As we have been saying all along, it was Bill + Hillary Clinton’s treason which ruined the US economy, and put the US in the state it’s in now.

The US was a booming paradise in the 1990’s.

It would still be had the US labor market not been disrupted by foreign invasion thanks to the Clintons.

When will we stop clinging to this communist’s failed policies?

“Many recall the 1990s as a moment of economic triumph with increasingly low unemployment, 4 percent annual economic growth, a booming stock market, even a balanced federal budget by the end of the millennium. Economists Alan Blinder and Janet Yellen called those years the “Fabulous Decade” in 2001, while a 2015 opinion piece in The New York Times bore the title “The Best Decade Ever? The 1990s, Obviously.” Although the Republicans had seized control of Congress in 1994, it is worth remembering that Ronald Reagan’s vice president, George H.W. Bush, took only 37 percent of the vote in 1992 while that stalwart Republican, Robert Dole, won just 40 percent in 1996. Politics were clearly in flux. The Clintons therefore had the historical moment to recast not just trade, investment, and health-care policies, but the regulations, norms, and expectations that would govern a post–Cold War version of U.S. capitalism”.

A fabulous decade-fueled by American workers. Not like the disaster we have today.

Did the article mention that it was the central bankers such as Greenspan and Yellen who deliberately put an end to the fabulous 90’s – all because it threatened bank profits?

There is no such thing as “random business” cycles – all functioning US economies are disrupted by bankers to keep people in debt. Too much prosperity is bad for the loan business.

They also don’t tell you the recession of 1990-91 was caused by the Immigration Act of 1990 which created the H-1B program and flooded the US with cheap labor. If not for GenX American techies making the economy boom in the 1990’s, the US never would have recovered. Displacement of American techies, and replacement by armies of cheap foreign labor is the prime cause of why the US is such a mess today.

All courtesy of the Clintons + criminal central bankers.

The US is the only country in the world that attacks its most productive workers.

In any other country, the Clintons would have been hanged long ago for treason.

Criminal wage-fixer Alan Greenspan is still at large.

The US workforce drove economic growth in the US since 1960. Until Greenspan/Clinton got their hands on it and flooded the labor market in 2000 to drive Americans out of jobs. It has been a downhill disaster since. It’s clear foreign workers have not been good for the US economy, no matter how much the Fed, gov’t, and business claim otherwise.


You rigged it Reich. You, Clinton, and Greenspan. You’re all market-manipulating felons.