Majority of French Back Holding a Referendum on Limiting Immigration

Mark McCloskey Says He’ll ‘Go Out and Buy Another AR-15’ After Guns Are Confiscated

McCarthy Responds to Speculation That Trump Should Be Elected House Speaker

Myanmar junta leader arrives in Moscow for security conference

Media Matters Director Admits Running Scams, Wants To “Kill All Men”.

Newsom Assaulted by ‘Aggressive’ Homeless Man on Oakland Street

Noem: ‘We’d Love to Help’ Texas with Border’

Politician wants to alter the moon’s orbit to fight Climate Change

Reining In the Fed

Sharon Stone named to Phoenix-based board of Barrow Neurological Foundation.

Social Security goes after Missouri man over $122 from 48 years ago

Stefanik’s Far-Left Challenger Registered as a Foreign Agent

Texas Cops Find 40 Migrants Locked in Horse Trailer

This 14-year-old is feeding Charlotte’s homeless

Tory MP Says People Must Reject the ‘Doom-Mongering’ from Scientists

Trump Endorses Lisa Murkowski Primary Challenger Kelly Tshibaka

U.S. Has Imported over 4,000 Minors from Central America

Unions, Big Tech and Tribes Funding Democrat Gov. Gavin Newsom’s Effort to Beat Recall

University Of Florida Lab Finds Dangerous Pathogens On Children’s Face Masks

Update On New Developments In U.S. Immigration

Why the U.S. Navy Is Preparing for a Sudden Surprise Attack | The National Interest

World’s Third Largest Diamond Unearthed In Botswana

SHOT TO HELL: How botched vaccine rollout with impact Australia

‘Big Brother’? San Jose Requires Gun Purchases To Be Videotaped

“Smartest Man in America” Breaks Down Global Elite’s Vaccine Sterilization Agenda

15 States Legislating To Strip Public Health Agency Powers

A Closer Look at Biden’s Nominee for USCIS Director

Colorado Home Dubbed “Slice Of Hell” Is Selling For $590k

Here Are All The “Technical Obstacles” Standing In The Way Of Biden’s Global Corporate Tax Deal

Honolulu Police Used Robo-dog To Patrol Homeless Camp

IRS Denies Tax-Exemption To Texas Religious Group Because Prayer, Bible Reading Boost the Republican Party

K Street Sets Sights On New Semiconductor Policy Amid Global Shortage

Maher: Woke Liberals Have A Bad Case Of ‘Progressophobia’

Missouri Officials Vow to ‘Fight Tooth and Nail’ to Protect 2nd Amendment Rights and Fight Federal Overreach

Navy releases long-range shipbuilding plan that drops emphasis on 355 ships

New Harvard Data (Accidentally) Reveal How Lockdowns Crushed the Working Class While Leaving Elites Unscathed

NSA Agrees To Release Records On FBI’s Improper Spying On 16,000 Americans

Pence heckled with calls of ‘traitor’ at conservative conference

Russian Spy Ship Now Loitering Off North Oahu

Sikka raises $140 million for Vinai, his Palo Alto AI startup

Supervisor Orders Officers To Leave Citizen Alone

Thanks To Pandemic, “Climate Lockdowns” Are Now On The Horizon

The State Trudges On While The Soul Of The Nation Atrophies

Tucker: We must dismantle all systems of bird-supremacy

US Navy “Shock Trials” Sparked M3.9 Quake Off Florida Coast

Wack a Doodle Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot Declares Racism a Public Emergency

Young People Now More Anti-Free Speech Than Oldsters

“This Has To End”: CA Landlords Call For End To Eviction Moratorium

GOP Scuttles Investigation Into Democrats’ Ukraine Reach

Cognizant Says Firm Overbilled It In Ex-CLO’s Bribery Case – Law360

India Inc can delve deep within and construct its own reality

PD: 6 seriously injured after truck driver runs over bicyclist group in Show Low

Republicans Agree to D.C. Statehood…on One Condition

Sean Davis: Big Tech Companies Are Outsourcing Censorship Through Dishonest “Fact Check” Firms

US companies rush to change their calendars for new Juneteenth holiday

When Does The Impeachment Begin? Biden Froze $100 Million Military Aid Package to Ukraine

