Bigfoot Anon

‘Dark money’ topped $1 billion in 2020, largely boosting Democrats

Biden Regime Violates HIPP…

Brownstein Hyatt will lobby in US for ex-Libyan interior minister

Inside one CA city’s multimillion-dollar effort to convert motels into affordable housing

Hospitality industry churns and burns workers

‘Refugees’ to 43 States in June – But Not Biden’s Delaware

‘Burn Them!’: Mob Tries to Lynch Haiti Assassination Suspects100

‘China Was Correct’: Biden Advisor Applauds CCP-Style ‘Monitoring And Speech Control’ of Speech.

‘Utterly Unacceptable’: Judge Blasts DC Jail for Not Allowing Jan. 6 Capitol Defendant Access to Evidence

A Chinese ‘Spy Recruitment’ Scholar is Now Running Joe Biden’s NSA Personnel Department.

Actor Kevin Sorbo slams Hollywood over ‘new level of insanity’

Afghan ‘Refugees’ Expected to Overrun Europe

Afghan Refugees Expected to Overrun Europe – Refugee Resettlement Watch

At Least 2 American Citizens Arrested for Assassination of Haiti’s President: Officials

Bear pulls woman out of her tent, kills her in Montana

Biden Admin Has ‘Dramatically Escalated’ Special Visa Process for Afghans

Biden Admin to Move $860 Million in COVID Funds to House ‘Child Migrants’

Biden Directs ICE to Limit Arrests of Pregnant, Nursing Women

Biden Lobbies FCC to Restore Obama-Era Net Neutrality Rules43

Biden Presser Disaster, Strange Mumblings, Bin Laden ‘Mental Lapse’ Lies And More

Biden Regime Dictates: Government Has A Right To Know Vax Status, HIPPA Ignored – Conservative Daily Post

Biden Set To Sign Sweeping Executive Order To “Promote Competition” Across Tech, Pharma, Other Industries

Biden: ‘There Is No Mission Accomplished’ in Afghanistan

Black Lives Matter Utah Chapter Deems American Flag ‘Symbol of Hatred’

Bollywood’s ‘tragedy king’ Dilip Kumar dies at 98

Bozell: ‘American Marxism’ Is Mark Levin’s Most Important Book Ever

Britney Spears, MK-Ultra, and the Destruction of America

Calif. to spend millions building ‘freeway’ for animals

California University Pays Faculty to Attend CRT Training Sessions

Can Science Explain Recent Pentagon UFO Disclosures?

CDC Releases New Mask Guidance For K-12 Schools, Says Vaccinations Should Be Tracked

Chamber of Commerce sells waterfront HQ in million-dollar sale

China a ‘welcome friend’ for reconstruction in Afghanistan: Taliban spokesman | South China Morning Post

Clyburn: ‘We Are Always for Voter ID’

CNN’s Cuomo: CRT Is About ‘Just Choosing Which Stories Matter’ in American History

Cruz Introduces Bill Banning Federal Vax Database

Cryptocurrency: A serious threat; Blockchain: A revolution underway

Dam project leaves Santa Clara County’s largest drinking water source dry

David Limbaugh: Who Are the Real Bullies on Race?

Dean Cain: I’m tired of ‘woke-ism and anti-Americanism’

Democrats Quietly Plotting to Slip Massive Amnesty into Budget Reconciliation Bill |

Democrats Wage New War on Online 3D Printed Guns and Blueprints

Dodd admits international education model is broken

Durbin Puts Credit Card Rewards in Political Peril

EDD logjam mounts, Assembly adds staff to deal with requests for help

Eight Hospitalized During Maritime Smuggling Event in SoCal

EU Deploys Border Guards to Lithuania Amid Migrant Surge Via Belarus

European Parliament Passes Resolution on Hong Kong Calling for ‘Urgent and Resolute’ Action

Family of Indian-American astronaut on Virgin Galactic crew “happy and overwhelmed”

Featured Biden Health Secretary: “It Is Absolutely The Government’s Business” To Track Unvaccinated Americans

Featured Epic Memes Bash Biden’s Door-to-Door Vaccine Task Force

Featured Mom, 45, Hired at John Hopkins Hospital Dies After Reaction to Work-Mandated Covid Vaccine by Adan Salazar

Fed Finds Inflation Is “More Lasting But Likely Still Temporary”

Fighting Social Engineering

Globalism New Zealand Health Minister: Gov’t Will Be “Chasing Out” Unvaccinated People

Harris: Voter ID Could Mean People Have to Copy ID and Send It In and People Live in Areas Where There Isn’t a Kinko’s or OfficeMax

HHS Secretary: Door-Knock Vaccination Effort ‘Is Absolutely the Government’s Business’

High Cost But Useless Master’s Degrees And Who’s Offering Them

Hobbs calls on Brnovich to investigate election interference in AZ

How the Delta variant beat the ban on flights from India

Hundreds Attend 39th AAPI Convention In Atlanta, Governor Anandiben Patel Praises…

Illegal Alien Who Used Fake Identity Jailed for Life for Killing Boss, Fleeing UK

IMF Chief Warns Of “Sustained” Rise In US Inflation

LA reels from an alarming spike in killings and shootings

Levin Slams ‘Diabolical, Anti-Children’ Teachers Unions

Liberal Author, Censored by Twitter and YouTube After Questioning Fauci, Considers Suing

MA Police Department Faces Allegations of anti-Asian and anti-Muslim Racism

Microsoft to give $1500 bonus go all employees, here’s why

Most Voters Want Schools to Teach Traditional Western Values: Rasmussen Poll

Netherlands: Political Opposition to Open Border Policies Criminalized

New fund to combat antisemitism in Ontario schools

Newsom’s $1.5 bil litter cleanup campaign kicks off in Richmond with promise of new jobs

No plans yet for first Google-San Jose funds

Nolte: Poll Reveals 58% Believe ‘The Media Are Truly the Enemy of the People’

On Day 145, Biden Raged Against Populism, While Falling Silent On Putin.

