More fake NASSCOM PR.

“Outdated US Immigration Policies” is codeword for: open your borders and give us your jobs.

More scare tactics by the India Inc mafia.

We’re being robbed blind by these looters.

Already Canada’s economy is dying thanks to the 3rd world invasion which began a few years ago.

Indo-Canadians in uproar over surge of foreign students

“A wave of international students coming to Canada from India are creating controversy and division, with allegations flying and a debate brewing among South Asians over whether most are victims or culprits”.

Just look at that photo.

What a bunch of racists.

Sky-high housing prices causing psychological harm

“In the almost two years since Sunny and Shilpi moved from Delhi and became permanent residents through Canada’s express-entry program, they have been patching together beginner-level jobs in technology while running a small business. That way they can continue to rent a 500-square-foot apartment in Vancouver’s West End”.

Devastating: Canada Loses 71,000 Jobs, Biggest Loss In A Decade