DeSantis Tops Trumpless 2024 GOP Primary Poll

Isaac Herzog Sworn in as Israel’s 11th President

James Woods Rips Biden, Lightfoot

John Kerry Spotted Ignoring Mask Mandate at Airport Again89

Exclusive: Jayapal Holds Infrastructure Hostage for ‘Bold Climate’ Action

Ilhan Omar: ‘Greene Tried to Force Me and Rashida Tlaib to Retake Our Oaths of Office on the Christian Bible’ | CNSNews

Company Behind The Now-Defunct Keystone XL Pipeline Is Suing The Government For $15 Bil

Remington CEO: “We’re Working 24/7 To Get Ammo Back On The Shelves”

Ron Johnson: Democrats Use ‘Bullsh*t’ Climate Change to Create ‘Fear’ and Gain ‘Control’

Tucker: ‘Your Children Taught by Some of the Most Ignorant People in the Country’

Utah BLM Says Anyone Flying American Flag Racist, Vows Donations To AOC

WATCH: Large Migrant Group Walks Through Arizona Border Wall

Sky News Shows Taliban Seizing Abandoned US Bases “Treasure Trove” Of Weapons, Ammo

While Fed Mulls Tapering, China Prepares To Cut Rates As Economy Stalls

American Oligarchy: Globalist Super-Elite Descend on Sun Valley to Plan *Your* Future Tech, Media, Finance, Sports Royalty at ‘Billionaire Summer Camp’ Institutional Racism?Attendees Overwhelmingly White!

Boy Scouts Pay Out Nearly A Billion For 60,000 Sex Abuse Victims And Almost No Arrests Were Made

Catholic League: ‘Progressives’ ‘New Racists’

Biden’s Broken Reopening: Help Wanted Gap Widens to Record

Egyptian Visa Overstay Charged in Stabbing of Boston Rabbi

Currency Wars: The World Is On The Verge Of An Epochal Monetary Revolution

Das Kapital, Dude: Polling Shows Sharp Rise In Support For Socialism Among The Young

Numbers Are In: Biden’s Big Gov Hampers Economic Growth

Trump Announces ‘Major’ Class-Action Lawsuits Against Twitter, Facebook, Google

‘Brexit Is Working!’: Farage Hails New Jobs with Nissan Investment

Largest Teachers’ Union Quietly Scrubs Pro-CRT Agenda Items From Website

Dean Cain Slams Marvel’s Woke Anti-American ‘Captain America’

Far-Left Canadian Lawmaker ‘in Solidarity’ with ‘Burn It All Down’ Activist

Millennials Face Another Housing Market Challenge, As Supply Of Starter Homes Dries Up

Nolte: Freak Out over Cameras Exposing Fanatical CRT Teachers

NYC Eric Adams: Focus on Safe Streets, Not Tweets!

Poll: Majority Think Kamala Failing on Border, 62 Percent Consider it ‘Crisis’

Sean Penn Bemoans Cancel Culture as ‘Ludicrous’ — After Trying to Cancel Maga

Youngest Member of Congress Introduces Immigration Bill to Protect Recent Graduates

Biden to nominate environmental lawyer as assistant Army secretary

Canada’s National Archive Cancels Country’s First Prime Minister

FBI Confiscates Lego Capitol Set; Agents Confirmed Among Jan 6th “Rioters”

Flash: Explosion Rocks Dubai Port

Former Planned Parenthood CEO: Vaccination Not ‘Individual Decision’

Haiti President assassinated… …Resisted Oligarchs’ Push to Get in Bed with Beijing

Jihadis ‘Running Wild’ in Massachusetts

Judicial Watch Sues to Obtain FBI Communications With Banks Over Jan. 6

Arizona Servers Breached!

Biden, resident PINO: President In Name Only

Tucker Carlson on NSA Spying Claims: ‘This Is a Huge Problem for the Country’

Bill Clinton on Bombing Anniversary: ‘Whole World Needs Oklahoma City’

Commentary: Dissenting from Woke Superstition

FAAMG pain trade sears Wall Street

Crime surge a ‘crisis of failed leadership’: Jeremy Hunt – YouTube

Why Are the Bishops Hesitating With Biden?

Judge Blocks IN Law Requiring Abortionists to Inform Women About Reversing Effects of Abortion Pill

They ARE coming to YOUR house!

