UK student visa: More applications from Indians in 2021

US Should Not Allow ‘Predatory’ Chinese Firms Like Didi to Take Advantage of American Investors: Sen. Rubio

Woman Confronts LA Covid Vaccine Enforcers, Tells Them to ‘Get Out’ for Violating Medical Privacy

Capitol Police Power Mad

Gates Death Panels Tip of the Iceberg

Reagan Stupid Question T-Shirt

Schilling Show Unleashed: Current US Immigration Policy is a “Nightmare” – US Incorporated

Nuremberg Code Exposes The Crimes Of Gates And Fauci

Kushner Family ‘Cozying Up’ to Nikki Haley with Private Luncheons

Mark Levin Defines ‘American Marxism’ — and Explains How to Stop It

Marco Rubio, Rick Scott Urge Senate Find Solution for Puerto Rico’s Medicaid

It Has Begun! Door-To-Door Vaccine Pushers Hit The Streets

Beijing Lends Fellow Communists a Hand: ‘China Stands Ready to Work with Cuba’

Biden Preparing to Declare Martial Law During Second Lockdown

Critical Race Theory Is a Hustle – WSJ

Economic Migrants Are Treated Better than Veteran Afghan Interpreters Seeking Safety

French Citizens Riot in Response to Plan to Mandate Vaccine Passports

GOP Report: Navy Brass Focused More on Wokeness than Warfighting

Klaus Schwab Admits Nationalism a Threat to Great Reset

Nightclubs, Cinemas Resist Government Demand to Introduce COVID Passports

People will ‘revolt’ if vaccines are mandated: Gov. Kemp

Rubio Demands US Govt “Call It For What It Is” In Cuba – A “Communist, Marxist, Socialist Tyranny”

Twitter Slaps ‘Sensitive Content’ Label on Kevin McCarthy After Exposing Inflation Under Biden

Silicon Valley reps back bay restoration bill

Unity Fail: Biden Says Capitol Rioters *Worse* than Slave-owning Confederates

Arizona Senate’s ballot recount could start Tuesday

CATS increases express bus frequency as more in Charlotte resume commuting to offices

AZ Bombshell Will “Shock”

CMS paid $25,000 speaker fee for event. Where was the contract?

Eager Charlotte buyers: Don’t skip the home inspection, experts say

FBI Nazis Begin

Gov. Gavin Newsom urges all Californians to cut water use by 15%

Leadership of Aspen Institute’s New ‘Commission on Information Disorder’ Have a Checkered Past with Fake News

Livermore: Crews recover drowned Lake Del Valle swimmer

Photos: Former SF Giants player, coach sells Fremont mansion for $5 million

SC Gov. McMaster: We Won’t Be Doing Biden’s ‘Door to Door’ Vaccine Coercion

Trump: ‘All We Talk About Is Race…We Don’t Talk About Our Country Being Great Anymore’

Why isn’t the gas cartel a registered agent of Chinese influence?

Woman restrained with duct tape after attempting to open plane door on flight to NC

¡Cuba Libre! Thousands Nationwide Take Streets Against Communism

…Communists Issue ‘Order of Combat’ Against Peaceful Protesters…

…NYT: ‘Freedom’ Is ‘Anti-Government Slogan’…

…Police Leave AP Photographer Bloody…

…Tells GOP: Do Not Waver on 2A Rights

…WATCH: WH Refuses to Say Cubans Are Opposing Communism

‘Miracle’: Parachutist crashes through roof into Calif. home

‘South Africa Is FALLING Apart’ Carlson Reacts To Situation In S Africa

‘White Saviour’ Narrative Cited for Ban on ‘To Kill a Mockingbird’

‘Black Widow’ Star Says No One Could Disagree with Socialism

‘Epidemic of Loneliness’: One-Fifth of UK Under-35s Have Just One or No Close Friends

‘Only Conservative’ in AZ Gov Race Under Fire for Donations to Dems

‘We Have Rights’: The French Health Workers Furious About COVID-19 Vaccine Order

“Anarchy On The Ground” – South Africa Deploys Military Amid Widespread Social Unrest

“Democrat Governors Afraid Cuban Desire For Freedom Could Spread To The U.S.”