Yang Denounced for Stigmatizing the Criminally Insane

‘I’m Ready to F**k S**t Up’ – Stunning Georgia Election Docs Reveal Discrepancies, Flaws, Lies

3 Covid-19 vaccine takers in Hong Kong receive payouts over side effects

“Your Show’s F*cking Terrible!”: Joe Rogan Destroys CNN’s Brian Stelter In Podcast Rant

AG Garland Decrees Migrants From ‘Violent’ Countries Qualify for Asylum

Algerian Migrant Charged With Raping Woman, Trying to Force Her Into Marriage in France

Americans Can Pack Bags for Europe, as EU Lifts Travel Curbs

Angel Mom: Biden-Backed Amnesty Plan a ‘Legalization Bill for Criminals’

Bank, airline websites go dark briefly in international internet outage

Belarus Fueling Migrant Surge Into Lithuania

Biden administration cancels Trump limits on asylum eligibility

Biden Drops ‘Creator’ When Describing How He Cited Declaration to Putin: ‘We Hold These Truths Self-Evident

Biden EEOC Commissioner Pushing Trans Radicalism

Biden Turns His Back on American Crime Victims

Biden Wants to Make Catholics Pay for Murder | CNSNews

Blast From The Past: The End Of American Conservatism, By Peter Brimelow

CanIndia News | Covid-hit Milkha Singh’s health deteriorates

California Introduces COVID-19 Vaccine Verification System

Central American Minors Program: The ‘Public Option’ for Human Smuggling

China disease expert says COVID-19 origins probe should shift to U.S.

Chinese Regime Says Wuhan Lab Scientists ‘Should Be Awarded the Nobel Prize’

Chinese scientists claim Covid-19 emerged in America and France before Wuhan

Cops Are Retiring en Masse (But Do NOT Blame the Racial Reckoning)

DHS Dispatches Foxes to the Asylum Henhouse

DHS Has No Plans to Hire More Border Agents Despite Historic Migrant Surge

DNA Wars: Privacy Being Destroyed At The Cellular Level

DOJ Offers Citizenship to Foreign Victims of Crime, Abuse

DOJ Opens Asylum Floodgates for Illegal Aliens With Meritless Claims

DOJ Sues to Block AON’s $30 Billion Acquisition of Willis Towers

Don’t Mistake Roberts’ ‘Let’s Make a Deal’ Regime for a Religious Freedom Win

Dr. Says COVID Vaccines Can Insert Nanoparticles Into The Brain

Ethiopian Resettlement Contractor Wants More Refugees in Small Town VT

Financial Elites Plotting a Great Reset to Destroy Personal Wealth

Flashback 2003: Pioneer Researcher Warned Against “Geoslavery”

Foreign student crisis spurs Australian states to reopen doors

Fuel prices in India continue to rise

G7 summit shows China is still setting the agenda

GOP Chairwoman McDaniel: ‘Ilhan Omar is a Radical Anti-Semite’ | CNSNews

GOP Rolls Over For Anti-White Juneteenth Scam

GOP Scuttles Investigation Into Democrats’ Ukraine Reach

Greg Abbott, Texas governor, announces $250 million border wall down payment, online fundraiser

Harris Goes 85 Days Without Border Visit Since Border Crisis Assignment

Hillary Clinton: ‘Putin Made It His Mission to Deny Me the Presidency’

House of Representatives Repeals 2002 Iraq War Powers Authorization

Hundreds of Sinovac-injected Indonesian doctors contract COVID

India has just been devastated by Covid-19: Trump

India’s air passenger traffic nosedives in May

Indonesia’s COVID surge overloads hospitals, triggers Delta fears

Investigative Issues: An Interview With Donald Trump, Unbowed

Is a 15-Week-Old Unborn Baby a Human Being? Sen. Ted Cruz: ‘Absolutely’

Is a 15-Week-Old Unborn Baby a Human Being? Sen. Hoeven: ‘Life Begins at Conception’

Is There A Silver Lining In The PC Woke Snowflake Cancel Culture?

