Leave your job, not your heart, in San Francisco: Foreign work visas displacing Americans is the prime cause of America’s homeless epidemic.

And just like every other H-1B-infested job-robber city in USA, it’s a dying dump now.

23 years of trashing CA by H-1B invaders.

Loot+remitters have trashed SF + CA.

No city can survive this.

This is a very impressive site by Mr. Bierschwale – an excluded US tech worker and former US Navy vet. It’s fast, efficient, clean, and the graphs are easy to read.

Spread the word about this site everywhere you can.

So much for the Azim Premji defamation theory that “America does not have the talent”. This site is way better than anything ever produced by any H-1Bs.

America does not need H-1Bs, H-1Bs need America.

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