“I Will Stand For The Truth” – Jenna Ellis Resigns From GOP To Protest ‘Betrayal’ Of Trump

“John Lennon’s ‘Imagine’ Rereleased With More Realistic Description Of Communism

1983 World Cup winner Yashpal Sharma dies of cardiac arrest

2 dead after head-on highway crash near Prescott

24-year old Bangladeshi man killed by SUV driver in Manhattan

2nd Court Rejects Biden’s Racialized Farm Debt Forgiveness

3 Presidents All Died After Blocking Distribution of COVID Vaccines In Their Countries

300,000 Demand Investigation Into Biden Family Corruption

33% Of Adult Male African Americans Have Felony Convictions

57 Missing or Imprisoned in Cuba Protests Include Artists, Peace Activists, Priests

A United Nations of Mass Illegal Immigration, Part 1

Abbott: Fleebagger Dems Will Be ‘Arrested’

Afghan ‘Refugees’ Expected to Overrun Europe

Afghan Migrant Stabbed to Death by African Suspect in France

African ‘Migrant’ Charged With Sexually Assaulting Convenience Store Clerk

An Inside Look At Lockdown Orders From 2020

Antrix asks US court to stop Devas – The Economic Times

Arizona AG Seeks Injunction to Invalidate Biden Admin’s Termination of Border Wall Construction

Astroturf: AP Amnesty Story Only Quotes Paid Zuckerberg Shills

Barr Ordered PA Attorney Not To Investigated Massive Election Fraud

Betsy Ross’s husband’s diary turned up in a garage. Here’s what it tells us about the flagmaker.

Bette Midler sells Carnegie Hill penthouse for $45M

Biden Administration Claims Cuban Anti-Communist Protests Are About ‘Rising COVID Cases/Deaths’

Biden Administration Warns Cubans, Haitians Against Sailing To US: “Do Not Risk Your Life”

Biden Antitrust Executive Order Has Major Giveaway for Tech Giants

Biden Claims Trump “Insurrectionists” Worse Than Civil War Confederates

Biden Inaction Triggers Growing Calls for U.S. Military Action on Cuba…

Biden Rails Against Texas For “Making It Easy To Vote & Hard To Cheat” According To Gov Abbott

Biden Supports ‘Right’ of Businesses, Educational Institutions, Local Governments to Mandate COVID Vaccine

Biden Supports ‘Right’ of Businesses, Educational Institutions, Local Governments to Mandate COVID Vaccine

Bidenflation Nation Producer Price Inflation Surges 7.3%, Higher Than Expected

Bloody Monday in Cuba: Hundreds Likely Missing, Police Fire into Crowds of Protesters

BoJo Expected to Announce End of Lockdown Plan…

Border Bandit Robs Migrants at Gunpoint in AZ

Border Patrol Agent Charged With Helping Smugglers Get Loads of Cocaine Past Texas Checkpoint

Bramson: Empty office and retail sites could be used for housing

Branson breaks the tourism space barrier

Caitlyn Jenner stalked and harassed at CPAC

California is once again diverging from the CDC

California K-12 students who refuse to wear masks will be barred from campuses, state says

California May Expand Taxpayer-Funded Food Stamps to Illegal Aliens53

Canada’s Flair Airlines plans flights to California and 5 other US cities in October

Capitol Police Silently Announce Use of Military Surveillance Weapons Against Citizens

Censored Full Trump CPAC Speech

CEOs of top lobbying spenders meet up at Sun Valley for annual retreat

Chris Eubank’s son Sebastian died from massive heart attack while watching sunset, says widow

Chuck Schumer Urges DOJ to Investigate the NRA107

Communism Fails Again!

