Another shill for the job-robbing Indian Mafia.

H-4 visa holders stayed in America well-past their Y2K shelf life of 2003 when they were supposed to go home, then popped out kids who became instant citizens – all of whom are destined to rob jobs from more American tech workers.

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They didn’t legally immigrate – they violated Title 8, Section 1182 INADMISSIBLE ALIENS, Subsection 5, then displaced American tech workers in violation of that law, filed illegally for green cards when they were temporary guest workers on temporary visas, moved in and took over Silicon Valley, displaced 5-10 million US tech workers illegally, and never left when they were supposed to (when Y2K ended in 2003).

If they got into the US on “temporary guest worker visas” and never left, then they entered the US on fraudulent pretenses. Fraud is always a Federal crime.

Why is Bera pushing for illegal Indians to stay in the US illegally by the millions – calling them “legal immigrants” when they are clearly illegal?

Indians are the fastest-growing illegal immigrant population in the US