Gov. Cuomo Declares ‘Disaster Emergency’ on Gun Violence in Gun-Controlled NY

Florida Man Files Lawsuit Against CDC’s Mask Mandate in Supreme Court


Governments must pay owners more than ‘fair market value’ when seizing property

‘Your Children Belong To Us’… Teachers Union Announces Fund To Fight Parents For Curriculum Control

Jerusalem Post Uses Photo Of White Men With Confederate Flags To Describe ‘Rise of the Moors’

Ben Shapiro: Legislation, Litigation, and School Boards Are All Fair Game to Stop CRT

Michelle Malkin: The January 6 Video Cover-Up—The Case of John Steven Anderson

Kirstie Alley blasts coming culture of ‘pedophilia’

Marjorie Taylor Greene: Americans are ‘over’ coronavirus pandemic, do not care about delta variant

Amnesty Would Impose Large Costs on Social Security and Medicare

New social media site GETTR boosted by Trump allies launches

Police State Announced

Psaki’s word games belie Dems’ defund the police mantra

DHS Sec. Mayorkas Expands And Extends TPS for Yemen

Rush on for elderly parent visas

DHS Nixes Rule to Limit Foreign-Student Overstays

Sen. Cotton: ‘The Capitol Police Are There to Protect the Capitol’

Former Acting ICE Director: ‘You Can’t Name One Thing This Administration Has Done to Slow the Flow’

WaPo/ABC News Poll Contains Bad Border Numbers for Biden

VIDEOBiden Pulls Out Note Cards When Asked About Russia, Provides Jumbling Response

‘Alice In Wonderland’ Stock Market Gain Expectations Now Up To 17.5% Annually

“On Friday, I interviewed with @JesseBWatters about the rising cost of goods and its impact on working families”

1,500 Businesses Crippled After U.S. Software Firm Hit With Cyberattack

1400 Criminal Migrants Arrested in One Texas Border Sector This Year

2-Year-Old Migrant Child Dropped Off on Mexican Highway Next to Corpse

A New Angle on Immigration Fraud Pops Up in the Marianas

A Stunned Wall Street Responds To China’s Droconian Didi Crackdown

ACLU and the Biden Regime Argue that Protections Against Electoral Fraud Are Racially Discriminatory

Activist Teachers Brag About Injecting Race, ‘Equity’ Lessons In Elementary Classrooms

Activists Alleges States Sending Law Enforcement to Border Engaging in ‘Insurrection’

Afghan Migrant Confesses to Acid Attack on Woman in Swiss Parking Garage

Afghan Women Take Up Arms Against Taliban as Army Flees

Afghans Who ‘Helped’ German Military Begin Arriving in Germany

Allen West Declares Candidacy For TX Governor

Anglo-American tripwire traps Russian bear

Arkansas + Ohio Join Multitude of States Sending Law Enforcement to S. Border

Arkansas Republicans Help Give Professional Licenses to Illegal Aliens

As America Recedes, China Rises

As Chicago Downtown Rebounds, Concerns of Violent Crime Grow

Ben Carson Rips Critical Race Theory

Biden focused on ice cream, cherry talk on campaign-style Michigan trip: ‘Chocolate chip guy’

Biden Makes It Easier to Naturalize

Biden Support Drops as Crises Grow Crime, Illegal Immigration, Inflation Soar

Biden Tells Americans Getting Vaccinated Is “The Most Patriotic Thing You Can Do”

Biden Would ‘Certainly Support’ States Re-imposing COVID-19 Restrictions

Biden: We’ll Knock on Doors to Pressure People to get Vaccinated

Biden’s Border Predicament

Bishop Schneider: ‘We are living in a spiritual battle between truth and lies’

Blackness Fatigue: Enough is Too Much, by Fred Reed – The Unz Review

Blue Jackets goalie Matiss Kivlenieks dies at age 24

Bob Gorrell for Jul 06, 2021, by Bob Gorrell | Creators Syndicate

Border Patrol Nabs Slew of Criminal Illegals, Including Gang Members, Sex Offenders

Can you pass a dictators, despots and tyrants history test?

