Anti-Indian violence was planned, says S. Africa President

Ugandan Asians being deported in 1972. (With images) | Uganda, Kampala, Idi amin

But no one ever mentions the well-planned organized crime called India Inc staffing companies and their vast crimes on other nations.

Did S. Africans loot + riot because they were run out of their jobs by invading India Incs just as happened in America?

They were probably starving due to displacement from their jobs.

Some countries’ peoples’ organize to defend themselves from these parasitic criminals from The Land That Time Forgot™.

Never forget that Idi Amin and Uganda had to round up + deport Indians decades ago because they were found to be the most virulent racist thieves ever seen.

Indian Corporation Pays Record Amount To Settle Allegations Of Systemic Visa Fraud And Abuse Of Immigration Processes

The real reason S. Africans probably had to riot – they were run out of their jobs by invading India Incs.

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