Congressmen Introduce Proposals to Have More Federal Protection for Florida Rivers

Contra Costa Water District asks customers to voluntarily cut water use by 10%

Cotton: No One Should ‘Face Harsher Sentences’ Because of Political Beliefs

COVID Funds Reallocated to House Illegal Immigrant Children

D.C. Mayor Bowser Accused of Human Rights Abuses over Coronavirus Jail Policy

Dear Leaders: We don’t trust you because you’re untrustworthy

Death Valley forecast to hit 129: What that feels like

Defiant Powell Says Stimulus Will Continue, Predicts Inflation Will Subside15

Delingpole: Official – Covid Fascist France Is the Western World’s Biggest Toilet

Delta Variant Equals COVID War 2.0

Dem Infighting over $2.4 Trillion Tax Increases in ‘Infrastructure’ Package

Democrat Groups Plan To “Fact Check” Private Text Messages

Democrat Senators Push to Cut Funding for ICE, CBP

Democrats and Big Tech Plan to Censor Private Text Conversations on Vaccines and Elections

Dems Advance Taxpayer-Funded Abortion Through Committee

Dems Quietly Plotting to Slip Massive Amnesty into Budget Reconciliation Bill

DeSantis Team Pushes Back After Establishment Media Smears Peaceful Cuba Protests These Are ‘Not Riots’ Vile: Miami Herald Suggests DeSantis Wants to ‘subdue Black folks seeking human rights’

DeSantis: Disrespected Police Officers Can Relocate to Florida

Desis Not Getting Vaccinated is Borderline Sociopathic Behavior

DHS Training Program Prepares For Rural Lockdowns, Mass Public Quarantines

Disney Previews Woke-ified Jungle Cruise Ride — Promises ‘Inclusivity’

Disney Previews Woke-ified Jungle Cruise Ride — Promises ‘Inclusivity’

Docs Confirm Biden’s Vaxx Gestapo Preparing to Round Up Unvaccinated Americans

DOJ Pulls Claim of ‘Fully Constructed’ LEGO Set in Capitol Riot Case DOJ Pulls Claim of ‘Fully Constructed’ LEGO Set in Capitol Riot Case 5,511

Dominican court grants bail to fugitive Indian-born jeweller Choksi

Ducey signs Holocaust education bill into law

East Bay water district may have missed opportunity to buy 50,000-acre ranch

EB-5 Loses in Washington Again, This Time in the D.C. Circuit Court

Elon Musk Testifies Over Solar City Acquisition

Energy Companies To Replace Vaccinated Employees Within 3 Years

EpochTV: How ‘The Chosen’ Has Redefined Crowdfunded Films—Interview With Neal Harmon

EU Deploys Border Guards to Lithuania Amid Migrant Surge Via Belarus

EU Launches New Plan to Tax Foreign Companies For Pollution

Everybody Not Going To Listen

Evidence of Inflation’s Inferno is Everywhere, but President Can’t Feel the Heat

Fauci ‘Horrified’ CPAC Audience Doesn’t Believe His Lies, Doesn’t Want To Be Guinea Pigs For Evil Madman

Fauci Calls For ‘More Vaccine Mandates At The Local Level’

FBI Tells Americans to Report ‘Family Members and Peers’ in Tweet, Gets Blowback

FDA to Add Warning About Neurological Disorder Linked to Johnson & Johnson COVID-19 Vaccine

FDA To Add Warning Over Rare Neurological Side Effects Linked To J&J Jabs

Feds lie back to RBA: ‘Immigration lifts wages’

Fleebagger Summit! Biden, Harris to Host Texas Democrats Ditching Election Integrity Vote

Florida Could Be Next as States Being Sued Over Cutting Off Jobless Benefits

Florida’s DeSantis Is America’s Great Right Hope

Former IMF Economist: America’s Inflation Is Beginning to Resemble a Latin American Country

Former South African President’s Son Pleads: Loot ‘Responsibly’

Fostering Stellar Work Ethic in an Age of Victimhood

France: Man Sexually Assaults Underage Girl, Threatens to Behead Cops

French Court Convicts 11 for Death Threats Against Teen Over ‘Anti-Islam’ Videos

Geraldo Rivera Calls for ‘Constitutional Implementation of Stop & Frisk’ to Combat Chicago’s Homicide Epidemic