Charlie Stone | RT Let’s Scrap University, They’re Just Teaching Youngsters to be Snowflakes

Chinese History Museum destroyed in wildfire

Church World Service Seeking Ways to Boost Refugee Numbers

CNN Says “Tucker Carlson is the New Alex Jones”

Cosby blasts mainstream media as ‘insurrectionists’ trying to ‘demolish the Constitution’

David Stockman On The Fed’s Socialist Monetary Policies And What Comes Next

Defending America

Democrats Pledge Allegiance to Communism

Denmark Scraps Plans for Immigrant Departure Centre on Island Amid Pressure

DHS Grants ‘Temporary’ Protected Status to Yemen Nationals

Differing German, Austrian Narratives on Migrant Crime

Diners at North Carolina Waffle House may have caught hepatitis A virus, officials fear

Divisive critical race theory spits on the Civil Rights Movement

Dr. Charles Hoffe: ‘Vaccine Is Quite Clearly More Dangerous Than COVID-19’

Edu Union to Target Those Opposing CRT: Florida Mom Says ‘Bring It On’

EU Proposes To Exempt Private Jets, Cargo From Jet Fuel Tax

Experts challenge Biden crime-fighting strategy of targeting gun sales: ‘A silly, childish notion’

Facial recognition used to verify vaccine beneficiaries: govt

Fauci Recommended Canceling Religious ‘Services’ — But Approved Campaign Rallies & Cruises

Fauci-Funded EcoHealth Refuses To Give Wuhan Documents To Congress

Fears decapitated Asian woman may be victim of hate crime

Former Police Officer Recounts Witnessing ‘Industrialized’ Organ Harvesting in China

Georgian Protesters Storm LGBT Office, Tear Down Pride Flags And Replace Them With National Flag

Germany lifts ban on travellers from India, UK

GETTR – The Marketplace of Ideas

Global Stocks Rise To New Record High As US Futures Drift In Muted Holiday Session

Government & Regulations Seattle chamber files appeal over payroll tax decision

Government-Funded NPR Faces Backlash After Trashing Declaration of Independence on July 4

Graphene In Pfizer ‘COVID’ Vaccine Could Be Causing Widespread Blood Clots

Henry Winkler: We Need a ‘Cataclysmic Event’ to Bring the U.S. Back Together

Here’s Where World’s Richest Are Mooring Superyachts

House Democrats slammed for America-bashing July 4th posts

How Getting a Vaccine in India Is a ‘Privilege’ Especially For Those in Rural Areas

HuffPo’s Christopher Mathias Another Spoiled Rich Brat Targeting Ordinary Americans

Illegal Aliens Raid Texas Ranch House, Steal Guns & Ammo

In Order to Boost Refugee Numbers, Church World Service Wants New Way to Admit Them

In Space No One Can Hear You Scream At Billionaires

Internet Giants Threaten to End Service in Hong Kong over Proposed Data Protection Law

Italian Island Non-Stop Migrant Landings58

Jim Acosta drowned out by border boos during Trump event: ‘Will you apologize about Jan. 6?’

John Rutherford Takes Up Rick Scott’s Proposal to Ensure TSA Won’t Demand Vaccine Passports

Kevin McCarthy Taps Byron Donalds to the American Economy Task Force

Kobach: Biden Helping Free Illegal Alien Child Rapists, Domestic Abusers

Less Than 20,000 Tune In To Biden 4th July Live Stream

Lightfoot’s Chicago: +70 Shot over July 4th Weekend

Looters Ransack Afghanistan’s Bagram Air Base After US Troops Leave

Mad Max goes off on Declaration of Independence

Man Brutally Beaten, Robbed by Mob of North Africans Outside Spanish Club

Man Stabbed to Death by African Migrant at Paris Metro Station

Marco Rubio, Dan Webster Push Back After IRS Denies Tax-Exempt Status to Christians Engaged

Mastek appoints former top Wipro Executive as new Global CEO

Matt Gaetz Wants Britney Spears to Testify Before Congress on Conservatorships

McCarthy: Maybe Cheney Is ‘Closer’ to Pelosi Than GOP Conference After Joining January 6 Committee

Military Members Say They’ll “Quit” If Army Mandates COVID-19 Vaccine: Congressman

Nation’s Largest Teachers’ Union Resolves to Promote Critical Race Theory, Obstruct Critics

National Geographic Says 4th of July Fireworks Are Racist Because Smoke Disproportionately Affects Black People