Mad World Of Tyranny: Technopopulism Enables The Very Thing It Hates

Meet North Carolina’s ‘Sanctuary Sheriffs’

Maricopa County Audit Report Expected in August

Massachusetts Democrats Pushing Drivers Licenses for Illegals – Again

Mercola: Social Engineering Is Central To Technocrat Control

Military/Industrial Quest To Turn Troops Into ‘Invincible Technomancers’

NATO demurs on Biden’s call to tackle China

New virus threat is a ‘game-changer’

Over 200 Rabbis Slam Nancy Pelosi for Not Removing Ilhan Omar from her Committee Assignment

Pelosi Dodges Question on Whether a 15-Week-Old Unborn Baby is a Human Being

Prominent SC Prosecutor Found Wife and Son Shot Dead: Police

Questions About the FBI’s Role In 1/6 Are Mocked Because The FBI Shapes Liberal Corporate Media

Reading, Writing, And Ratting Each Other Out

Report: Senate Majority Leader Schumer Sets Date to Force Vote on H.R. 1 Election-Overhaul Bill

Robin DiAngelo’s Miasma Theory: “Racism Comes Out Of Our Pores As White People”

Rome’s War On Whiteness

Sen. Blackburn: ‘Only 7 Developed Nations Still Allow Abortion After 20 Weeks’

Smith & Wesson CEO Says Ammo Shortage Won’t End Soon: ‘Still a Lot of Interest’

Supreme Court Rules 7-2 to Throw Out Child Slavery Lawsuit Against Nestle, Cargill

The ‘Dream and Promise Act of 2021’ Amnesty, Part 1

The American media care more about the narrative than the facts – spiked

The fast-spreading delta Covid variant could have different symptoms

Top Glove faces ESG reckoning on forced-labor allegations

Trump Announces First Rally, Speech Since Departing White House

Trump Says Critical Race Theory In Schools Is “A Program For National Suicide”

Virginia’s Governor Northam Signs Law Extending Financial Aid to Illegal Alien Students

UN chief Guterres receives second term through 2026

US to spend $3 billion to develop anti-Covid tablets by end of the year

Vladimir Putin grilled on his treatment of political opponents by reporter Rachel Scott

Welcome to Wokespeak: Its Logic-Defying Rhetoric Is Making Heads Spin

Whitmer Announces Full Michigan Reopening Ahead of Schedule

Why Drug Abuse, Not Climate Change, Is America’s Biggest Problem – Michael Shellenberger

58% of Americans Hold ‘Unfavorable’ View of Critical Race Theory, 38% ‘Favorable’

Abbott Demands Biden Return Land Seized by Feds for Border Wall

Biden Leaves Frustrated and Empty Handed after Meeting with Putin

Biden Admin: Pentagon Is Working ‘Quite Hard’ to Define Extremism

Biden Falsely Claims Trump Supporters ‘Killed a Police Officer’ During Capitol Riot

Biden’s Disastrous European Performance is Accelerating the Great Awakening

Cotton Rips Biden over Summit with Putin: ‘Bad for America’

Florida Requests States Participate in Sending Manpower to Protect Southern Border

Garry Kasparov Mocks Biden for Summit: Putin ‘Got What He Wanted’

Hawley: At 15 Weeks, an Unborn Baby ‘Is Absolutely Human and Absolutely Entitled to the Right to Life’

Inflation Has Forced the Fed’s Hand

Joe Biden to sign bill making Juneteenth a US federal holiday

Liberal Elites ‘Plot to Stop Conservative Values’ from Spreading to Minorities

Poll: Majority Of Church-Going Catholics Believe Biden Should Not Receive Communion

Port Of LA Becomes First Ever In Western Hemisphere To Handle 1+ Million Containers In 1 Month

Putin Swipes at America with ‘Black Lives Matter’ Ref

Russian Media Declares Vlad ‘Victory’ over ‘Confused’ Joe

Putin: “Portrait Of Biden Drawn By Media Has Nothing To Do With Reality”

Soros Dumps $200,000 Into Virginia Attorney General Campaign

Supreme Court Saves Obamacare Again After GOP Challenge Rejected

SCOTUS Keeps Obamacare alive 7-2

Trump On Biden-Putin Meeting: “It Was A Very Good Day For Russia”

Vlad Denies Cyber Attacks

Ron DeSantis: ‘Bad Policies’ Created the Problem on the Southern Border

‘Give Me a Break’ — Biden Defensive After Keeping Trump Tariffs on EU

30Y Treasury Yield Crashes To 4-Month Lows As Curve Collapses

5,000+ Boat Migrants Land in U.K. — Crisis Hits Historic Highs129

CNO Gilday: Flat or Declining Navy Budgets ‘Will Definitely Shrink’ the Fleet

Fears CA Gov Newsom will ax money to prop up Asian industrial theft

Federal Judges Block Racial Exclusions in Biden’s $1.9 Trillion Stimulus Package

Haitian Migrants Bused to West Texas Town for Release Amid Overcrowding

Malkin: Who’s Stopping Cancel Culture’s Expansion From Deplatforming to De-Banking?

