Wow, racist much?

All of this is another white guilt trip justifying why Asians should be allowed to steal more US industry and why making US companies woke to get rid of white workers is justified.

All of it is, of course, because Asians can’t compete with white people – and because if white Americans stand up and demand Asia stop stealing our industry, Asia will collapse.

Without the mass Asian job rob of whites, Asians will return to their natural loser state they have existed in for 1000s of years.

Besides, white people today had nothing to do with “brutality” against indigenous savages 100s of years ago.

Perhaps the little ignorant Chinaman should go read the history of the brutal tribal Indian wars and how they were killing each other in tribal warfare for centuries before white Europeans arrived.

If white people had not come to America and conquered the brutal savages, China wouldn’t have any industry today.


“indigenous people” in America never had it so good: they live on tax-free reservations, run tax-free casinos, and get free handouts from US gov’t welfare on top of it. Sounds better than a freezing teepee + smoking dope all day, doesn’t it?

This entire game is nothing less than Asians covering up their mass industrial theft of America – and of the Chinese bioweapon.

Pure propaganda. Probably from the CCP.

Now shut up whitey, and hand over your industries!

What Globalism Did Was To Transfer The US Economy To China

Remarks concerning the Savages of North America

Mao murdered 60,000,000 of his own people, but Wang Wenwen never mentions that.

Email the loser here and give him a piece of your mind:

If white people had not come to America, China never would have had any white industries to rip off.

Where do you think the modern world came from, snowflakes? It came from white guys.

Chinese will just as soon put you into slavery if they can get away with it.

It appears Wang may be suffering from too much CCP brainwashing in school when he was a kid.

The real brutality is 74 million working-age Americans and their families driven into the streets by Asian job-robbers since 2000. Wang Wenwen never mentions them.

Asians began moving in to the US around 2000 on mass H-1B visas and Americans were driven out of the US

workforce immediately. They have never recovered. But Wang Wenwen doesn’t want you to know that.