‘Critical Race Theory’ Critic Chris Rufo SHREDS WashPost Hit Piece in Twitter Thread

‘Child Migrants’ Report Overcrowding, Spoiled Food, Depression in US Shelters

‘Equality’ Act Slams the Door on Religious Freedom

‘Get no respect’, say Delhi’s ASHA workers as pleas for pay hike, protective equipment fall on deaf ears

‘In India, 50% people with diabetes are not even aware they have it’

‘Unfair’ to Ask Why Biden, Harris Haven’t Visited Border, DHS Chief Mayorkas Says

10 Protesters Arrested Outside Kyrsten Sinema’s Phoenix Office

5 part Documentary Asian Americans wins Peabody – AsAmNews

9-Year-Old Just Owned The BLM-Lying School Board!

African Migrant Damages Asylum Center, Attacks Cops During Rampage in Rome

Amid Spike in Anti-Asian Violence, Democratic Voters Shun Asian-American Candidate in NYC Mayoral Primary

Andrew Yang concedes NYC Mayor’s race

Another Crazy Feminazi in Action

Anyone still using cash? British £50 banknote honouring Alan Turing arrives

Apple Daily confirms shutdown after arrest of editorial writer

Apple-backed think tanks urge lawmakers not to vote for antitrust bills

AstraZeneca and Pfizer Vaccines Effective Against Delta and Kappa Strains of CCP Virus: Study

Astrazeneca COVID-19 vaccine effective against variants found in India

Beijing Steadily Expanding Global Influence at Expense of US: Report

Biden Admin Launches “Firearms Trafficking Strike Forces” In Liberal Cities


Biden Nominee for USCIS Director Seems to Defend Birth Tourism

Biden to Renew Gun Control Push in Crime Speech

Black Democrat Denounces Critical Race Theory, Says Party ‘Working Overtime to Keep Race Ideology Alive’

Boeing’s Top Lobbyist Leaves Company

​​​​​​​British Ambassador “Summoned” To Moscow Over Destroyer Incident In Black Sea

Campaigners warn of an ‘algorithm-driven censorship’ future if UK Online Safety Bill gets through Parliament

Catholics Rally Against Dem Attacks on Church

CCP Is Vulnerable and Its Rule Could End With a Coming Coup

Celebrity Cruises Drops COVID-19 Vaccine Requirement, Handing Win to Florida Governor

China Cuts Deal with Hilton to Build Hotel Over Bulldozed Uyghur Mosque49

Cindy McCain Nominated by Biden to Serve as Ambassador to UN Food Agency74

Climate Protesters Arrested Outside Ted Cruz’s Home

Consumer revolt against inflation is Fed’s biggest problem

Consumers, Not Companies, Bearing Brunt of Inflation: Report

Cook called Nancy Pelosi, others to warn of antitrust legislation pitfalls

COVID-19 Data From Early on in Pandemic Removed From NIH Database at Chinese Scientist’s Request

Democrat Budget Spends $150 Billion on Amnesty for Illegals

DOJ Launches ‘Firearms Trafficking Strike Forces’ in Democrat-Controlled Cities

El Paso Vaccinates 800 Mexican Truckers

Experimental brain implant instantly detects and relieves pain

Farm Investors Use Amnesty to Dodge Wage Gains and Robots

Fauci Lets Slip That Zuckerberg Offered Him ‘Resources & Money’ In Redacted E-mails

Fauci Pal Daszak Finally Fired From Commission Investigating COVID Origins

Fed admits it was surprised by inflation but promises not to do anything

From subs to missiles, US nudges Japan to step up on defense

From subs to missiles, US pushes Japan to get real about China threat

Germany’s Largest ‘Right-Wing Extremist Group’ Is Turkish, Not German

GOP Senator John Cornyn Negotiating Amnesty Deal with Democrats

Greg Abbott’s Border Wall Pushes Democrats and Activists to Stop Ignoring Trump

Harrison Ford Injures Shoulder During ‘Indiana Jones 5’ Fight Scene

Hawley Proposes Hiring 100,000 Officers to Combat Crime Wave ‘American families aren’t safe, but they deserve to be’

Homicides Nearly Double in Maryland County Bordering D.C.