Myanmar general’s visit to Russia keeps arms flowing to junta

New York’s Mayoral Rivals Vow Cheap Housing Plus More Migrants

SCOTUS Strikes Down Philadelphia Law Forcing Same-Sex Adoption at Catholic Org

Somali Scholar Says America Is ‘Best Place in the World’ to Be a Black Woman

Teen Lifeguard Sexually Assaulted by Migrant as Bystanders Looked on

Tucker: While Chinese and Russian Militaries Read Patriotic Books, US Military Reads ‘Subliterate Pamphlet’ on How Nation Is ‘Disgusting, Immoral’

U.S. News Democrats Seek to Slip Amnesty for Illegal Aliens in Infrastructure Deal

U.S. Soccer Star Megan Rapinoe Faces Potential Cancelation After Racist Old Tweet Emerges

Vaccine Passports: Are Business Rights More Important Than Personal Freedom?

Virginia Tech Football Player Accused of Murdering Man Over Catfishing


“As Texas faces an energy shortage some people have noticed that the temperature has been raised on their homes thermostat remotely”

Challenger crew likely survived explosion before fatal plummet

Google/USAID Funded Wuhan Collaborator Peter Daszak’s Virus Experiments For Over A Decade

Research shows that 1/2 of the advertising traffic on fake news sites comes from Google

‘Apple Care’? Apple Aborted Plan To Launch Primary Care Health Clinics: WSJ

2 Apple privacy feature to exclude China

3 Traditional markets to be controlled

A Sinister Agenda Behind California Water Crisis? Looming Food Supply Catastrophe

AI applications continue to face challenges in transparency, bias

Another Small Step For Autonomy: Shenzhen Proposes Special License Plates For Self-Driving Vehicles

Apple’s Cook says proposed EU tech rules threaten security of iPhones

Apple’s homegrown chip fulfills Steve Jobs’s “whole widget” design philosophy

Are We Overselling “Smart Cities”?

Audi Will Be All Electric By 2026

Babylon’s Fall – Official Gameplay

Biden to Putin: Get your ransomware gangs under control

Cambodia’s Digital Currency Signals Future of Finance

China launches new group of classified Yaogan-30 satellites

China says astronauts reach maiden space station for first time

Cisco now offering 5G routers to ride along in cars

Coronavirus latest: US to pour $3.2bn into quest for COVID-19 pill

Disney patents ‘blockchain-based movie distribution system’, what is its purpose?

Eleven deaths after AstraZeneca shots

Environmentalist Groups File Complaint To Block Tesla’s German Gigafactory Construction

Facebook amplifies Express Wi-Fi Program in India with D-Vois and Netplus

Falcon 9 launches GPS satellite in first national security mission with reused booster

Finally! Bill Introduced To Clamp Down On Big Tech Censorship

From TITAN To Titanic: Did DeFi Just Suffer Its First ‘Bank Run’?

G-7 backs global infrastructure plan to rival China’s Belt and Road

Gluten-Free Generation: Children With Celiac Disease Doubles In 25-Years

Instagram Tries to Rent Pink Floyd Song, Roger Waters Replies, ‘F**k You!’ Mark Zuckerberg

iPad Pro teardown shows sharp increase in Taiwan parts

Japan passes space resources law

Largest Rotating Structures in the Universe Discovered

Microsoft announces it will end Windows 10 support in October 2025

Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella assumes board chair role

More cost overruns coming for Boeing as KC-46 program logs two more technical deficiencies

Networks FCC pushes forward on rules to block the certification of new telecoms gear

Peloton Bug Could Give Hackers Control of Exercise Equipment

Playmobil crosses the final frontier with enormous, metre-long Enterprise playset

Shenzhou-12 docks with Tianhe space station module

Singapore pitches in on US$3.9B Equinix data centre expansion – Channel Asia

Sketchy rumor claims Samsung courting former Apple engineers for custom chip project