Goldman Has “Aggressively” And Quietly Liquidated A Quarter Of Its Equity Investments

Guatemalan Woman and Child Found Wandering Texas City After Escaping Stash House

Harris Slammed for Insulting Rural Voters: ‘I Can Photocopy My ID’

Harris: Voter ID Could Hurt Those Who Don’t Live Near a Copy Center Harris: Voter ID Could Hurt Those Who Don’t Live Near a Copy Center 17,430

Hitler ‘did a lot of good things’, Trump said: Report

Housing swallows New Zealand’s economy

How Doctor’s Egos Are Used To Enforce Conformity

Huge California wildfire destroys multiple buildings | India Post News Paper

Humanity Vs The Eugenicists: Choose Your Side

ICE Interior Detentions Drop Like a Rock

Illegal Alien Convicted of Murdering Mollie Tibbetts Requests New Trial

ICE: We Won’t Detain Illegal Immigrant Women with Babies Under 1 Year Old

India’s most populous state seeks to promote two-child policy

Inevitable: RINOS Defend Biden Door-to-Door Jab Force

International student voices concern over getting vaccine card

Intl. innovation center opens to attract foreign students

Iran poised to be plunged into utter cyber-darkness

Is South Africa’s Present America’s Future?

It takes Phoenicians 11 years to save for a downpayment on house

Jim Jordan: Cuban Protesters ‘Seem to Love the American Flag More than Some of Our Olympic Athletes’

Job Creators Network: Biden Lying to America to Push an ‘Election Law to Benefit Democrats’

John Hewson’s mea culpa: Immigration crushes wage growth

John Rich: ‘Threat of Cancellation’ Silencing Conservative CM Artists

Jon Feere Discusses San Francisco Sanctuary Policies

Judicial Watch Asks Court to Order USPS to Disclose Social Media Snooping Documents

Kamala Harris Hints She Discussed Filibuster Changes on ‘Voting Rights’ with Senators

Kamala Praises Texas Democrat Fleebaggers for Abandoning Duties over Election Integrity Efforts

Largest Peaceful Protest In Cuba In 6 Decades, Why Is AOC Hiding? | ZeroHedge

Khamis: The cost of housing development and the housing crisis

Left Triggered over Video Apparently Showing Mel Gibson Saluting Trump at UFC

Lego Demands U.S. Gun Maker to Stop Producing Pistol That Looks Like a Toy

Lieberman Urges Bill Clinton to Tell Anti-Israel ‘Squad’ to ‘Cut It Out’

Limited Panels or Speakers About Immigration at CPAC

Lithuania Building Border Wall as Migrants Pour in Through Belarus

Looking for Clues: Biden to Talk Soaring Crime Rates with City, Police Leaders

Looting and anarchy sparked by Zuma arrest ‘may lead to food shortages’

LULAC Calls Troops at Border an ‘Insurrection’

Machete Attack on London Train

Majority Of Contacts Say Inflation Not Transitory Amid Record Shortages Of Everything

Man dies 3 weeks after driver strikes cyclists in Show Low bike race

Memory loss, depression plague some recovered Covid-19 patients: Hong Kong study

Mexican Adults Make Up Largest Demographic of U.S. Border Crossers

Migrant Smuggling Kingpin Among Border’s 10 Most Wanted Criminals

Mo Brooks: ‘People Would Much Prefer to Pay Money for a Senator Than a Lobbyist’

Mom Says School Board Threatened to Sue Her for Seeking Public Information on Critical Race Theory in Curriculum

More Troops Called Up To Squash Unrest As South African Rioters Target Critical Infrastructure

Motorcyclist dies in Oakland hit-and-run

Mountain View poised to roll out RV ban this month, prohibiting oversized vehicles on most city streets

Netherlands: Political Opposition to Open Border Policies Criminalized

Never Trump Flake to Turkey

No Questions for Gov. Bill Lee at CPAC about His ‘Woke’ Cabinet Members

NWO’s Official Announcement By Government Shocks The Planet

NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio to Keep Students Masked This Fall

Obama-Rhodes Legacy In Shambles as Cubans March Against Communism

OPEC pours inflation fuel onto Covid fires

Open Borders Lobby Urges Biden to Free Illegals Into US Without Monitoring Their Whereabouts

PA State Senator Responds to Gov. Wolf & Dem Leaders Attempting to Block Forensic Audit

Pavilion Shopping Mall Is On Fire 🔥🔥🔥 By Zuma Riot’s?