Neal Dunn, Michael Waltz Named to House GOP’s China Task Force

No clues on vanished Calif. man after 5 years, drained lake

NPR Backlash After Trashing Declaration of Independence

NYT Faces Backlash for Politicizing July 4th ‘If Flag Offends You, Move Elsewhere’

Opinion: My business survived COVID-19, may not survive Congress

Orbán: EU’s LGBT ‘Colonialism’ Threaten’s Our Way of Life

Over 535 Charged 6 Months After Jan. 6 Capitol Breach: DOJ

Pennsylvania Senate Chairman Initiates Forensic Probe of 2020, 2021 Elections

People Around the World are Starving to Death, UN Wants to Give Them Abortions Instead of Food

Plane Carrying 28 Crashes Into The Sea In Russia’s Far East

Poll: Biden Receives Low Marks on Immigration |

Report: Iran’s Doomsday Clock on Israel Shuts Down Due to Electricity Shortage

Rev. Graham: Celebrating ‘Gay Pride Month’ Is Like Celebrating a Month for ‘Lying, Adultery, or Murder’

Ross Gittins: Abandon a ‘Big Australia’

Russia, NATO in new Cold War tango at sea

Services Surveys Signal Stagflation As Recovery Bounce Peaked In Q2 But Prices Soared

SJWs! Your Marxist Revolution Is Over

Springsteen’s daughter makes Olympic equestrian team

Tamil Cooking channel’s subscribers cross 1 crore

Tensions Run High on Border as Crisis Worsens

Tesla autopilot killed 15-year-old Bay Area boy, says lawsuit

Tesla Reportedly Asked Chinese Government To Help Censor Social Media Posts Critical Of The Company

Texas Sheriffs, ICE Officers Say Biden Admin Crippling Their Ability to Arrest, Deport Dangerous Criminals

The Dark Plan To Mutate Man

The Global Minimum Corporate Tax Exposes The G-7’s Hypocrisy

The great federal-debt Ponzi scheme

The top 5 SF home sales of 2021 are all over $15 million

Thermo Fisher Scientific opening major operations hub next to Nashville Superspeedway

Three Illegals Rescued in Wilderness

Top Indian Navy Officer Meets with U.S. 3rd Fleet Commander in San Diego – Times of San Diego

Tucson to ignore Arizona ‘Second Amendment sanctuary’ law

Twitter failed to comply with new IT Rules: Centre to Delhi High Court

Two Florida Congresswomen Named to GOP’s Future of American Freedoms Task Force

U. of Chicago Student Hit by Stray Bullet on Train, Dies168

UFOs Are A Diversion—And A Revelation.

UK Faces “Potentially Catastrophic” Financial Hit As COVID Legacy Costs Mount

UK in Talks With Denmark About Shared Migrant Centrer in Africa

Unaccompanied Migrant Minors continue flooding into Texas

University of Illinois launches endowed chair on Jainism | News India Times

Up in arms over San Jose gun rules, activists promise lawsuits – San José Spotlight

US Bans Air Travel to Belarus Over Arrest of Opposition Journalist

US pullout from Afghanistan evokes horrors of Cambodia

US Refugee Resettlement Program Rife With Fraud, Former State Dept. Official Warns

Valiant Reporter Exposes Torture of Jan 6th Political Prisoners

Video shows 10 people dashing out of SF Neiman Marcus with purses

WaPo/ABC Poll: Majority of Voters Disapprove of Joe Biden’s Open Border

We Are All Britney Spears Under Covid-19 Tyranny

We Are Winning: Alex Jones’ 2021 4th of July Message

What stocks do Santa Clara County lawmakers own?

White House Under Pressure to Ease Coronavirus Travel Bans

White House Vows To ‘Take Action’ Against Russia-Based Cybercriminals if Kremlin Doesn’t

Who are THEY – A look at Globalists and Monopolists

Yellowstone National Park and gateway town businesses struggle under labor shortage

Zimbabwe Joins Growing # of African Countries Rejecting COVID Vax


Huawei licenses 4G tech for ’30m Volkswagen cars’

Drought: The end of California’s groundwater free-for-all

Filmmaker Richard Donner, of ‘Superman,’ ‘Goonies’ fame, dead at 91

Intel Delays “Sapphire Rapids” Server Chips, Confirms HBM Memory Option

LinkedIn wheels and deals to cement long-term South Bay presence

Turkey to make its own maritime missile-launching system after sanctions interrupt Lockheed plans

