Mayorkas Extends and Expands Somali Amnesty-Lite

Van Morrison and Eric Clapton Take Back the Culture for Freedom

Biden Downplays Inflation, Predicts Businesses Will Be In ‘Bind’ Over Labor Shortages, Then Has Brain Freeze

Biden Suggests Ban on 9mm Pistols During CNN Town Hall

Protests Erupt In Italy After New “Health Passports” Revealed

All Star Panelist Roger Simon Paints Grim Future for New York City

Alleged Extremists in Michigan Gov. Whitmer Kidnapping Plot Claim FBI Set Them Up

Australian dollar dead cat bounces

CBP Has Encountered More Than One Million Illegal Aliens as of June

Charlotte hospitals announce mandatory COVID vaccine requirement for all employees

Commentary: White House Collusion with Facebook Is Not About Public Health

Indians more vulnerable to tech support scams, says Microsoft report

Levin’s Book ‘American Marxism’ Sells Stunning 400,000 Copies in First Week

Microsoft in talks with Telangana to set up Rs 15,000-crore data centre

NC’s Franklin Graham receives apology from town that yanked bus ads. ‘We discriminated.’

Returning Criminals Get $$

Senate panel wants A-10 ‘Warthog’ to keep flying

Sinema-led infrastructure plan on hold; deal not dead

TN’s U.S. Congress Members Harshbarger, Burchett, Rose, Green, and Kustoff Urge Democracies to Support Free Cuba

…Read the Bible, Not 1619 Project

…Report: U.K. Border Force Not Regularly Testing Arrivals

…Winning: Abbott Says No More Mask Mandates

‘False’ Indigenous history books taught in schools a ‘damning commentary

‘A Virologist’s Nightmare’: PETA Finds Thriving ‘Wet Markets’ in Asia

‘Democrats Normalized Anarchy; They Normalized Rioting and Looting’ Prior to Jan. 6 Attack on Capitol

‘Why Do You Need to Have That Information?’ WH Press Sec. Psaki Grills Reporter When Pressed for WH COVID Cases

“First” Wave of Biden’s Afghan Airlift! “Interpreters” Headed to VA

“Hold Gold As Insurance” – Stockman Warns ‘Reset’ Means “A Crash Of Epic Proportions”

22 Years of ‘Horrific Abuses’: Faith Group Demands End to Communist China’s Repression

4 hikers injured during lightning strike in Grand Canyon

ACLU: “Gov’t Cannot Be Trusted to Label ‘Truth’ or ‘Fiction’ Any More than Facebook or Twitter”

Arizona Congressman Gosar Calls for Immigration Moratorium

After Six Months of Biden Presidency, Southern Border Stats Are Stunning

Arrests at Border Top One Million So Far This Year

As ERCOT braces for record power demand, Texas utility chief vows ‘lights are going to stay on’

At Least 2 Iranian Protesters Shot As Water Crisis Grows: “Worst Drought In 50 Years”

Atlanta, Chicago to Require Masks When Schools Reopen in Fall

Austin-based company Fetch lands $60 mil to continue growth

Biden ‘has to be taken out of circulation’ after ‘rambling about men on the moon’

Biden Falsely Claims No “Long-Term Inflation”

Biden Forgets Where He Is During Empty Town Hall

Biden Sends Deputy Secretary of State Wendy Sherman to China

Biden, Harris, Pelosi Spreading ‘Misinformation’ About Biden Border Crisis, McCarthy Says

Biden: ‘I Don’t Care if You Think I’m Satan Reincarnated’

Biden’s Big Lie: Trump Won! Signs Line Streets Welcoming Installed Dictator

Biden’s Border Crisis Gets Worse: Surge of Illegal Juveniles, Drugs, Migrant Deaths

Biden’s DHS Cancels 31 Miles of Border Wall Construction Funded by Trump

Big Pharma’s Big Spending Netted Big Contracts in 2020

Booker: ‘Congress Must Start to Move’ on Legalizing Marijuana at Federal Level

Border Patrol Releases Images From the Front Lines

Brzezinski: ‘It’s Time to Deprogram the Cult Leaders’ Like Trump, Conservative Media

California, Rat Infested Tunnel Edition

Canada to accept 30,000 applications for the 2021 Parents and Grandparents Program

Cardinal Zen Decries Pope Francis’ ‘Severe’ Blow to Traditional Latin Mass

Caribbean Crises Expose Double Standard in White House’s Humanitarian Narrative

CDC Director: Delta Variant Comprises 83% Coronavirus Cases in the U.S.

