Pay careful attention.

Of course the cheap labor SupplyChainBrain site hypes up lack of “international cooperation” as the cause of Japan’s chip decline.

It even mentions Micron – the last US DRAM maker.

What it doesn’t say is that Micron has an Indian-origin CEO who allowed Chinese industrial spies in to steal Micron’s R+D and trade secrets – allowing low-cost Chinese competitors to flood the market with lower priced chips – because Chinese companies didn’t have to pay for – nor recover – any R+D costs.

Japan is just one more victim of globalization + Chinese theft – like USA is. Trade secret theft, lack of WTO accountability for countries such as China + India and a host of other fails.

Japan failed to protect its industries – just as America did. And that is why Japan is now on the losing side as well.

Chinese Company Stole Trade Secrets From Micron, U.S. Says

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Sanjay Mehrotra