‘Time Cells’ Discovered in Human Brain – Study

3 Microsoft executives plan to leave the company – Puget Sound Business Journal

Android Apps with 5.8 million Installs Caught Stealing Users’ Facebook Passwords

Apple ban on P.O. box delivery snarls orders in Boxted, Essex

Apple wooed by tax incentives, labor pool in $1B North Carolina expansion | AppleInsider

Biden to ask FTC to draft new right to repair regulations

Blue Origin to fly Mercury 13 woman on first crewed New Shepard flight

ByteDance selling TikTok’s AI technology to firms, including those in India

Calif. Driver Ticketed for Hood-Mounted (Starlink?) Satellite Dish

Chinese CPU Designer Loongson Wants to Raise $544 Million With IPO

Developers claim that PlayStation is particularly difficult to work with

Everything you need to know about the Robinhood IPO

Fungible claims fastest storage node on the market, at 6.55 mil IOPS

Google Kicks Credential-Stealing Android Apps From the Play Store

How Congressional Influence on the Executive Branch Shapes China Policy 

Huawei unit signs chip supply chain deal with China partner – Nikkei Asia

Intel agencies, armed services push for more data and capability sharing to win future fights

LG Group to sell Apple devices at its stores after mobile biz exit

Litter Buggies Haul Trash Off The Beach

Microsoft releases emergency Windows patch to fix critical vulnerability

NASA seeking proposals for next phase of Artemis

New Executive Order Aims to Protect Sensitive Data from Foreign Adversaries

Nintendo announces Switch OLED

NSA, FBI Reveal Hacking Methods Used by Russian Military Hackers

Over 70 Percent of YouTube Videos Viewers Deemed Objectionable Recommended by YouTube’s Own Algorithm

Pentagon cancels disputed JEDI contract with Microsoft

Radio telescope faces “extremely concerning” threat from satellite constellations

The Race Is On: GM Makes Multimillion Dollar Investment In U.S. Lithium Project

Tim Cook returns to annual elite Sun Valley conference | AppleInsider

U.S. Space Command signs data-sharing agreement with Libre Space Foundation

Vietnamese workers sleep on factory floors to prevent COVID outbreaks

Warren calls on watchdog to probe Google for alleged advertising abuses


Beijing Warns Japan Over Defense of Taiwan: ‘China Is No Longer What it Was’

Japan deals China yet another humiliation, this time in the Philippines

Japan offers vaccines to Taiwan-friendly islands in the Pacific

Japan’s No. 2 raises possibility of joining US in defending Taiwan

Japanese minister calls on world to protect Taiwan

Japanese Studies Find Long-Term Effects of COVID-19 |

One in Three Japanese Aged 70 to 74 Remain in Employment

Scandal-hit Mitsubishi Electric supplied train equipment for NY, London

Scientists find genetic differences between northern Chinese, Koreans and Japanese

SoftBank hires NBCUniversal exec as global communications head

Tokyo’s talk on Taiwan gets tougher and louder

Would Japan come to Taiwan’s defense?


‘Red tourism’: Inside China’s new propaganda theme park

A Chinese ‘Spy Recruitment’ Scholar is Now Running Joe Biden’s NSA Personnel Department

Blinken Holds Meeting With Uyghur Survivors of China’s Internment Camps

‘Mass State-Sanctioned Kidnapping:’ Tens of Thousands Terrorized Under China’s Secretive Detention System

🇨🇳Twitter Locks China Scholar Who Dared to Mock Xi Jinping🇨🇳

China’s hostility ensures the rise of a more antagonistic India

Chinese foreign ministry says biggest cybersecurity threat posed by US

Chinese Policymakers Are Being Sent To A Mao Bootcamp

The CCP’s 100 Year Anniversary: Bashing Heads!

On the CCP’s Centennial, 380 Million People Have Already Quit the Party and Its Organizations

US does not support Taiwan independence: Kurt Campbell

China megadeveloper lurches further into crisis

Chinese growth is falling away

Basketball player Jeff Harper was detained in China

Biden Admin to Admit Missing Vax Goal Before July 4

Billie Eilish so sorry for Using Racial Slurs

BlackRock to launch green infrastructure fund in Asia

CCP threatening global democracy, MAC says

China avoids repeat of Alaska clash with US at G-20

China Celebrates Hong Kong Conquest

China could leave US lost in space

China DEPORTED him for making a FACEBOOK post!