Hong Kong detects first suspected local case of Delta Covid-19 variant

House GOP Leader: ‘Science…Has Proven Beyond a Shadow of Doubt That Human Life Begins at Conception’ | CNSNews

Hospital staff fired for refusing jab

House Republicans: ‘This Is President Joe Biden’s Crime Crisis’

ICE Flies Migrants from Border Area Air Force Base to U.S. Interior

Ikea Atlanta Under Fire After Featuring Fried Chicken and Watermelon on Juneteenth Menu

In Texas, Waves of Illegal Immigrants Pulled Off Trains

Immigration and the Aging Society

Iranian Migrant Arrested for Attacking Three Women at French Asylum Center

It’s not inflation, it’s just higher prices

Joe Biden Again Urges Senate to Confirm David Chipman as Head of ‘AFT’

Just 145 Miles of Texas Border Have a Wall — Here Are the 1,100 miles Gov. Abbott Vows to Build

Kamala Harris’ Impromptu Inspection of the Southern Border Sparks Backlash6

Largest Healthcare Union in US Will Fight Mandatory COVID-19 Vaccines

Leftist Actors Disguised Themselves & Pretended to Work For Conservative News Outlets During January 6th Protests; Told FBI How to Infiltrate Trump Rallies

Lib Senator Sheldon Whitehouse Defends Membership in Exclusive All-White Beach Club

Majority of Voters say Biden Should be Stricter on Border Policy

Majority of voters say Biden should implement stricter immigration policies: poll | TheHill

Mark McCloskey Opens Up to The Epoch Times: ‘The Power Resides in the People’

Mayor of Italian Border City Calls for ‘Night Patrols’ Amid Surge of Violent Migrants

McCarthy Calls on Biden Admin to Declassify Intelligence on COVID-19 Origin

Members Of Congress Call For Fauci To Be Jailed As His Involvement With COVID Is Exposed

Merkel Successor: Germany Should Not Try to Contain Communist China

Migrants? Refugees? Let’s Get the Terminology Right

MoD dismisses Russian claim bombs were dropped near Royal Navy destroyer over ‘border violation’

More than Three-Fourths of Voters Reject H.R. 1 Provisions Regarding Voter I.D. and Public Funding of Campaigns

Navy Chief Defends Recommending Sailors Read “Anti-Racist” Book

Nebraska and FL Answer 911 Call from AZ and TX

Nebraska Sending State Troopers to Southern Border to Aid TX with Crisis

Nolte: Only Suckers Paid Their Rent in California

Northwestern University student appears to have died from heart inflammation linked to COVID vaccine

Obama Pushes Federal Election Takeover Bill

On a Busy Day in D.C., Biden’s Focus Is on ‘Severe Weather Patterns,’ Firefighters’ Pay

Opinion: Critical Race Theory’s Upside-Down History

Orange Man Bad Forever! Behar Blames Trump for Rising Crime Rates

Overt IRS Hostility to Prayer, Bible Study Draws GOP Anger; Pelosi, Hoyer, Other Dems Silent

Poll: Majority of U.S. Voters Support Election Audits72

Poll: Ron DeSantis Bests Donald Trump in President in 2024 Poll: Ron DeSantis Bests Donald Trump in President in 2024 3,534

Pope Francis: You Can Recognize False Christians by Their ‘Inflexibility’

President Biden: Second Amendment Had Limits from Day One

Pushing Same Gun Controls Already Failing in Democrat-Run Cities

Rabobank: Current Reality Can Only Be Described As Anarchic Surrealism

Race-baiting zillionaire Don Lemon says “I don’t know if America sees black people as fully human”

Report: David Chipman Made Racist Remarks About Black ATF Agents

Report: Hunter Biden-Linked Firm Invested in Chinese Companies Hit by U.S. Sanctions