Change to F-1 student without ‘bridge the gap’ applications

Clapton Says He Won’t Play At Shows Where COVID-19 Vaccination Proof Is Required

Clarendon Hotel becomes Arizona’s first cannabis-friendly hotel 32 minutes ago

CNN Interviewee – Who Demanded Trump Impeachment – Registers as Lobbyist For China’s Huawei.

Coulter: What’s Dumber Than CRT? CNN!

Covid “Pandemic” Is Not Real But the Vaccine Pandemic Is

COVID Olympics Begin Awkward Jill Smells Incense while Playing with mask

COVID Propaganda Roundup: Children’s Risk of COVID Death 2 in 1,000,000

Critical Race Theory Advocates Sent Staff & Students On Chinese Communist Propaganda Trips

Cruz: White House Working w Facebook to Suppress COVID Postings is an ‘Absolute Abuse of Power’

Cuba Demoted To “Not Real Socialism”

Cuban Tries to Convince Cole Beasley to Take Coronavirus Vaccine

David Limbaugh: Biden’s Baleful Border Betrayal

Day 146: ‘Dear Joe’ in Brussels.

Deloitte AI Institute, US Chamber of Commerce Report Highlights How Public Policy Can Enable Trustworthy AI

Democrat-Run Houston: Suspect Carjacks Ambulance at Gunpoint with Patient Inside

Dems Who Featured In Infamous ‘Maskless Flight’ Pic Calls For “Universal Mask-Wearing”

DeSantis Claims 70 Percent of Encountered Aliens Have Their Eyes Set on FL

Despite What Biden Says, Guns Factor in Only a Small Percentage of Violent Crimes

DHS Announces ‘Returning’ Illegal Criminals Must Have Taxpayer Funded Homes, Healthcare, Legal Assistance

DHS Announces Extension and Re-Designation of TPS for Somalia

Dubai suspected after Princess Haya listed in Pegasus data

Elderly man found dead in transport van of Mesa retirement facility

Emmanuel Macron among 14 heads of states on potential spyware list

Esther Dingley: Charity ‘aware’ of possible human bones found near where British hiker went missing | World News

Extradition will harm my mental health: Nirav Modi

Extreme weather is sweeping the world

Facebook and Biden Working to Suppress COVID Info is ‘Problematic’ and ‘Political’

Fauci Accuses Paul Of Slander During Congressional Showdown

Federal Judge Rules DACA is Illegal; Orders Biden Admin. to Stop Processing Applications

Fmr WH Doc GOP Rep. Jackson: Biden Will Resign or Face 25th Amendment

Former Top Pentagon Scientist Casts Doubt on Subsidizing Chip Manufacturing

From Middle East to Dunkirk Cafe: Secret Trafficking Network Funneling Migrants Into UK

George Soros Funnels $1M To Defund the Police as Violent Crime Surges

German TV News Reporter Suspended After Video Shows Her Smearing Herself With Mud in Flood-Hit Town

Gov Has No Authority to Work with Social Media Companies to Censor Free Speech

Govt’s wrong decisions during Covid 2.0 killed 5 million people: Rahul

Graham: Adding immigration to infrastructure bill ‘dumbest’ idea in history of Senate

Gym Bans People “Who Received the Experimental Covid Vaccine”

Hacker Arrested for 2020 Twitter Hack and Massive Bitcoin Scam

Harris to Campaign for Newsom in California’s Recall Election

Heavily Scripted: Biden Rambles At ‘Empty’ Town Hall About ‘Aliens,’ and ‘Sucking the Blood Of Children’

House Democrats Block Bipartisan Bill Declassifying COVID-19 Origins

Housing rent rise about to translate into CPI rise

If Federal Government is ‘Trying to Impose New Standards’ of Speech on Facebook That ‘is Crossing a Very Clear Line’

Ilhan Omar Wants Special U.S. Envoy to Fight Global ‘Islamophobia’

Illegal Aliens Bring Crime, Death Surge to Rural Texas Community

Illegal Crossings Triple in West Texas, New Mexico

Illinois Dem Admits to Bribing Prospective Opponent

Immigration, World Poverty and Gumballs

India, Like the U.S., Has Grown Impatient With China

Inflation’s profits-squeeze turns into stagflation

Ingraham: CNN’s ‘tiny’ Biden town hall was a sad ‘exercise of fawning and futility’

Intel Committee Congressman Who Pushed the Russia Collusion Hoax Is Invested In CCP-Led Companies

It Is the Covid Vaccine, Not Covid, that Is Killing & Sickening People

It’s NeuroRacism Day!