China outspends US in ASEAN investment blitz

China scrambles as delta strain strikes megacities

China Tries To Solve Its Rocket Debris Problem

China: WeiyangX Fintech Review

China’s Nuclear Disaster Imminent?

China’s new Tibetan line tracks the Indian border

China’s next big regulatory clampdown

Chinese surveillance firm builds influence in Washington

Communist China uses Cancel Culture against YOU!

Didi shares plunge 25% in New York after China crackdown

Does Biden have a North Korea policy? Not really

Economic outlook all China apologists must read

Everybody except Labor dislikes China

Four takeaways from Didi’s IPO debacle

Green bonds grow on Asia’s investors

Groups urge boycott of Beijing Games

Happy 100th birthday, CCP. But tomorrow?

Hong Kong’s Apple Daily Says It Is Not Shutting Down

Indonesia’s dirty coal habit is proving hard to break

Inside Hollywood’s Thorny China Problem

Interventionism Turns Crisis into Depression

Labor celebrates a half century of China corruption

Lai calls on China to stop media repression

Lying flat – China’s Silent Revolution

My Racism Christmas Story

North Korean regime seeks sympathy for ‘thin’ Kim

Opinion: The Tragic Truth: Organ Harvesting in China

Q&A with Mike Pompeo: We won’t bend the knee to China

Replacing God: The CCP’s Century-Long War Against Faith

Revenge Attacks! China’s Mass Stabbing Crisis!

S. Korean facility stores 95,000 seeds in case of extinction

Sat photos reveal ‘incredible’ ICBM silo expansion in China

SCAMMED by the Chinese Luck Lion Bracelet!

Shenzhen skyscraper shakes up Chinese thinking on growth

Shenzhen’s home prices soaring up and up

State Dept. Alum: Wuhan Lab ‘Hiding’ Records

Taiwan Pushes Back After Xi Jinping Vows ‘Reunification’

The Nazis Are Back!

The US will prefer a China contest to the forever wars

The terror group China fears the most

The World DOESN’T NEED China!, China needs the World!

TRAITORS working for Communist Chinese Government?

UK government accused of cronyism with pandemic contracts

Unfavourable opinions about China have reached historic highs

US a big winner of China-Australia trade war

US editor Nathan Maung says he was tortured by Myanmar junta

US-China engagement tipped to pick up: Biden-Xi summit eyed

Watch: Huge Sandstorm Swallows Mongolian City

We Interviewed A Former Elite N Korean Spy

Why are Chinese troops assembling on the Myanmar border?

Why is China so keen to get involved in the Falklands dispute?

Why Wall Street’s Love Affair With Beijing Is Sparking Concerns

Xi pledges ‘reunification’ with Taiwan

Xi tells Macron and Merkel he hopes to expand cooperation

You can NEVER ESCAPE the Communist Party of China!

You Can Trust Chinese Communists to Be Brutal Communists

You Fell for it! CHINA made you feel BAD!

Obama’s “Vote Protection Director” Now Lobbies For A Firm The State Department Flagged As a ‘Tool’ Of Chinese Communist Party.

UN rights official seeks access to Hong Kong amid security law concerns

Xi’s useful idiots must declare which freedoms they’ll crush

…‘Liberals Don’t Want to Say Anything’ about China’s Abuses Because They Think It’s Racist

‘Creeping capture’: How China is trying to ‘control’ global bodies like UN

‘Not on my watch’: can Biden slow China’s becoming the world’s biggest economy?

‘Repellent’: China abruptly shuts down LGBT organisations on social media

Ailing Baidu pins its hopes on EVs but the plan may already be stalling

Analysis: On party’s centennial, China drifts further from world

Apple Daily editorial writer arrested at airport while trying to leave city

Beijing hits back after Biden blames ‘repression’ for Apple Daily folding

Beijing Issues Protest after Japan Signals it Would Join US to Defend Taiwan in Case of Chinese Attack

Beijing Plans To Scrap Longstanding Loophole Allowing Chinese Firms To List In US

Beijing signs up to global tax deal that could bring in $150bn annually

Beijing Warns Japan Over Defense of Taiwan: ‘China Is No Longer What it Was’

Biden Allies Worked for Group With Close Ties to Chinese Communist Party

Biden crackdown on Beijing dims hopes for Chinese companies in US

Biden Decries Beijing’s ‘Intensifying Suppression’ in Hong Kong After Apple Daily Closure

Bill Would Prohibit Visas to Aliens with Ties to Chinese Military

Bitcoin’s Homegrown Hash: Did China Just Make A Deal With The US?