Rubio: ‘I Don’t Know Why’ Harris Chose to Visit El Paso, ‘It’s Not the Epicenter of the Crisis’6

Russia claims it fired warning shots at British destroyer in Black Sea

Russian and Chinese Pilots Have Been Killed Chasing UFOs, Says Reporter Tom Rogan


SCOTUS Rules Schools Can’t Police Social Media Posts Made Off-Campus

Sen. Boozman: ‘The Voter ID is Just Common Sense’

Sen. Cornyn: ‘Absolutely,’ We Should Require ID to Vote

Sen. Hawley on Voter ID: ‘I Believe in it 100%’

Sen. Lankford: ‘Yes, I Do’ Think We Should Require Voter ID

Sen. Mike Lee on H.R. 1: ‘This Bill Was Written in Hell by the Devil Himself’ | CNSNews

Spikes in Rescues and Dangerous Criminal Apprehensions Show the Border Is Open

Spikes in Rescues, Dangerous Criminal Apprehensions Show Border Is Open

Stanford Prof: Leftists Are Splitting America Along ‘Identity and Tribal Lines’

Stop Calling Everything AI, Machine-Learning Pioneer Says

Subway is chewed out after lab tests find no tuna DNA in its tuna sandwiches

Supreme Court Crushes Fannie and Freddie Shareholder Lawsuits

Susan Collins Calls Out ATF Nominee Chipman, Will Vote Against Confirmation

Technocracy’s Inherent Evil Exposed As Anti-Human, Anti-Civilization

Ted Cruz: 15 Things You Can’t Say Anymore Because They Can Get You Fired, Canceled, and Erased

Terminated Border Wall Contractor Breaks Down Texas Plan to Restart Project

Texas Governor Talks Border, COVID Recovery, and Energy Independence On ‘Real America’ Podcast

The Fed In A Box, Part 1: They Cannot Raise Interest Rates

The Man Who Will Likely Be Germany’s Next Leader Shares Technocratic Agenda

Trump Won Nevada? Nevada Democrats Want To Stop 2020 Election Audit

Tucker Ties Scientists Advising Google on COVID-19 to ‘Human Engineering’ Shock Vid: NYU Prof Proposes Biological Agents to Cause Red Meat ‘Intolerance’

UN Applauds Biden Bringing 4X More Refugees to U.S. as Trump

US New Home Sales Unexpectedly Plunged In May To Lowest In A Year

US to miss Biden’s July 4 vaccine goal

US Warship Transits Taiwan Strait a Week After Large Chinese Air Incursion

USS Curtis Wilbur sails through Taiwan Strait

Vice President Harris to Visit US-Mexico Border

Virginia Parents Fight Back Against Loudoun County School Board’s Transgender Policy

Warren Buffett Dumps $4.1 Billion of His Wealth into Leftist, Family Foundations

Watch: Knife-Wielding African Migrant Shot by Police in Rome

Watch: Migrants ‘Ghost Land’ on Italian Island in ‘Luxury Yacht’

Western US in grips of hottest, driest summer in 1000 years?

What People Are Saying About Closure of Hong Kong’s Apple Daily

White Liberals Need Sensitivity Training

World Health Organization Says Do Not Give Children Experimental Coronavirus Vaccine Shots

As Biden Seeks to Limit U.S. Oil Production, Reliance on Russian Imports Rises

Commentary: The Inevitable Fruits of Critical Race Theory

IRS Denies Tax Exemption to Christian Group, Associates Bible with GOP

Off-the-clock officers acting as on-duty cops do so at their peril, experts say

Yes, there was fraud surrounding Arizona’s election

‘Nobody is scared of us anymore’: Why Marine Le Pen is on the cusp of first major victory

