Even open borders leftist Biden knows the H-1B job robbers are destroying America.

No one in their right mind would let these thieves in to loot us.

Stuart Anderson sure is a big sucker.


Trump H-1B Wage Rule Gets Biden Administration Legal Support

“In a new court filing, the Biden administration defended a Trump regulation expected to harm international students by ending the H-1B lottery and awarding H-1B petitions from highest to lowest salary when H-B filings exceed the annual limit. The rule, published a few weeks before Donald Trump left office but not yet implemented, makes it difficult for international students to obtain H-1B petitions since workers with little labor market experience will mostly be shut out of H-1B selection under the regulation. Ironically, on July 26, 2021, the Biden administration released a statement hailing the importance of international students, even though such students will be far less likely to come to America if they cannot work in H-1B status after graduation“.