Space Force launches fifth GPS III satellite

Space Force wants to use directed-energy systems for space superiority

Study shows grey matter loss post Covid infection – The Economic Times

The Race Is On: GM Announces $35 Billion EV Investment A Month After Ford Boosts Spending

Tim Berners-Lee auctioning original World Wide Web source code as NFT | AppleInsider

Toshiba to convene emergency board meeting Sunday

Upcoming SpaceX mission a reusability milestone for national security launch

US Army could soon have a high-power microwave to destroy small drone swarms

Why a digital culture is an imperative for the U.S. Space Force

Why Elon Musk Must Say No to Russia

World Wide Web inventor Tim Berners-Lee to auction original code as NFT


5 Vietnamese firms blacklisted over trainee program in Japan

Coal Still Accounts for 32% of Japan’s Electricity Supply |

For Japan, kicking the coal habit will be no easy task

Japan COVID: Why Japan refuses to work from home—even in a deadly pandemic

Japan must disavow pacifism and embrace collective defense

Japan says China’s military strategy unclear, of serious concern

Japanese companies can lead the world on human rights

Japanese government pleads with cellphone carriers to curb inappropriate photos

Japanese high schools abolish old rules, provide freedom with underwear, hair and dating

Japanese man deported for eating cats

Location of Japanese wartime PM Hideki Tojo’s remains finally revealed

Toshiba: Iconic Japanese firm embroiled in ‘humiliating, deeply disturbing’ scandal

Nissan to end development of sedans in Japan

North Korea leader vows to strengthen army

Pokémon manhole covers installed in downtown Tokyo

Remote Work Effort Stalls in Japan

Software Industry Accounts for Largest Segment of Toyota Group Subcontractors

Studio Ghibli No Face piggy bank brings us even more magic from Spirited Away

TSMC considering first chip packaging plant in US

US’ Blinken urges China to stop pressuring Taiwan

You can now rent “fat people” in Japan


Agnes Chow released from Hong Kong prison

‘Last G-7’: China revels in parody mocking US and allies

Chinese construction sector crashes

Cyber espionage by Chinese hackers in neighbouring nations is on the rise

‘We’ve woken up’: young Chinese ‘lie flat’ as protest against life’s grind

Aging Asia rethinks retirement to pursue ‘productive longevity’

With Help from the Media, the Bioweapon Worked Perfectly

Chinese spymaster Dong Jingwei ‘defects to the West while offering Covid secrets’

Alibaba-Xinhua venture makes the news for video-hungry Chinese

Are The FBI’s ‘Most Wanted’ Chinese Spies Hacking The Airline Industry?

Asian powers plot to fill US vacuum in Afghanistan

Beijing Working to Subvert UN Human Rights System, Rights Activist Warns

Beijing’s anti-sanctions law will give US ‘a taste of own medicine’: Lam

Belt and road to nowhere: Montenegro counts cost of Chinese project

Booze made from wood coming soon in Japan

Burmese junta charges Suu Kyi with graft

China aims to tackle growing urban waste crisis

China and green energy drive copper prices to record high

China and the West see each very differently and that is the problem

China anti-sanctions law to put squeeze on foreign companies – Nikkei Asia

China author Peter Hessler loses teaching post at Sichuan University

China bracing for more record-breaking floods

China calls for global action to stop big flows of pandemic-fuelled hot money

China Claims Sales Boom in Communist Uniforms for Children

China Debuts Car that Indoctrinates Drivers to Worship Xi Jinping

China delays supply mission to new space station for technical reasons

China Denounces NATO After the Atlantic Alliance Says Beijing Poses ‘Systemic Challenge’

China Has Become a ‘Prison’: Beijing Beefs up Security Ahead of Centennial Celebration

China hits back at US and allies with anti-sanctions law

China is changing the way money is lent to countries in need

China is heading into an economic perfect storm

China is leapfrogging the world when it comes to the environment

China Launches Campaign to Make Slave-Picked Cotton ‘Vogue’