‘Sick’: Pak PM panned for anti-women remarks

“Avocados Are Green Gold” As Thieves Target Farms

3.7 Million People Dead Due to Covid Cover-Up of Potential Wuhan Lab Origin of Virus

5 Eyes must protect unrivaled intelligence-sharing network

7 Months Later, GA County Officials Have Not Produced Chain of Custody Records for 316,000 Absentee Ballots

A hacker gained access to a Bay Area drinking water facility

Alan Dershowitz: “Radical Left” Campaign To Get Justice Breyer To Retire Will “Backfire”

Another Reporter Becomes Whistleblower Live On Air

Biden Admin Hiding Intelligence That Covid-19 Was A Chinese Bioweapon

Biden Diverting Funds From Americans to Give Hotel Rooms to Illegal Aliens

Biden Turns His Back on American Crime Victims

Biden Urged To Replace Harris On Border Assignment In Letter Signed by 56 Republicans

Big Tech Only Has Itself to Blame for Republican Rethinking of Antitrust

Black US farmers dismayed as white farmers’ lawsuit halts relief payments

Catholic Bishops Pass Measure to Draft Statement Prohibiting Some Politicians from Receiving Communion

Checks and Balances Project Attracts Criticism over Links to Public Relations Firm

China Crackdown On Bitcoin Sends Retail Graphics-Card Prices Lower Despite Ongoing Scalping

China’s Ambassador To Washington Leaves After 8 Years

Critical race theory is too ideological, divisive for our schools

Dark Money Groups Fund Liberal Push To Pass Infrastructure Without Republicans

Deloitte acquires Australian consultancy firm

Denmark to Cap Share of Non-Western Immigrants in Residential Areas at 30%

DHS Not Asking for More Border Patrol Agents

Documents reveal how Ben Affleck got into the CIA, promising to ‘do the Agency proud’

Elizabeth Warren Supports Central Bank Cryptos. Should You Be Worried?

Eric Swalwell Apologizes For Being White

Featured UTOPIA 2013: Eugenicists Channel Georgia Guidestones For Depopulation posted 9 hours ago


Florida ranks in top five states for unemployment recovery – Tampa Bay Business Journal

Former ‘Child Migrant’ in Custody on $1 Million Bail After Allegedly Raping 82-Year-Old Woman

Former Reddit CEO: “Deplatforming works”

Free-roaming dogs overrun Navajo Nation

Gay pride event in Seattle city park charging whites ‘reparations fee’

Google Accused Of ‘Force-installing’ COVID Tracking App On Phones

Greece Should Not Consider Turkey ‘Safe’ for Migrants, Open Borders Groups Say

Illegal Alien Charged With Raping His Own Child in North Carolina

Illegal Aliens Who Killed Americans Removed from DHS ‘Most Wanted’ List

Iranian Migrant Arrested for Attacking Three Women at French Asylum Center

Islamic Migrants Surveyed: Westernized Muslim Women ‘Must Die – Stone Them, Use a Knife’

Jones Visits Jeffrey Epstein’s New York Dungeon

Juneteenth Becomes A Political Weapon

Lauren Boebert to antifa protesting her: ‘Get a job’

Lightfoot’s Chicago: 49 Shot During Father’s Day Weekend

Lockdown Trauma Causing 5-Year-Olds to Suffer Panic Attacks as Disastrous Mental Health Toll Revealed

Maricopa County investigating multiple potential heat-related deaths

Mark Green Proposal Would Stop Foreign Adversaries from Buying Land Near U.S. Military Bases

McCarthy Calls to Declassify COVID Intel

McDonald’s fries ingredients exposed in viral TikTok video

Men in ‘Unsuccessful’ Marriages at High-Risk for Premature Death

Michigan to Fully Open Tuesday

MicroStrategy Buys 13,005 Bitcoin At $37,617 Using Proceeds From First Ever Crypto Junk Bond

Missouri Tells the Feds: We Won’t Enforce Your Gun Laws

Millions of People Now Questioning The System

Mitch McConnell: Democrats Want to ‘Rig the Rules of American Elections Permanently’ in Their Favor