Journalist Calls on Fellow Immigrants in Sweden Not to Anger Host Nation

Journalists could face 14 years in prison

Kanye Unveils Album ‘Donda’ at Sold out Event

Kevin Sorbo: Fighting the Hollywood Agenda Through Independent Films

Koch Industries targets Raleigh project for first real estate investment in NC

Kustoff Condemns Ben + Jerry’s Boycott of Jewish W Bank Settlements

Lead Boeing Prosecutor Joins

Levin: Fight Back Against CRT with Classroom Cameras

Life on a Border Ranch: Cut Water Lines, Downed Fences, Stolen Property, Dead Bodies

Lost Einsteins Or Lost Edisons?

Lummis: Biden Working With FB to Suppress COVID Info Is Violation of First Amendment

Mark Levin: Let’s take on the people who don’t love this country

Mark Levin: We are pissed off

Matt Damon Says He Won’t ‘Belittle’ the Unvaccinated

Mexico: $300 million in Israeli spyware spending included kickbacks

Michael Savage, Donald Trump: America ‘melting down’ under Joe Biden

Michigan Counties Plan To Break Law With Sneaky Act To Erase Election Rig Evidence On Machines

Milley Dodges Questions on His ‘Fears of a Trump Coup’: ‘I’m Not Going to Comment’

Mississippi Asks Supreme Court to Overturn Roe v. Wade in Abortion Case

More countries open doors to Indian travellers

More FBI Crimes Exposed By IG Report: Bribes + Pay Off Made By Media

Most Voters Blame Communism for Cuba’s Problems

Mountain View RV ban another blow to South Bay vehicle dwellers

NC Board Won’t Allow Access To Voting Machines: Election Rig Protection

Not guilty plea in fight that diverted plane to Phoenix

Numerous websites briefly go down in widespread outage

NPM Package Caught Stealing Users’ Saved Passwords

Ohio’s Bernie Moreno: Border Crisis Has Become a ‘Full-Blown Invasion’

Open Season for Thieves: Robbers Casually Stroll Out of Store In California

OR County to Vote on Plan to Secede Into IS

Os Guinness Talks Facing Marxism and Escaping Mao’s China

Overwhelming Majority Oppose Mandatory Vax

PA Decertifies County’s Voting System, Cites Violation of Election Code

Pandey on Raj Kundra: He leaked my number with the message ‘I’ll strip for you’

Pelosi’s Archbishop: ‘No One Can Claim to be a Devout Catholic and Condone the Killing of Innocent Human Life’

Phoenix police fatally shoot knife-wielding man outside apartment

Phoenix police plan to fire officer who fatally shot Ryan Whitaker

Police identify bodies found in Scottsdale canal, Tempe Town Lake

Poll: Arizona Republicans Believe Trump Won

Poll: Donald Trump More Popular with U.S. Voters than Joe Biden

Pope Francis Sends Condolences to Victims of Baghdad Suicide Bombing

Prominent U.S. Priest Resigns After Allegations of Using Grindr

Protests erupt across Iran demanding regime change

Psaki on Vaccinated White House Staffer’s COVID Infection: Vaccines Are ‘Not Foolproof’

QUID PRO CONE: The Biden Ice Cream Scandal No One’s Talking About

Rand Paul claims researchers are ‘deathly afraid’ to cross Fauci

Rand Paul: ‘Fauci Has a Self-Interest in Obscuring’ Any Responsibility for Anything Done in Wuhan Lab

Ratings Nightmare: Fox, MSNBC Bury CNN’s Biden Town Hall

Record 430 Migrants Cross English Channel in Single Day

Report Exposes Biden Admin’s, Dem. Leadership’s Role in Ongoing Border Crisis

Rick Scott Backs John Cornyn’s Taiwan Partnership Act

Rick Scott: ‘It’s Disgusting’ That Biden is Working With Facebook to Suppress Free Speech

Road ahead more daunting, need to recalibrate priorities: Manmohan Singh on 30 years of liberalisation

Rob Reiner: ‘It’s Time to Stop Comparing Trump to Hitler’

