US Congresswoman Pramila Jayapal says Trump not conceding ...

Well what else did you expect out of an Indian racist?

Jobs for Americans?

Because there is no backlog.

You’re all temporary guest workers and have to leave under Title 8 if Americans are unemployed.

Why so entitled, there, job robber?

All US jobs belong to Americans first, not entitled invader racist Y2K visa overstayers.

The only backlog is 74 million working age-Americans not in the workforce whom people such as your self are keeping out of jobs.

What makes you entitled to America when you’re a temporary guest?

No, because you are non-constitutents. If you don’t have the power to vote, you aren’t allowed to influence the US gov’t. That’s how America works, remember?

USA doesn’t owe you anything, although you seem to think it does.

You’re all now guests who have worn out their welcome.