Sanjay Puri, left, an unregistered foreign agent of the Modi gov’t of India. Where is the DOJ?

So DOJ will arrest Trump associates, but not Biden’s URFA’s.

USINPAC is a foreign PAC which is under the control of the Modi gov’t of India, and admits it places its agents into the Biden admin – in the open – but nothing is ever done.

Why aren’t you doing your job and arresting Sanjay Puri – the president of USINPAC, DOJ?

Or do foreign agent arrests only apply to some people but not to others?

Nor will DOJ arrest the Clintons – who are proven Chinese agents.

How come?

“Tom Barrack, who chaired former President Donald Trump’s 2017 inaugural committee, was arrested Tuesday on charges that he unlawfully influenced the foreign policy positions of the campaign and administration to advance the interests of the United Arab Emirates, the Department of Justice said”.

USINPAC to help place Indian Americans in Biden-Harris team