Well there commerce minister, that was part of the Faustian bargain from day 1: we give you our jobs for your 100s of millions of unemployed people, you open your markets to our products + sellers.

Don’t come crying to us now 25 years later.

We had a deal and we’ve given you tens of millions of our top jobs, now open your markets to our companies.

If small local companies get burned in India, well, that’s just collateral damage from the effects of globalization, remember?

Can’t have it both ways.

As your infamous Azim Premji once said: “You want access to our markets, you have to give us access to your markets”.

India Incs have been flouting US immigration laws and displacing American workers in America for decades.

Your laws don’t apply to us.

That’s what India Incs regularly tell Americans and the US gov’t.

Amazon has also provided 10,000s of jobs for Indians in India. In fact, the biggest Amazon facilities in the world are now in India.

Seems a bit of karma is being dished out on India, but it can’t handle it.

Now stop your crying and compete.