Carrie Lam missing city’s 1997 handover commemorations to attend Communist Party’s centenary celebrations in Beijing

China bans new super skyscrapers, capping buildings at 500 metres

China blames US for conflicts from Afghanistan to Iran

China Brags about having Stellar Human Rights! What BS!

China Building over a Hundred ICBM Silos in Western Desert

China builds bunker to test whether nuclear waste can be dumped underground

China courts New Zealand with offer to work together in Pacific

China Deepens Crypto Crackdown With Central Bank Warning

China extends probes of US-listed tech groups after curbs on Didi

China Falsely Claims U.S. Constitution Forbids ‘Filth’ and ‘Hate’ Speech

China gives military training in Pakistan China gives military training in Pakistan

China Has ‘Disappeared’ Tens of Thousands Under System of ‘State-Sanctioned Kidnapping’

China Has Never Regarded US as Friend in Past 70 Years: Retired CCP Professor

China is not the cyber superpower that many people think

China issues furious response after Canada condemns human rights record

China opposes UN rights chief’s remarks on Hong Kong, Xinjiang

China spells out wartime conscription plans for first time

China surveillance firm Hikvision hires former lawmakers Moffett, Vitter and Boxer as lobbyists

China Trots Out Corrupt Ex-Afghan President Hamid Karzai to Whine About U.S.

China Will ‘Destroy’ Japan Forces In A Taiwan Conflict, Media Personality Says

China-India: contours of a conflict to come – Asia Times

China’s control over Sri Lankan infrastructure reignites fears

China’s Internal Passport System – Country Folk Can’t Enter the Cities

China’s long arm squeezes Australia academic freedom: rights group

China’s gets bailout from local governments and Alibaba

China’s biggest research ship to head to Paracels on maiden voyage

China’s Communist Party turns 100: how each generation justifies its rule

China’s Communist Party visually explained: timeline of history

China’s Power Grid Failing Its Sprawling Southern Factory Belt

China’s regulators tighten rules for global IPOs, stymies fundraising

China’s star swimmer Sun Yang out of Tokyo Olympics after CAS ban

China’s top spy agency honours veteran communists on ‘hidden front lines’

Chinese Communist Party centenary rap falls flat as music fans diss-miss track

Chinese Communist Party has lessons to keep from fallen dynasties

Chinese EV battery maker Envision to build $2.4bn plant for Renault

Chinese Hackers Attack Afghanistan National Security Council

Chinese Scientist Who Shipped Deadly Pathogens to Wuhan Held 2 Patents

Chinese State Media Use Indian Air Force Footage in Centennial Propaganda

Chinese Use Social Media Apps in Marijuana Money Laundering Scheme

City Beat | Is Hong Kong’s administrative officer-led governing system over?

Communists Pack Tiananmen Square on CCP’s 100th Anniversary

Communists Play God to Clean Up One-Child Policy Mess

Company with Ties to Chinese Communists Buys 1/3 of UK Steel Industry

Death of Free Press Spells the End of a Free Hong Kong: Jimmy Lai Advisor

Did The Federal Government Kill Chinese Defector To Cover Up Covid Bioweapon?