China looking to prevent Uighur births

China military flybys near Taiwan plunge after US-Japan statement

China must overhaul power grid if serious about climate, say analysts

China relations: how Scott Morrison got Beijing onto the G7 agenda

China reveals plan to pump out positive news about itself

China rocket debris spurs calls for limiting space junk

China Seethes Over U.S. Senators’ Visit to Taiwan on Military Plane

China stacking Indo-border with advanced weapons

China Sterilizing Entire Uyghur Villages

China to fire back at US sanctions

China to shore up Hong Kong hub status with wealth management link

China turns to Turkmenistan for gas, thumbs nose at Australia

China will wait to take Taiwan, says ex-PM Rudd

China-Indonesia sway must be slowed by Australia, says former minister

China, Russia reveal roadmap for international moon base

China, Russia unveil plans for joint lunar research station by 2035

China’s anti-foreign sanctions law ‘a worry for foreign businesses’

China’s new data law casts wider net, from Teslas to robots

China’s perverse incentives plague environmental impact reports

China’s Rush Into Africa, Explained

China’s anti-sanctions law ‘can target individuals, families, organisations’

China’s April home index soars, pressuring authorities to cap prices

China’s census suggests property boom days may be over

China’s demographic doom arrives early

China’s Infertility Rate Rising Faster than Expected

China’s Rapidly Shrinking Workforce Will Shake Up Its Status as the World Factory

China’s never- ending Tibet paranoia

China’s crackdown could signal dark times for cryptocurrencies

China’s PLA upgrades its forces along the disputed border with India

China’s South Asia engagement meets popular resistance

Chinese court says troubled HNA Group’s businesses highly chaotic

Chinese fishing plans ‘threaten environmental catastrophe’ in Sierra Leone

Chinese Military Ignoring Biden Pentagon’s Requests for Talks

Chinese Regime Orders Video Denials by Uyghurs of Abuses

Chinese Students Hold Principal Hostage in Rare Protest

Chinese Threat Against Taiwan Too ‘Dangerous’ to Ignore

Chinese threat continues to loom along the LAC

Chinese ultramarathon: official found dead and five arrested over tragedy

Coal burning ‘contributes up to 70 per cent of carbon in Yangtze River’

Concerns grow over China’s Taiwan plans

Death penalty for teacher in China who raped multiple students

Despite the US spy warning, developing countries still sign the Huawei agreement

Destinations known | Welcome to Indonesia’s ‘new Bali’ – site of alleged human rights abuses

Do fake Covid-19 vaccine arrests in China herald global crime wave?

Duterte says Philippines won’t take sides as US and China tussle

Duterte’s pro-China policy comes undone

El Salvador Signs Major Deal with China Following Biden Admin Attacks

EU leaders back calls for full investigation into Covid-19 origins

EU parliament puts China investment deal in deep freeze

EU Says China Is a Systemic Rival, Human Rights Is Main Issue

European companies alarmed by China’s anti-sanctions law

Exiled Activist Says Chinese Communists ‘Annihilated’ Hong Kong’s Freedoms

Experts Uncover Yet Another Chinese Spying Campaign Aimed at SE Asia

Fauci: Some on February 2020 Call Believed COVID-19 Was Possibly Engineered

FDA Advises Healthcare Providers Not to Use Syringes From Chinese Firm

First person tried under Hong Kong’s national security law loses bid for jury trial

Foreigners to get subsidies from Taipei gov

Gen. Milley Says China Has “Ways To Go” Before It Can Take Taiwan

Glencore boss warns of future China dominance in electric vehicles

GOP Lawmakers Unveil Bill to Defund 1619 Project in Public Schools

High-level Chinese Defection Rumored – SpyTalk

HNA Group units seek repayment of funds siphoned off by parent

Holiday chaos as tourists overwhelm historical mountain scenic area in China

Hong Kong passes Beijing bill to reduce directly elected lawmakers

Hong Kong Police Raid Newsroom Of Pro-Democracy Paper, Arrests Executives

Hong Kong security law used to shut down website run by overseas activists

How China made Canada a global node for narcos and cyber-criminals

Huawei persists in developing cutting-edge semiconductors

Hungary Donates State-Owned Land to Planned Chinese University

Iconic Shenzhen electronics tower remains closed after shaking

Indonesia bolsters navy as China steps up incursions around ASEAN

Indonesia to buy 8 Italian frigates as tensions with China rise

Inflation scissors its way into China manufacturing

Is India’s second Covid wave China’s biological war against India?

