Yep. The 80’s + 90’s were great – thanks to Reagan’s protectionism + the Silicon Valley boom built by Americans.

But that’s all gone now, thanks to Chinese agent Bill Clinton and his witch wife giving away most of US industry to China – and flooding America with cheap foreign labor.

20 years ago China was begging America for help and now it has most of the US economy.

“On this Independence Day 2021, I reflect on the America I love so much and how it looks very different from the one I knew as a child in the 80s and 90s.

How, once upon a time, we celebrated our nationalism and patriotism, and today, there is a very vocal minority that resents the USA. I believe if they knew the realities behind China, they may rethink their position. As an American of Chinese ancestry and a community organizer on the ground, I feel an important need to discuss this topic.

As a community organizer in San Gabriel Valley and Orange County, two heavily Asian populated areas, many of whom are Chinese, I frankly was not surprised by this. For years, I have dealt with what I thought were honest moms and dads, who turned out to be deeply involved with the Chinese Communist Party (CCP). Thank goodness I have strict boundaries on the board of my organization, where we have vetted our leadership team very carefully and I have been able to identify irregularities before getting too close

Sadly, capitalism has now become a powerful tool for the Communists and authoritarians. From various human rights atrocities ramping up in recent decades, to mass infanticide of female babies in China, the U.S has slowly turned a blind eye to what was once a rallying cry for so many Americans of both sides of the aisle: save human lives and fight back against human rights atrocities. The sentiment that caused so many of us to be moved by the events at Tiananmen Square has degraded by rewriting of history or erasing it. 

Now, CCP captive Chinese corporations have bought off much of America media and local Chinese American publications praising China, such as World Journal. Many other outlets geared towards first generation immigrants, are in lock step with syndicated American news outlets, all repeating the same mantra. It was around 2012 that the media buyout quickly turned the switch off on anything negative on China“.

Congresswoman Judy Chu | Representing the 27th District of California