Petition to Recall Socialist Los Angeles Councilwoman Approved for Circulation

Petition Urges North Dakota County to Ban Sanctuary Cities, Illegal Aliens, and Refugees

PM Modi express grief as lightning kills 16 people in Rajasthan | India Post News Paper

Poll: Voters Want More Police

Pop Star Olivia Rodrigo to Meet with Biden, Fauci to Promote Vaccines to Young People

Problem with Some EB-5 Petitions: What Was the Real Source of the Money?

Radio host Larry Elder enters California recall election

Rally to Stop CRT in Pennsylvania Schools to Be Held at State Capitol

Rand Paul Demands Investigation Into Allegations US Intelligence Spied on Tucker Carlson

Recent lockdowns to cost economy $5b

Rapper Shot 64 Times As He Leaves Chicago Jail

Rents Keep Climbing, Overheating Inflation Debate

Report: Communists Beat Dissident Cuban Priest, Drag Him Through Streets

Report: U.S. Hotel Industry Faces Closures, Ongoing Depression Post-Lockdowns

Republicans Protect America’s Reputation by Covering Up the Stolen 2020 Election –

Rev. Graham: Gay Group is ‘Coming for Your Children,’ They ‘Admitted It’

Rick Scott: World Leaders, Joe Biden, ‘Have Remained Silent’ About Moving 2022 Olympics Out…

Robert E Lee Is Gone. Stonewall Jackson Gone: History Removed In US

Ron DeSantis Wants Feds to Quickly Approve Florida’s Canadian Prescription Drug Importation Program

Ron Paul: True Civil Libertarians Must Oppose the IRS

Rubio: Biden Called Cuban Regime ‘Authoritarian,’ Not Marxist, Communist or Socialist

Rural Domestic Preparedness Consortium

San Francisco: Half of People Released Before Trial Committed Crimes

San Jose’s Vietnamese community struggles with its political voice

Santa Clara County DA accused of retaliating against deputy

SASQUATCH, What It Is Like To Really See One

Scandal-ridden Bill Gates spotted at Sun Valley

Schiff: US Government Spending Sure Isn’t Transitory

Sean Penn: Pandemic Felt Like Trump ‘Gunning Down’ People from ‘Turret at the White House’

Severe Weather Threatens 90 Million People In Midwest And Northeast States

Silicon Valley pedals closer to region’s first bicycle superhighway

Socialist Democrats Forge A Stasi

Soldier’s Sham Marriage Conviction Exposes Immigration Fraud Ring in Military

Some New Mexico counties resist inoculation against COVID-19 | Local News |

South Dakota governor ridiculed for strange Calif. Facebook post

Stacey Abrams PAC Raises More than $100 Million in Two Years

State Department Official Criticized for Depicting Cuba’s Anti-Communism Protest as a COVID-19 Demonstration

Sun Valley’s Mogul Conference Is Back In Session

Supreme Court Asked in Emergency Application to Lift Air Travel Mask Mandate

Tampa Bay Inno – Exclusive: Connecticut VC firm focused on defense tech startups moves HQ to Tampa

Tensions Run High on Border as Crisis Worsens

Texas AG Paxton: ‘There Is Real Voter Fraud…We Have Over 500 Cases Waiting to Go to Trial,’ the Most Ever

Texas Gov To Arrest Dem Lawmakers Who Fled State On Private Jet To Block Voting Rights Bill | ZeroHedge