NASA Says Hubble Telescope’s Computer “Halted”

New Israeli PM cautions world powers to “wake up” on Iran deal

New Study Links Ivermectin To “Large Reductions” In COVID-19 Deaths

Nonprofit tied to BLM co-founder Patrisse Cullors failed to disclose significant donations: report

Noor Bin Ladin Comments On The Hatred Of American Liberals And The Dangers They Bring To The Free World

One Mad Market & Six Cold Reality-Checks

Only National Conservatism Can Unite the West and Contain China

Psaki Shamelessly Dodges When Asked If 15-Week-Old Unborn Babies Are Human

Renowned Pathologist: Myocarditis Diagnoses Should Halt Vaccine

Rescue teams find missing hiker dead at South Mountain in Phoenix

Rick Scott Blames Joe Biden for Rising Inflation

Rubio pushes for new China sanctions amid questions over coronavirus lab leak theory

Schools Warned That Promoting Concept of “White Privilege” is Harming Disadvantaged White Students

Shepherds Are Becoming Sheep: If You’re In A Woke Church… Leave

Squad goals: Ocasio-Cortez warns Biden patience is wearing thin

St. Louis couple touts new AR-15 after guns seized over BLM encounter

Swiss Reject Climate Change With Zoomers And Millennials Leading The Way

Ted Cruz: ‘The Stage Is Set For An Incredible Conservative Revival’

Tempe installs 7 new electric vehicle charging stations at public library

Texas Governor Promises to Finish Trump’s Wall; Now What?

The Biden Administration’s Anti-Corruption Agenda

The British Crown Still Owns America

The Friends Carpool Karaoke is even more mortifying than the reunion

Thermostats In Texas Homes Are Being Accessed Remotely And Turned Up Due To An Energy Shortage

Tornado sweeps through suburban Chicago

Trevor Loudon: A Primer on America’s Largest Marxist Org

U.S. to Allow Some Asylum Seekers Rejected Under Trump to Reopen Cases

Twice-Deported Illegal Alien Pleads Guilty to Manslaughter in Death of Florida Police Officer

UK – Deloitte tells staff to work from home forever

UN: Sri Lankan ship fire caused “significant” environmental damage


A person’s fear of darkness may be related to the reaction of the brain to light

Airspeeder says it had the first successful test flight for its electric flying racecar

Amazon destroying millions of items of unsold stock in UK every year ; ITV News

Apple working with New York Magazine on ‘journalism project’

Artemis takes shape ahead of ‘2021’ launch – but first you need to name the crash-test dummy

Australia’s first ‘dark sky park’ draws in stargazers

Bitcoin dives to 2-week low after China muzzles crypto trades

China’s Baidu unveils low-cost Apollo Moon robotaxi – Nikkei Asia

COVID-hit Taiwan chip company scrambles to rehouse migrant workers

Crypto crash dashes dreams of South Korea’s lost generation

Does China plan an even tougher cryptocurrency crackdown?

French spyware execs indicted over torture allegations

Graphic card prices plummeted, due to tightening Bitcoin regulations in China

Hyundai acquires Boston Dynamics

Intrepid Change.org user launches petition to make Jeff Bezos’ space trip one-way

Microsoft Teams Users Dodge Bullet with Latest Severe Vulnerability

New Google Tool Allows Workers To See How Their Pay Might Change If They Move Offices

NVIDIA Jetson Chipsets Found Vulnerable to High-severity Flaws

Patreon doesn’t pay Apple’s 30% App Store commission, and its CEO isn’t sure why not

PUBG Mobile Indian Twin in trouble for sharing data with Chinese servers

Ransomware payments may be subject to ‘tax deductions’ in the United States

Tesla stops accepting bitcoin for purchases, citing climate concerns

US Navy conducts first of three blasts in carrier Gerald R. Ford shock trials

WeRide raises $600m in China’s self-driving tech race – Nikkei Asia

Wormable DarkRadiation Ransomware Targets Linux and Docker Instances