Opinion: Delta variant panic could cause more harm than good

Pelosi Praises the ‘Beautiful and Saintly Life’ of Congressman Who Had 100% Pro-Abortion Record

Pelosi’s Husband Bought Amazon Options Just Before New DOD Contract

Pelosi’s Husband Bought up to $11 Million of Big Tech Stocks

Pentagon Spokesman: U.S. Still Believes a Negotiated Settlement With the Taliban Is Possible

Pfizer boosts booster shot, US agencies balk Pharma giant Pfizer has begun pitching for a booster shot of the coronavirus vaccine saying the efficacy of its two-shot regimen declines after six months. But in an implicit rebuke of the pushiness with which a third dose is being proposed, US agencies are saying a determination on this is yet to be made, science will dictate the process, and for now, a booster shot is not called for.

Poll: 77% of Americans Want Additional Police amid Crime Surge

Poll: Majority Do Not Believe Biden Mentally Capable Of Executing Presidential Duties

Poll: Majority of Dems say Corona Originated from Wuhan Lab

Pop star inspires Silicon Valley lawmaker’s conservatorship reform

Psaki on Door-to-Door Vaccinations: ‘They Are Not Federal Government Employees’

Rand Paul Says He Will Introduce Bill To Scrap Mask Mandate ‘Farce’

Rashida Tlaib: ‘We Must Eliminate Funding for CBP, ICE,’ and DHS 108

Rebellion Simmers Alongside Curries In The Great Indian Kitchen

Renowned Brain Surgeons Warn Covid-19 “Vaccines” Are Literally Eating People’s Brains

Rep. Scalise: ‘No Matter What App You’re Using, They’re Tracking Things That You May Not Even Realize’

Russia’s $190 Billion Sovereign Wealth Fund Is Nearly Done Dumping Dollars

San Jose loses historic building in Alviso

Sarah Everard: Police officer Wayne Couzens pleads guilty to murder of 33-year-old

Say hello to the diplo-Taliban

Schumer, Pelosi, Biden Admin Working Behind Closed Doors on Amnesty Plan, Sen. Cotton Warns

Study: Taxpayer-Funded Abortion Seekers Are Often Repeat Customers

Swedish Opposition Leader Under Fire for Calling Immigration ‘a Burden’

Tennessee Cop Knocked Unconscious After Allegedly Making Racist Remarks

Theranos: Holmes’ lawyer blames feds over database her company dismantled

Toyota Will No Longer Donate To Republicans Who Voted To Overturn 2020 Election

Trending Video: White House Says “STRIKE FORCES” Being Sent To Get Kids Vaccinated posted a day ago

Two South Florida Men Among Suspects Arrested In Assassination Of Haitian President

U.S. News Capitol Police, Exempt From FOIA & Above The Law, Expanding Throughout U.S. Thanks to $2B in New Funding by Chris Menahan

UK Prime Minister Orders Security Review on Chinese Acquisition of UK’s Biggest Semiconductor Maker

Vaccination Does Not Protect Against Delta Variant –

Voting Integrity, Abortion, Critical Race Theory, Transgenderism Among the Agenda Items for Texas Special Session

WATCH: Big Tech’s Top ‘Fact-Checker’ Refuses to Drop Chinese Communist Party ‘Mouthpiece’ As Client.

White House: Hunter Biden Art Sale Arrangement Shows Administration’s High Ethical Standards

Xuberance In Oakland


‘M2’ chip to arrive in early 2022 in a colorful MacBook Air, says leaker

Apple shares close at record high, market cap hits $2.4 trillion

Apple to build first Apple Developer Academy in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

Compendium of Recommendations on China Policy for the Biden Admin

DiDi’s humbling is the end of an era for Chinese cross-border IPOs

Elon Musk’s trial in SolarCity bailout case asks the $2 billion question: Who controls Tesla?

Entities like Facebook have to remain accountable, says Supreme Court

Fake Apple stocks are starting to trade on various blockchain platforms

Free speech incidental to user contract, Twitter tells Delhi High Court

GoDaddy moves headquarters from Scottsdale to Tempe

Google increases developer verification requirements to combat fakes

Google, Twitter And Facebook Eye Leaving Hong Kong If Data Laws Pass

Hamster Trades Crypto Better Than You

Hidden Radios in Home Devices

Insect-Sized Robot with the Agility of a Cheetah

Maine prohibiting offshore wind projects in state waters

Malaysia gets cracking with its 5G rollout

Medtronic Begins Early Feasibility Study of Intrepid System to Treat Tricuspid Valve Regurgitation

Northrop Grumman Nets $54M Deal

Social media manipulation threatens poll process, says Supreme Court

Sony Invests in Epic Games

Stepsize: Engineers waste 1 day a week on technical debt

Users report some original HomePods ‘bricking’ with software version 14.6 update

Vocera signs rental deal to expand San Jose operations, shift HQ

Wikipedia Co-Founder Larry Sanger Claims Site Is Leftist Propaganda and ‘Opponent of Vigorous Democracy’

Windows 11 Nightmare is About to Begin