That good old Asian Excellence in action.

20 years ago CA was the envy of the US and the world.

But it was all white supremacists back then.

Now look what it has become.

Why didn’t armies of foreign workers keep CA competitive as promised?

Can anyone continue to argue that mass immigration is good for us?

These problems didn’t even exist 20 years ago.

Think about how many US companies have their trade secrets and jobs stolen by immigrants. Apple, Tesla, and the Dept. of Defense just to name a few all had their tech stolen by Indians + Chinese nationals.

If immigration is good for us, the why is China racing ahead of the US but only has limited immigration?

The fact is many immigrants hate America and are working for our enemies.

25 years of this argument has utterly failed America – which is now filled with homeless, trash, unemployment, debt, and misery – all things that didn’t even exist in the US 25 years ago before mass foreign invasion.

These people are here to take from us, and everything we are seeing proves it.

What 23 years of mass immigration has done to CA: