Significiant impact: Americans driven from their jobs by cheap foreign labor.

There is no worker shortage.

There is a shortage of good jobs.

No one wants those junk jobs that ain’t worth the time, Chamber.

Stop supressing wages via immigration and you’ll have all the labor you want.

It’s not broken. What’s broken is enforcement. Stop illegally trying to rig the US labor market, you criminals.

Rigging markets is a Federal crime but that is exactly what the CoC is doing.

Why is Suzanne Clark allowed to get away with RICO activities?

We can assure you, no landscape company in America will hire Americans. They all want cheap illegal under-the-table $2/hr Mexican labor.

Stop the lies, Chamber.

Business + the Chamber of colluding to cover up their criminal rigging of the labor market.

Suzanne Clark

Suzanne Clark | RICO President and CEO U.S. Chamber of Commerce