Japan’s Unison Capital making a $500m foray into India

Kim Jong Un equally ready to talk or fight with Biden

Kim Jong-un Calls K-Pop a ‘Vicious Cancer’

Kim wishes his subjects communism, not Chinese luck

Lawmakers Slam UK Government for ‘Dragging Its Feet’ on China Forced Labour

Line in the sand: Chinese dredgers are stealing Taiwan, bit by bit

Macao gambling group retreats from Japan bid amid controversies

Majority of top Asia Pacific tech companies thrived amid COVID-19

Malaysia teeters on edge of Covid-19 catastrophe

McCarthy: If GOP Flips House, Republicans Will Boot Omar From Foreign Affairs Panel

Millions of ‘bare branch’ men in China locked out of marriage

Myanmar coup provides drug traffickers with ideal conditions

Myanmar Junta’s Troops Use Civilians as Human Shields in Assault on Mindat

Myanmar Military Truck With Soldiers on Board Blown Up in Yangon

New Chinese destroyers sail in South China Sea amid shipbuilding spree

Officials probe reports of Chinese disinformation

Opinion | The Arctic is not the South China Sea

Out of Control Coronavirus in China Cancels Hundreds of Flights

Pakistan begs China for power debt forgiveness

Pandemic turns ‘Iron Silk Road’ into China-Europe trade artery

Pensioner Xi? Chinese president hits unofficial retirement age of 68

Philippines steps up fintech push with two new digital banks

Philippines’ Duterte Issues Gag Order Over South China Sea

Photos Show Dramatic Weight Loss for North Korean Dictator Kim Jong-un

Pompeo: Evidence of CCP Corona Cover-Up ‘Staggering’

Racism row over white singers in ‘yellowface’ for Chinese roles

Russia and China defy attempts to destroy ties, Putin says

Samoa to Cancel $100M Chinese-Backed Port Development

Satellite images capture Chinese recalibrations near Ladakh

Senators Introduce Bill To Protect US Colleges From CCP Influence

Shaking of Shenzhen skyscraper sends people fleeing

Shanghai’s mission to be Asia’s New York and Silicon Valley all in one

Sierra Leone Sells Rain Forest to World’s Worst Polluter China

Singapore mandates use of tracing app as it fights COVID’s spread

South Korea Can Now Build Missiles Able to Reach Beijing, With U.S. Blessing

Southeast Asian countries edging closer to the US

Stan Grant accidently launches new Beijing propaganda drive

Stiff ASEAN liquor laws stun beer brands from Chang to Carlsberg

Taiwan hit by triple blow of drought, blackouts and COVID surge

Taiwan Reports Largest Incursion Yet by Chinese Air Force

To Stage the Counter-Counter-Revolution, GOP Must Learn From Lenin

Too little, too late: why Beijing’s three-child policy is not enough

Top Chinese Epidemiologist Urges Probe Of US Bio-Weapons Labs In Latest Deflect

Top Chinese university under fire for using sex to sell school

U.S. Bishops Join Campaign Urging Prayers for China

UK academics aiding Chinese military capabilities

US and China trade reps have “candid, constructive” talks

US and Taiwan trade officials plan meeting ‘in coming weeks’

US Calls China’s Conduct in South China Sea ‘Unlawful’ — Radio Free Asia

US lawmakers propose new Taiwan diplomatic act

US Marines, Taiwan could repel invasion: study

US must press China on coal-plant proliferation

US Navy Says Carrier Group Operating in South China Sea

US Navy’s fleet woes means it’s ‘not ready to meet threat from China’: analyst

US ready to pull troops from Philippines ‘in months’: expert

US spy plane flies into China’s air defense zone

US-Cambodia tensions grow as USAID cuts forest protection project

US, China in a new no-rules nuclear race

Vietnam picks new PM and president for next 5 years

Vietnam scrambles to control COVID at industrial parks

What will it take for Filipinos to fight for a piece of the ocean?

Will Hong Kong’s freewheeling Apple Daily close down?

Wolf Warrior diplomacy is justified against West’s criticism: envoy

Wuhan Institute Of Virology Erased Names Of Military-Linked Researchers From Website

Chinese Defector’s Identity Confirmed, Was Top Counterintelligence Official

One hundred years of devastation | The Strategist

How Communist China Weaponizes Healthcare and Medicine Against Foreign Adversaries—Cleo Paskal

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