Azim Premji and his band of merry looters over @ Wipro. Racist much?

They sure do – especially after 2 decades of them have produced a collapse and total economic disaster in America, and soon in Oz too.

Someone has finally made the connection between outsourcing to cheap labor India Inc and the collapse of the tax base.

The article also notes that the India Incs fail to deliver and screw projects up – the faking looting frauds get all our with their song and dance about highly skilled workers, make off with our tech, destroy tech ability in local countries, and general collapse everything.

Better wake up folks.

Outsorucing to India Incs is destroying the west.

Handing lucrative IT contracts to multinational tech delivery firms “defies common sense” and undermines the capacity of the public sector to build technical capability, leading tax experts have told a senate inquiry.

Representatives from the Centre for International Corporate Tax Accountability and Research (CICTAR) fronted a public hearing on Monday morning as part of the Senate inquiry into the current capability of the Australian Public Service.

They raised concerns that these multinational tech giants are regularly underbidding local companies for government work, despite a history of “aggressive tax avoidance” and failing to deliver in the past”.