Roger Waters Blames USA for Cuba’s Anti-Communism Uprising

Ron Kind Dodges Questions on Seedy Massage Parlor

Ronak D. Desai • The Lakshmi Mittal and Family South Asia Institute

San Jose professor joins state advisory board on racial profiling

Santa Clara County wants employers to require vaccines for employees

Save Austin Now Says It Gathered Enough Signatures to Add Police Funding

Schumer: Spending Trillions Will ‘Ease Inflation Pres­sures’

Sen. Lankford: Biden Has Wasted $2 Billion in Border Wall Funds

Sen. Marsha Blackburn Renews Calls to ‘Fire Fauci’: ‘It’s Time for Fauci to Go’

Sen. Shelby on FB and White House Censorship: ‘Government Should Never Suppress Speech’

Sen. Tuberville: ‘Should Be No Suppression’ of COVID Info on Internet

Senate Blocks $1.2 Trillion Bipartisan Infrastructure Bill…

Severe storm warning issued for Scottsdale, Paradise Valley

Taliban Boasts Control Over 90% Of Afghan Border Areas

Smoke from wildfires prompts air quality alert for Charlotte

Texas AG loses bid to raise gun fine against Austin to $5.76 mil

Texas Firefighter Reportedly Kidnapped, Murdered in Cancun Resort

The Covid Deception Exposed –

The Lakshmi Mittal and Family South Asia Institute

Thunderstorms, flash flooding chances increase for weekend

Tokyo Opens with Muted Ceremony, Empty Stadium…


Trump: ‘Mitch Is a Bad Leader, Always Has Been’

Trump: ‘We Don’t Have an Open, Free Media Anymore’

Trump: Cleveland Changing MLB Team Name to Guardians ‘a Disgrace’

Trump: GOP Must Stop Dems’ Remaking U.S. with Amnesty, Mail-In Voting

Tucker: Biden has lost control of southern border – YouTube

TX Ranchers, Farmers Ask Biden to Pay for Property Damages from Migrants

U.K. Minister Confirms Vax Passports Coming

Unmasked Schumer and Toddler Grandson Sit Side-By-Side in Photo Posted

USCIRF Calls for U.S. Sanctions Against Cuba Amid Reports Religious Leaders Are Being Targeted, Arrested, Beaten

Victor Davis Hanson: These Aren’t The Democrats Of Old

Voters Want Congress to Investigate 2020’s Violent Protests

Victor Davis Hanson: These Aren’t The Democrats Of Old

Voters Want Congress to Investigate 2020’s Violent Protests

Waking up early lowers the risk of depression

White Castle—Four Years After You Applied

WATCH: Joe Biden’s pick to lead ATF openly mocks gun owners

White House Investing $3 bil to Get Americans Back to Work


‘Poverty is not flexibility’: Gig workers strike over labor practices

Apple to upgrade budget handset to 5G, drop iPhone Mini from 2022 lineup

California jobless claims: far worse than normal

Inside Big Tech’s angry, geeky and often petty war for your privacy

‘AirPods 3’ production slated for August, report says

‘Serious concern’ over India’s Pegasus use: Pakistan

‘iPhone SE 3’ to reportedly pack 4.7-inch LCD screen, ‘A15’ chip, and 5G

1000s Of Olympics Ticket Buyers Have Personal Info Leaked Online

175,000 people sign Amazon founder Jeff Bezos’ petition ‘Don’t come back from space’

Activision Blizzard is sued by CA over workplace culture

Apartment rents take off ‘like a rocket ship’ as for-sale housing market feels unattainable for many

Apple condemns Pegasus cyberattacks against journalists in new statement

Apple employees pen second letter asking for work-from-home options

Apple plans under-screen sensors to include both Touch ID and Face ID

Apple says not to use hydrogen peroxide to clean its products

Apple’s MagSafe power pack handled

Apple’s watchOS 7.6 brings Apple Watch ECG

ARM’s PlasticARM is a flexible microprocessor made from plastic rather than silicon

BBEdit for macOS gains notes feature in major 14.0 update

Biden nominates Google critic Jonathan Kanter to lead DOJ antitrust division

Bixby confirms August 11 is the date of the next Galaxy Unpacked event

Brain-computer interface researchers warn of a ‘bleak’ cyberpunk future – unless we tread carefully

British gov suspends funding for semiconductor manufacturers acquired by Chinese capital