Doubts over China vaccines’ effectiveness mar production push

Economy Media Hypes Underwhelming Jobs Report posted 18 hours ago

Education in China: high costs, intense competition for schools, excessive tutoring, fewer children

Euro MPs to call for Olympic boycott and sanctions on Hong Kong officials

Feds don’t need a ‘China Initiative’ to go after trade secret theft | IAM

Fmr. State Dept. Official: Wuhan Lab ‘Hiding’ Records

Former “stooge of China” gives nod to Darwin Port seizure

Former Apple Daily Executive Mark Simon: ‘You Can’t Kill the Idea of Freedom’

Former Police Officer Recounts Witnessing “Industrialized” Organ Harvesting In China

France Investigates Firms for ‘Crimes Against Humanity’ over Xinjiang Slave Labour

From Dove to Hawk: Nebraska Governor Explains Lessons From Dealing With CCP

From Gaza to Xinjiang, Israel is increasingly in China’s crossfire

Funds’ Flow Out of Asia Sparked by Virus Spikes and Inflation Unease

Germany wants independent China experts to diminish Beijing’s influence

HK media erase their archives amid rising arrests

Hong Kong backs US-led effort to ‘combat tax evasion’, with China on board

Hong Kong’s forbidden fruit: the rise and fall of Apple Daily

House Committee Approves Amendment Banning Funds to Wuhan Lab

How China is attempting to influence Australian university students

How Covid is shaping financial management in Hong Kong

How the National Security Law transformed Hong Kong in one year

In Singapore, massive fraud ensnares members of growing wealthy class

Is The West Strategically Reorganizing To Fight Communist China?

Italy Rejects Chinese COVID-19 Vaccines as China Admits They Are Less Effective Against Delta

Jakarta becomes a ghost town as Covid lockdown starts

Kennedy: ‘The Communist Party of China Lies — They Can Lie Like They Breathe’

Maher: ‘Outrageous’ Facebook, Google Suppressed Lab Leak Theory

Man who broke China’s child laws by having 8 kids gets fine reduction

North Korea highlights Kim’s weight loss as food shortage builds

North Korea TV: Nation ‘Heartbroken’ by Kim Jong-un’s Weight Loss

North Korean foreign minister Ri Son-gwon rules out talks with US

Pence: China ‘the Greatest Threat to Our Prosperity, Security, and Values’

Philippines mourns ‘Noynoy’ Aquino, a man who actually beat China

Pro-Beijing Lawmaker: ‘Why Not?’ Have a Police State in Hong Kong

Rand Paul: Coronavirus “In All Likelihood, Came From The Lab”

Real regional cooperation not possible unless China has ‘confidence and trust’ of neighbours

Rubio: China May Be Developing ’Much Deadlier’ Pandemic

Rubio: Time to Impose Sanctions if China Doesn’t Allow Investigation of COVID-19‘s Origins

Shenzhen tamps down wages with eye on China’s manufacturing exodus

Singapore minister appeals to local Chinese community to be sensitive towards minorities

Singapore’s majority-Chinese population should do more to address racism: minister

Speculation after Jackie Chan leaves companies owned by wife Lin Feng-chiao

Sussex County man admits to obtaining $5.6 Million Loan fraudulently | News India Times

Taiwan says it is discussing Covid-19 vaccine passports with international bodies

The Show the Chinese Communist Party Doesn’t Want You to See

Top Chinese film actress in TV series criticised for bad acting and looks

Trade war reaches third anniversary with ‘slim’ chance of de-escalation

Travel restrictions imposed on Chinese border city after local infections reported

Tributes pour in for Aquino, Philippine leader who stood up to China

U.S. Bans Chinese Imports of Solar Panel Materials Tied to Forced Labor

UN Body Collaborating with CCP Agency Known for Human Rights Violations: Rights Group

UN Genocide Prevention Specialist Lists Problems in a Dozen Countries – But Not China

US Resolution ‘Looks Forward to the Day That the Chinese Communist Party No Longer Exists’

US, Australia Guarding Against China’s Infiltration of Undersea Cable Projs

US, Japan Reportedly Conduct ‘Top Secret War Games’, Plan For Possible Taiwan Conflict

Vancouver: Epicentre of China’s Massive Flow of Fentanyl into North America

Vatican Foreign Minister to Epoch Times: Church Has No Positive Contribution to Make in HK

WEF Pledges to Censor ‘Health Misinformation’ and ‘Anti-Vaccine Content’

Weibo Chairman Chao Denies Report He Wants to Take Social Media Giant Private

Welcome mats by Britain, Australia, Canada lure 1000s who feel Hong Kong is no longer home

Wolf Warrior diplomacy’s future amid China’s foreign image problems

World Economic Forum makes censorship pledge to “tackle harmful content and conduct online”

Wuhan Alum Pushing ‘Natural Origins’ Theory Now Works At Lab Receiving Millions From CCP Companies

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