Texas Lawmaker: ‘We Were Quite Literally Forced to Move and Leave the State of Texas’

The ‘Women’s Protection Act’: A Massive Misnomer

The Fear of Fear Index is close to an all-time high

The D.C. Doldrums

The Financial Times Is Carrying An Argument For Central Planning Of The Economy | ZeroHedge

The Fourth Branch Of Government Just Exposed Itself

The Official Silent Majority

Thousands of Afghans Who ‘Helped US’ Will Be Taken to Third Countries to Await US Visas

Thousands of Teachers Vow To Defy State Bans on CRT

Top Equities Investor: There Is No DELTA Variant, There Is No Pandemic

Toyota Ends Donations to Targeted Republican Lawmakers After Lincoln Project Ad

Transitory Inflation Turning Into An Inflationary Spiral

Trump Jokes That CNN, MSNBC Will Endorse Him Just to Boost Their Low Ratings

Trump On Immigration In Sarasota: “Under My Administration, We Stood Up To The Open Borders Lobby

Trump Unloads On Barr At CPAC, Outs PA Bombshell Election Rig Act

Trump-Era DHS Officials Warn of ‘Catastrophic’ Results if Biden Ends Title 42 Border Expulsions

Trump, DeSantis Lead CPAC Straw Poll

Truth Tellers: Henri Amiel’s Ardent Invitation to Converse With God

Tucker takes aim at military’s newest required reading

Tucker Slams CNN for ‘Lying Relentlessly’ About NSA Spying25

Tucker: Biden, TX Dems Claiming ‘You’ve Got to End Democracy in Order to Save Democracy’

U.N. LGBT Czar Says Changing Gender is a Human Rights ‘Entitlement’

U.S. Military, Which Jill Biden Will Lecture About Race, More Diverse than Federal Government

U.S. Women’s Soccer Team Denies Claim that Players Snubbed WWII Vet U.S. Women’s Soccer Team Denies Claim that Players Snubbed WWII Vet 21,993

UN Rights Chief: Countries That Profited From Slavery, Colonialism Must Make ‘Reparations’

Undermining Capitalism With Unreal Values And Crass Distortion

Unemployed Oklahomans Could Receive $1,200 in Back-to-Work Incentive

Unfriendly skies: FAA fines ‘unruly’ passengers plaguing airlines

Uptick in Human Smuggling Car Wrecks in Downtown Laredo

US Consumers So Far Completely Undeterred By Delta Variant

US Should Ban China’s Digital Yuan: Investment Manager Kyle Bass

Vaccine Hesitancy Is Not Highest Among Republican Men And Trump Isn’t To Blame

Watch: Border Bandit Robs Migrants at Gunpoint in Arizona

When empires fall: the Crimea consequence

Where once “infrastructure” meant repairing crumbling roads and bridges that we all travel on, it now means everything from health care to education to somehow include even amnesty for illegal aliens

White House Signals a Push for Green New Deal Measures Through Budget Reconciliation

WHO Is Working on ‘Digital Wallet’ to Store Vaccination Certification: Official

Why a Rising Dollar is a Systemic Issue For the U.S. Today

Why Do The Bad Guys Kill Our Scientists

Why Simplicity Beats Jargon Every Time

Why South Asians may seem apathetic to the Canadian residential school issue

Will Law Enforcement Refuse To Follow Unconstitutional Orders?

Winning: Court Says Handgun Purchase Ban for 18-20 Year Olds Unconstitutional

With China Producing Half the World’s New Energy Vehicles, Retired Batteries May Bring ‘Explosive Pollution’

World Health Org To Distribute Chinese Vaccines Over U.S. Objections

Would you eat ‘leftover’ meals from SF restaurants for $5?

YouTube Bans ACU; Trump Tells CPAC Big Tech Censors are ‘Like a Spoiled Child,’ ‘They’ve Gone Too Far’

YouTube Temporarily Blacklists CPAC Channel, Deletes Video of Trump

Zumwalt: How The New York Times Used Fake News to Help Fidel Castro