Cassandra 4.0 release delayed after Apple engineer spots bug

Coalition for App Fairness fears retaliation in bid to quash Apple subpoenas

Conservative Leaders Call on Feds to Cease Collusion with Social Media Platforms

Crypto exchange ‘FTX’ succeeded in raising 100 billion yen, corporate value reached 2 tril yen

Crypto Scams Getting Bigger and More Sophisticated

DoD Civilian Hosts Dinner Party in Hotel Room, Exposing Her Stolen Classified Info

DuckDuckGo Launches Email Protection to Remove Ad Trackers – GIGAZINE

Europe mulls anonymous crypto-wallet ban, rules to make transfers more traceable

Former Nutanix execs look to lure in dev startups with new Business Infrastructure-as-a-Service firm

Fungible can solve the public cloud Hotel California problem

Gates and Soros buy UK COVID test maker

Gloom-dwelling subterranean robots battle for million-dollar DARPA prize

How to configure App Tracking Transparency in iOS and iPadOS

HP India MD to head ICEA panel to boost IT hardware manufacturing

Incase x Bionic bags review: Tough, attractive bags made from reclaimed ocean plastics

iPad mini 6 set for fall launch, bigger M1 iMac on the way

ispace Awarded NASA Contracts

It is rumored that the new ‘iPad mini’ is equipped with an A15

Mark Zuckerberg Believes Facebook Will Usher in the ‘Metaverse’

Mercedes To Invest $47 Billion Into Fully Electric Vehicles Over The Next Decade

Moto G100 and Moto G50 launch with 90Hz displays and big batteries

Oops: Google Update Included Typo that Temporarily ‘Bricked’ Chrome OS Devices

Pivot3 gives up ghost as Quantum buys its assets to go deeper into video surveillance

Queens, NY, civil court poised to get first Bangladeshi-American judge

Samsung Galaxy A52 and A72 get major updates improving camera quality Samsung Galaxy A52

San Francisco families need to earn $127,000 to make ends meet

Scammers shut down passport application booking system

Semiconductor supplier ASML signs 7-year lease in Chandler, plans to hire 100

Spyware: why the booming surveillance tech industry is vulnerable to corruption and abuse

Telegram founder listed in leaked Pegasus project data

Tesla signs nickel deal with BHP to secure non-Chinese supply

Thales launches payment card with onboard fingerprint scanner

Toronto to produce renewable natural gas from Green Bin waste

Tucker: Bezos Can Buy a Lot of Love from ‘Slobbering’ CorpMedia

WeWork Paid Founder Adam Neumann More Than $2 Billion, New Book Reveals

Windows veteran explains that menu item

XLoader Windows InfoStealer Malware Now Upgraded to Attack macOS

YouTube adds ‘Super Thanks’ feature to help content creators earn more

YouTube announces new money-throwing system ‘Super Thanks’, new revenue for YouTuber – GIGAZINE


A tale of two Tokyo Olympics: 57 years apart but one common mission?

Average Min. Wage in Japan Set to Rise to ¥930

Can Japan’s Automakers Succeed in the EV Market?

CCP Vows to Nuke Japan if Japan defends Taiwan

Face appears in Tokyo sky

Ghibli Museum asking for donations to help pay for operating costs and repairs

Giant floating head appears in the sky above downtown Tokyo

Giant misspelling in rice field art warms Japan’s heart, so farmers decide to roll with it

Japan court’s surnames decision heralds creeping judicial activism

Japan PM apologizes over COVID pointman Nishimura’s booze ban row

Japan: China ‘Highly Likely‘ Behind Cyberattacks on Japanese Companies

Japan’s favorite donut chain now sells pizza too

Lawson and Kirin cooperate in recycling plastic bottles

Many Remain Unvaccinated in Japan on Eve of Olympics

Muji to double Chinese store openings to 50 per year

Russian archer collapses in Tokyo heat

Scaled-Back Olympics Opening Ceremony Marred By Protests As Sponsors Flee

Shimano invests $179m to build Singapore plant

Showa Denko to sell lead-battery business for $540m

South Korea presidential hopeful aims to change attitudes on Japan

The New No Normal: Tokyo’s Year of Emergency and Quasi-Emergency Measures |

The young girl starring in this cool retro-style McDonald’s Japan video is actually 62 years old

Tokyo Olympics: Fans defy warnings from Games organisers by lining the streets to cheer on road race riders

Tokyo’s five-ring Olympic circus

True costs of Tokyo 2020 to come after five-ring circus leaves town

Zelda hacker arrested by police in Japan for selling modified Breath of the Wild save data